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Animal Mania
2 years ago
dora rodriguez2 years ago
wonderful  ♥♥♥
Patricia Hunt2 years ago
darkchrizy2 years ago
My sweet lovely rotti died 2 months ago :(
esther mimcheto2 years ago
Justin Harford2 years ago
so cute!
cole keyes2 years ago
Malisa Saye2 years ago
Beautiful!!  Miss mine.
Nia Dunn2 years ago
So cute
Gary Rowland2 years ago
They remind me of my baby that I had to give away when I took a traveling job.  Couldn't take him with me and make him live in a small 1bd apartment while I worked 10-12 hours per day.  I miss him now, that job is long gone and I wish I had him back.
Arpita Mukherji2 years ago
So oooocute
Annette Evans2 years ago
They are beautiful dogs, but they look like they don't play that.
Bryan Cummings2 years ago
So True Anita D B
Isabel Kupshik2 years ago
Those are rottweiler's
Gale Miller2 years ago
candy crush level 208
Isabel Kupshik2 years ago
Rotwielers are very vicious when you make them angry
Vipul Joshi2 years ago
Tina Bolt2 years ago
Awwe How sweet..
Melissa Ventura2 years ago
Any dog can be vicious when angry don't just label a big dog. They are beautiful and look pretty smart. ;-)
Vipul Joshi2 years ago
Hey melissa
Benoit Jean2 years ago
johnny sena2 years ago
They truly are magnificent 
linda campbell2 years ago
they pose to be twins thats what they look like
Jahanzaib Malik2 years ago
nice dogs
Bekah Sensenig2 years ago
daniel mago2 years ago
They look like twins
What Beautiful Dogs. I have a Friend who has 4 of em & Their well behaved & just Love 2 B Loved
Susan Murphy2 years ago
Beautiful Dogs!
Nicole Mehling2 years ago
Thomas Nyangala2 years ago
Very healthy.
Ana Maria Romero2 years ago
Hermosos yo tuve una hembra super cariñosa
Stephen Rogers2 years ago
Do want !
cheryl inkster2 years ago
beautiful dogs need one
mahum sohail2 years ago
Beautiful animal's
O TM2 years ago
They are so cute!!!:))
Ward ArmyStrong2 years ago
mine got put down... R.I.P Felony <3
Warren Meredith2 years ago
Treat them good best friends for life 
Gary Oxendine2 years ago
Good looking dogs
I like
Jamie Carr2 years ago
They look pretty but I have never and never will like those kind of dogs 
joshua rivera2 years ago
Good looking dogs! 
Sivuyisiwe April2 years ago
They r just majestic dogs
Marianne Petkus2 years ago
I have one and it is the best dog I have ever had! Not for everyone but they are not the "scary" dog you see in movies.
Emmanuel Appiah2 years ago
Nice dogs 
Howie Abraham2 years ago
...... still cannot beat my shepherd ... Justice !
Sivuyisiwe April2 years ago
Wish that I could have1
Gary Oxendine2 years ago
They are as good as you raise them. 
Very nice foto .... Girs call me 7405473373
Nice couple.......
Cyrus Mahoro2 years ago
Who let these dogs out? Who! who! who! who! who! 
Dana nicole2 years ago
Rollex Awuor2 years ago
Steve Gators2 years ago
Greatest dogs ive seen since I lost my 2 brindle pits this year 15 years they couldnt live apart so pudding died 5 months later later,
Davina Hanson2 years ago
Cute aww
Clydesdale Gray2 years ago
Rollex Awuor2 years ago
Aish sorry
Steve Gators2 years ago
red and blk tiger striped. They were my children
Zidadu Mlilapi2 years ago
Glenda Covelli2 years ago
Awesome animal ,badly missused .
keynan martinez2 years ago
i have dogs to
Jordan Jones2 years ago
like it
Sivuyisiwe April2 years ago
I wish I could have 1 to treat as my last born bby
Tonni Payton2 years ago
Chere Spence2 years ago
Awww dey CUTEE or whatEVER ~! 
Alex Roland2 years ago
"During the investigation of the missing mailman. 2 likely suspects were questioned." :-) yes, yes, I've got jokes. Has anyone seen my cat?
+darkchrizy ..Sorry sorry to hear..they are the sweetest most loving dogs if you train them right. they are really a girls best friend. I have one and Tucker is the most amazing dog I ever have..he is my love of my life..
Charlie Harris2 years ago
I lost my rotti 6 months ago. He was so smart and had an awesome personality.

