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1 year ago
Tamsin Cheyne1 year ago
It's making me dizzy  o_0
Bill Davis1 year ago
Jesse Anderson1 year ago
thelast sage1 year ago
mind = headache
D. Hale1 year ago
My new Desktop wallpaper!
James C.1 year ago
Looks more like "blowing shit with mind" than a mindblow.
What am I missing? I see nothing special when I blink at this?
Cool and dizzy
What does psychedelich mean?
Oh Aloha how old are u
Jake Chvatal1 year ago
I don't see it.. 
Rob B.1 year ago
Ha ha ha ha. You dumb bastard. It's not a schooner... it's a Sailboat.
Ross Fergus1 year ago
+Rob B. A schooner IS a sailboat!
Entwickler Wang1 year ago
I see nothing special. Hint: I'm nearsighted; I'm watching this on a small screen(my phone). Any ideas?
Rain Tears1 year ago
alexus myers1 year ago
thats so cool something different happens every time you blink
Sam Field1 year ago
Some circles become clearer. Is that it?
Kelly Cook1 year ago
Nice illusion! 
Robert Dorling1 year ago
60's flashback
At first I thought it was one of those that only looks like it is moving, and thought damn I need to cut down on caffeine. I want a suit made out of this. 
Crazy stuff :P
Frieta Oley1 year ago
Mazked Marauder1 year ago
Awesome! More please.
I thought it was one of those third eye or whatever they were called where you see the 3d image, I crossed my eyes then it fully loaded and man does that make you dizzy when it loads and starts movig
germán mejía1 year ago
holly mama
Jeffrey Zahnow1 year ago
Too Kool.
Sam Field1 year ago
What am I supposed to see?
Ann Gibson1 year ago
Kelline Pickett1 year ago
Shucky darn....I'm a slow blinker, it won't work for me.
Gavin Cone1 year ago
Rain drops?!?!?!
Cristal Rojas1 year ago
Thts cool and dizzy.

My beautiful enlighten existence
Larry Olson1 year ago
Ok, now I'm epileptic from blinking quickly...
My beautiful enlighten existence
alexis mason1 year ago
Shelley Horton1 year ago
that's trippy
Alina Davids1 year ago
oh my god that is so cool
Rohan Battula1 year ago
Desmond S1 year ago
My mom walked in when i was blinking quickly...she sent me to an insane asylum...
Alina Davids1 year ago
Philosoraptor1 year ago
Well that escalated quickly +Desmond S 
this is very cool
Thomas Banks1 year ago
Don't sleep walk!
Arian Hormozi1 year ago
It's like a rave...in my eyelids!
Adrian Romanski1 year ago
And then throw up... 
haha cool
Jen Kwiatek1 year ago
Also works if you stand about 4 or 5 feet away from your monitor and squint.
Surinder Loi1 year ago

Samm Marslow1 year ago
Jared Howatt1 year ago
seeing targets
Aaron Hayes1 year ago
wow...... im getting a headache.
Elsie Hampton1 year ago
very cool
Gillian Seed1 year ago
real weird a bunch of circles  and when u blink the middle circle disappears and starts to build again
Nickolas1 year ago
That is so weird
Que buena imagen!
wow...that's so cool...
Manish Kumar1 year ago
Great !
yo mamma1 year ago
triangle party with orbalicious!
Kaitlin Szabo1 year ago
I'm dissy
Carl De Lucia1 year ago
"Dude...the colors...."

"Um, dude, there are no colors"

Crazy it does make u dizzy!!! 
Lord Steven1 year ago
Hey pass the dino-weed!
Iliya Shofman1 year ago
Me gustado mucho es una imajen cojonuda !!!
Daniel C1 year ago
Chris Peters1 year ago
cash daniels1 year ago
wow my eyes hurt
Andre P1 year ago
Anne Cunningham1 year ago
Makes me feel nauseous