Also if you don't know about rottweiler then don't come up with dumb ass comments about looking at their eyes. Go educate yourself before making such stupid statements.
Sun Shine2 years ago
goods friends
+Steve Hite totally agree..my rotty is awesonme. they get bad rap for the wrong reason..they should not but for the person who train them..Tucker is an angel. He only eats from my hands and never bit me yet.
Wow! I like 
Chance Craddock2 years ago
M r
so sorry for your tremendous loss.
They are just adorable and beautiful like my Tucker. He is the love of my life!!!!!!!!
Bruce Bennett2 years ago
What?  What?  What?  What?
Sivuyisiwe April2 years ago
Sorry abt your loss man
Steve Gators2 years ago
certain breeds are just superior
Sivuyisiwe April2 years ago
Sorry abt your loss man
Marco Ranieri2 years ago
Rottweilers rule! 
John Eddie2 years ago
Me likey!
talha bhutto2 years ago
Jackson Francois2 years ago
Oh they are so beautiful
David Gary2 years ago
Dobermann Pinschers are still slightly better.
Jerome Hunter2 years ago
yes them dogs are beautiful
Judee wa Kgole2 years ago
Nice dogs.
Kayla Green2 years ago
Steve Gators2 years ago
I'm still not over it ! Many times I'll see a lump in my blankets blankets
and for a split second I think it's puddin. Everyday something reminds me
of them when I eat the meat scraps go in the garbage now instead of the
eager mouth of one of my girls
Stephany w.2 years ago
i used to have one
Steve Gators2 years ago
I never realized how much a part they were to me they were gone. :…(
Anna Pia Atzei2 years ago
Sono molto carini ,solo se il padrone gli desse una educazione sana e amorevole
Beautiful dogs!!
bikash rai2 years ago
are htry a cou[ple?
Lawrence Newton2 years ago
awesome if they're yours. if they're looking at you like you're lunch, less awesome
Steve Gators2 years ago
Wish they were mine from puppys
Steve Gators2 years ago
The Germans really know how to do things right
Steve Gators2 years ago
I just woke up and I'm missing them now my girls were awesome too they understood full sentences
Jesse Jr2 years ago
I agree I have one and now looking for another. 
kunal sharma2 years ago
I agree
Steve Gators2 years ago
while I was at the doctor my big one putting actually did some math she separated her being a baby soon two piles one pile with eyes she bit off & one with no eyes two separate piles she didn't like them watching her . She performed simple division so one she like the one she didn't she always kept them and I neat pile. She was very neat had a place for all her toys
Steve Gators2 years ago
Beany baby's her fav toys but they could not have eyes are they were second class beanie babies
Love them

Alice Lowery2 years ago
i love rottweilers
Steve Gators2 years ago
Seriously lady go get a cat! And get on that litter box it stinks no comparison apparently you've never had an intelligent dog
Can't wait to get mine!
Kiera Holmes2 years ago
good on you Awesome Animals.
Bengan2 years ago
Omg I always wanted one I adore it.
Andrew Slack2 years ago
I have one and she's great especially around the kids (ages 3 & 13). A big soft lump or 'black hippo' as my brother calls her. Everyone looks at her and thinks shes massive but to us she's normal and the vets also say so.

Now onto the myth around 'they're vicious', 'not a family pet' etc. All dogs are vicious if not looked after and respected regardless of the breed. Any dog can bite...in fact i've been bitten by yorkies and king charles spaniels on two separate occasions! Both times the dogs were loose on public fields. 