Chris beatz1 year ago
The circles change spots
Britt Eckstine1 year ago
Abby Woodward1 year ago
what in the world
Jermaine Ennis1 year ago
Michael Roberts1 year ago
Just barely close your eyes and look through your eyelashes... Works better...
George Brill1 year ago
Michael Clark1 year ago
Terianne Gray1 year ago
what is that ?
GIF-borne drugs!
Erika Juarez1 year ago
Ariel Whitworth1 year ago
zidd slice1 year ago
whats that
My eyes hurt.
Charity Brown1 year ago
Terianne Gray1 year ago
oh really cool
George Brill1 year ago
It draws you in 
Mania Vlogs1 year ago
Looks like what happens whenever I take crack...I like it.
Doondies A1 year ago
Too cool! 
Angelo Outlaw1 year ago
Haaris Quadri1 year ago
joi lane1 year ago
James calle that's funni shit;) nd I agree
Jacob Fortin1 year ago
joi lane1 year ago
U all on crack fk all there
Ethan Pena1 year ago
Fery Jewel1 year ago
So what?
Casen M1 year ago
I didn't blink very fast
musonda mwango1 year ago
Y nt!!! If u can afford
B. Kasper1 year ago
+Rob B. wins best comment/quote.. :) well played..
Maribel Adorno1 year ago
Nice I got dizzy looking at this.
This is awesome but I get dizzy after I did it

Hananya Naftali1 year ago
Thanks for posting!
kind of looks like it's moving!!!!! then again it could just be the vertigo from getting out of a cab then watching it speed away! 
Pauline Leung1 year ago
Holy shit that's cool!
lisa kendall1 year ago
Tripping man
Martin White1 year ago
Wow that's cool!
Neo Cortex1 year ago
Robert Cartier1 year ago
A hurricane in Flatland?
MIND XU1 year ago
Love it ... Don't take acid and watch this.
Enjoy the day kids.

Bethany Mason1 year ago
Tania Damianova1 year ago
Big Nonyabiz1 year ago
Shane Beeler1 year ago
That's pretty neat :)
Daniel Petersen1 year ago
May I vomit now?
Derpy Logan1 year ago
Estupendo y embelesador
Tina Jackson1 year ago
Really over this
Its kinda dumb to me
Russ Viola1 year ago
Totally trippy!!
Tina Jackson1 year ago
Never mind I love

Rob Halstead1 year ago

Tina Jackson1 year ago
Who is he I just a ill girl
Noah Puryear1 year ago
its making me blink alot ofter i stop looking mindblown
Noah Hoeppner1 year ago
Making my head spin
It look like be effect of three mirrors, but on what?
Gray Severud1 year ago
It looks like everything is exploding!
trinnady kohl1 year ago
Robert Jex1 year ago
Try watching this while high...
I dare you.
Jordyn Barendez1 year ago
...I'm pretty triped out. 
Jordyn Barendez1 year ago
...I'm pretty triped out. 
Elise Rivera1 year ago
its moving by its self
Jonathan Martin1 year ago
I can see it without blinking XD
Jessica Spry1 year ago
Love it hate it I don't care much but I posted it to my friends and there like going bonkers it's hilarious they can't stop blinking at it and saying wow that's awesome r wow that's amazing or wow that's coolsome ( cool some is cool and awesome 2tegether how cool is this pic it's all our screen savers and we showed the teachers and they r like wow we need to show the hole school it's freaking awesome (1st time I heard teacher say something like that lolz
Jessica Spry1 year ago
I've been looking at this all morning it's fricking awesome
Jeff Cullinan1 year ago
It's very hypnotic!
Austin Choe1 year ago
my head hurts :)
S.Oumar Nimaga1 year ago
Cool :)
Ben Rubino1 year ago
It's like a coded message, but the language is hard to make out...

Therefore Aliens.
Jack Tangila1 year ago
freagin awsome!!
Donald Casson1 year ago
belinda marden1 year ago
Wow... Oooh head ache :(
I see

BUBBA1 year ago
jawahira baig1 year ago
Caleb Chesnutt1 year ago
I wish I could, but I have chronic migraines. so I'll take your word for it.
This is seriously trippy.
David McArdle1 year ago
Romero Reyes1 year ago
Guessing some of you never dropped a tab in your lifetime. 
Peter Carson1 year ago
that is cool!
Carlos Alberto1 year ago
Ryan F1 year ago
David Williams1 year ago
That is awesome
Daniel Santos1 year ago
Mohd Ezwan1 year ago
I don't get it
Gabriel Antipa1 year ago
I dont understendig nothig
Kumar Amit1 year ago
awesome pattern
Jordan Gaudern1 year ago
David McArdle1 year ago
Haha dropped a tab too many ...lol
Kidd Sayso1 year ago
I was dizzy after watching
Keith Sutton1 year ago
+Philosoraptor  I'm getting a headache !
Alyssa Jusino1 year ago
Paloma Mesquita1 year ago
Ilya Vitvitsky1 year ago
AL Fernandez1 year ago
Wow i Cant Belive it
Jon Erikson1 year ago
i don't get it?
jesie jules1 year ago
that is cool 
Frederic Fong1 year ago
william chase1 year ago
That looks awersome.
Lozz Ad1 year ago
Lol amazing
Digi Aloe1 year ago
Ahhh mind fuck >-<
+Michael Evangelista  How dare you! Posting a note with that word! I do NOT want to see that word again! Clear!?
Becky HamHam1 year ago
My brain. That detail... I... 
Dwight Martyn1 year ago
What da heck is this?
Harold Jones1 year ago
+Dwight Martyn a digital headache
megan rinker1 year ago
i saw my death in that image
Ariyana E1 year ago
Awesome! Psychedikch Patterns!
Mark Suert1 year ago
all i see is just a bunch of circles.
henry reyes1 year ago
Sheri Cummings1 year ago
Its the mermaid's swim dancers wow
Different snowflakes
Kenny Meyer1 year ago
Just half-close your eyes
Haddon Suttner1 year ago
Esta muy buena 
Jaia Ruffin1 year ago
That's cool.
swagg aloysia1 year ago
Jess Tijerina1 year ago
Kearie Walker1 year ago
That's cool
Titan Ferguson1 year ago
that waz awesomre
swagg aloysia1 year ago
hahahar i knw aaye?
Arsheka Garcha1 year ago
That is soooooo Cool!!!
too many t's
Frank Chiuppi1 year ago
Hahah my brain feels fried 
swagg aloysia1 year ago
hahahahar kkk lol
Jack Russel1 year ago
Mikeal Peterman1 year ago
Way cool! 
Wao  its hot very nice
Anna Kim1 year ago
yay i luv optical illusions
Vishaka Vichare1 year ago
it is very nice
Caleb Chesnutt1 year ago
what am I supposed to see?
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
That is soo creepy yet cool at the same time!
Shawn Munger1 year ago
Can I stop watching now?
Ishwar Preet1 year ago
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
I crossed my eyes and for some reason I could kinda see a little bit of color.
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
I want that for my background! It is sooooo awesome!
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
My head hurts
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
Ohh my eyes!
B. May DuBois1 year ago
Jose Alvarez1 year ago
Damn awesome
Joe Samaniego1 year ago
Thats badass
David Marshall1 year ago
That is awesome! What are these called?
Wholey shit this just blew my mind
Lily Cameron1 year ago
Woah... That is fa-reaky!
jerome Newton1 year ago
"... makes me think of some thoughts i had forgot to think about ..."
James Perez1 year ago
Ow my head.
I have had nightmares like this.
Jane Smith1 year ago
That's is soooo awesome
It kinda makes me dizzy
It hurts
Zach hidden1 year ago
for some reason im seeing triangles move embedded in the picture if you look closely?! am i going to have a mental breakdown?! why did my cat steel the burrito from my chip bag!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
MaryAnn Vernon1 year ago
Blows my mind
MaryAnn Vernon1 year ago
Can I get an orderly to take me to my room now?
Ilian Ilev1 year ago
james butler1 year ago
What a trip!
...or just look at this if you're suffering strobism...
kimshi chan1 year ago
Omar Sossa1 year ago
Hader Nasr1 year ago
My mind
MaryAnn Vernon1 year ago
People all over the world are staggering like they're drunk thanks to this!+Philosoraptor
Caleb Chiu1 year ago
xtremely cool
Omar Askin1 year ago
Migraine material
irene charles1 year ago
very  interesting
Craig Mynard1 year ago
Very cool
SREEJITH NP1 year ago
ഇത് കൊള്ളാം. എനിക്ക് ഭയങ്കര ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു.
Eddwin JR1 year ago
Awesome bro!
sage bold1 year ago
eye illusion
Madison Neil1 year ago
John Wilkinson1 year ago
So, what am I supposed to see?
Naeem khan1 year ago
curtis douthit1 year ago
Tea Powell1 year ago
Farjana Akter1 year ago
Austin Wiegers1 year ago
Kenneth Dorado1 year ago
Subliminal pentagrams are in there! Creepy.
Dhaval Sharma1 year ago
Farjana Akter1 year ago
soooo nice
Phil Vels1 year ago
I like this
Chazz vc1 year ago
oh cool it actually looks like it is moving.... :D
dakota m1 year ago
same as above
Carmen A.1 year ago
Mason Mall1 year ago
whoah like what the...
Rumi Minas1 year ago
cool OMG!!!
Y- Fi1 year ago
illusionary & artistic
Anton Lebedev1 year ago
Ethel Anukwu1 year ago
Godless Gary1 year ago
Should I be worried if everything looks like this?
Rob Robinson1 year ago
Cool Pic :)
Damon Holland1 year ago
Markus Schimpf1 year ago
Washington DC city map animated? nice :P
Yoshi Brown1 year ago
That's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madison Neil1 year ago
i know 
Not really; if u look good there are only 6 pics.
Abid Raza1 year ago
the best illusion I ever seen !
Christian Luck1 year ago
Terry Lee1 year ago
Sorry, I almost passed out there.
Paul Chan1 year ago
It's a moving gif..
Chloe Woodward1 year ago
shapes ????
Mike Morgan1 year ago
that's so crazy to watch,,
Amy Moore1 year ago
p-perfect symmetry!
Sierra Wilson1 year ago
I don't like this
Trebor Stone1 year ago
+Andreas Björkman Does the concentric circle pattern have a meaning other than what is seen? It is an interesting pattern. 
+Trebor Stone except being perfectly symmetrical, not really (unless you love geometry, then it might be worth a few minutes to study)
Manuel Montoya1 year ago
too much blink... I got sleepy
Hannah Allmett1 year ago
Awesome ^.^
PJ sivley1 year ago
its a series of 25 images being played one after another. I wonder how long it took to make it.
Louise Davies1 year ago
Trippin' man!
Allison Higgins1 year ago
it sorta looks like the galifraen language #doctorwho  
Dancing dancing dancing!!!! CIRCLES and other Shapes! :)
Shantelle Blair1 year ago
Thats awesome!
anna s1 year ago
"Blinking" doesn't do anything to me as too many others...
That's freaky.
Judy Conani1 year ago
Wow cool
Ramon Guerrero1 year ago
Can we take apart?
Hamna Arif1 year ago
Doug Rawady1 year ago
Gabriel Xerxes1 year ago
Just makes me want to go do dmt again....sigh.
Fionna T. Human1 year ago
Joshua Lupyan1 year ago
Oh MY!
Micah Trimmer1 year ago
Argh! my eyes are gonna hurt if I do this for too long. still cool though
I have only today yesterdays gone so as for tomorrow is only a dream
Nikita Pole1 year ago
How do u make that?!
Trebor Stone1 year ago
After a few days, the focal point is an almost immediately recognized.
A retained memory? Beware your dreams...
Fionna T. Human1 year ago
Alejandro Lopez1 year ago
Muy bueno
Ayane Nakajima1 year ago
my eyes burn
miguel sena1 year ago
lindon sitompul1 year ago
+Tamsin Cheyne
i like it
jesie jules1 year ago
Ilia Ghaiman1 year ago
How long I'm supposed to watch&blink before something "psychodelic" happens ?
jesie jules1 year ago
wtf i don't care this thing this cool till you get it to dame much like really fuck it i seen this six time now
mohammad hasim1 year ago

Toni D.Godina1 year ago
haha..cool :-P
Toni D.Godina1 year ago
haha..cool :-P
Sylvia Fischer1 year ago
Wunderschön !
Mary Nobles1 year ago
This is awesome
Anup Rai1 year ago
ok Dear all
Orange sunshine anyone? 
kudi babsy1 year ago
Dave John1 year ago
Aaron Lin1 year ago
Alfredo Mariano1 year ago
My eyes...
Diana Lyons1 year ago
Sylvia Fischer1 year ago
Einfach nur schön! 
Sylvia Fischer1 year ago
Könnte ich stundenlang ansehen
Armieta Nabati1 year ago
Nothings happening
Luis Soto1 year ago
Relax me.....lol
I agree I see shapes .
Ana Santana1 year ago
Quien puede adivinar lo que se vez aqui
Love it.
Shawn Munger1 year ago
Dang this is trippy!
jesie jules1 year ago
for real this is now fing stupid for me
Terianne Gray1 year ago
sage bold1 year ago
very addictive,stare and let your eyes drift!
it makes me dizzy
Micayla Goyne1 year ago
Austin Gent1 year ago
thats a trip
sage bold1 year ago
ya not rong,
jesie jules1 year ago
fuck off with this see ever day it is getting anorroing now
Grace Marek11 months ago
Okay that hurts my eyes! It's kinda cool though!
sage bold11 months ago
smash it up buy a tablet and eat it  ;-)
Grace Marek11 months ago
No thanks!
Danielle Williams11 months ago
Watch it ling enough and it eyes will start to hurt
sage bold11 months ago
sends me dizzy
Siena Kuehn8 months ago
Kaesalesa Hamby7 months ago
That is so cool!
jesie jules7 months ago
omg god i am going to lose it fuck i hate this sence i seen this over 8 hundred times