I've had 3 dogs over the years...first was a red setter, second was a bull mastiff and the third and current dog is my rottweiler. With the exception of the mental red setter that during its waking hours was like hammy the hamster from over the hedge all the others have been big softies.
Shayla Welch2 years ago
you are a nice dog lady you do not need to chang
I also have a female Rottie and she's great with my grandkids and family members. With strangers she waits to see how we react and then goes in for a hug. Best breed in my book. Now I want a male since my female is getting older. 
sam keeshan2 years ago
To hav one you must buy one. Its too xpensive. To take care you would hav to spend much. Its too xpensive... Nevertheless i hav one... In my dream... N am happy...
Tira Kyoyama2 years ago
Aww... that's so cute
Estherlynn Anien2 years ago
uhhhhhh yeah it's so cute
Sam Thomas2 years ago
Shame they are beaten to attack other dogs and gang bangers by some,too weak to use their fists
sameer khan2 years ago
Hi friend I m sameer khan
Mike Meehan2 years ago
These are beautiful puppies. Sorry to hear about darkchrizy's loss. Your rotti waits for you at Rainbow Bridge. 
Lynn Gilkey2 years ago
Beautiful dogs
Robert Snawder2 years ago
Beautiful Rotts...
APARNA YADAV2 years ago
Jo Miller2 years ago
+darkchrizy rip your dog.xxx 
Let Sa2 years ago
Q bebés más bellos
Jo Miller2 years ago
+Isabel Kupshik As are all dogs if you treat them badly. 
Katie McMurray2 years ago
Awwww so gorgeous 
darren phillips2 years ago
Ted Barklage Jr2 years ago
They look like show dogs, beautiful. Ted Barklage, Jr.
Jo Miller2 years ago
+Steve Hite Dogs mourn just like we do.But some people think they don,t.I bet you miss them.They,re a bit part of the family,its like losing a family member.I know my staf was 15yrs when I had to put him to rest last year.I miss him terribly.I feel for you . 
cynthia endsley2 years ago
Awesome Dogs
André Reemers2 years ago
The most beautiful and loyal dogs there are.....just a bad reputation because of some bad owners that is unjustified as overall Rottweilers are fantastic
Oludairo Tobi2 years ago
yeah i agree with you cynthia...lovely dogz
cute dogs there mine
Let Sa2 years ago
Beautiful dogs 
André Reemers2 years ago
Miss my girl every day (and her brother as my parents had him) 
Laylah Wood2 years ago
cute dogs, I had one for 10 years since he was a puppy, but unfortunately passed last year
I need me one (pup)
So cute!

Ranosh Rano2 years ago
cynthia endsley2 years ago
Great guard Dogs traid you my pit bull for one or yours
Kylie Seaton2 years ago
they are so cute
Robert Snawder2 years ago
I had a Rott for 15 years. My dog was very loving and loyal!
Gianluca Strappa2 years ago

Cindy Solis2 years ago
beautiful pups. So alert and curious.
Arthur Anderson2 years ago
Eric Gurin2 years ago
.Tracy harpert

Okey Nnama2 years ago
I love it
Michael Shoemate2 years ago
I wnt a male puppy
jonah setsoafia2 years ago
Okey Nnama2 years ago
Plz can I call for the dogs
Eric Gurin2 years ago
Tracy. Harpert.

Hermann Kerr2 years ago
Cuter still when they are chewing on your leg.  They are even better when they run in pairs just hopefully they don't think of you as prey. They are just a bit to dangerous in my opinion. My wife was attacted and got chewd on by two of these adorable creatures. They are also favoured by people who have grow-ops in the area where I live.
mostafa askari2 years ago
Jason B2 years ago
+Hermann Kerr two poorly trained dogs attacked you and now all dogs of the same breed are exactly the same. Makes sense.
Wayne Hurley2 years ago
Two bad ass dogs
mostafa askari2 years ago
Lynnette Griggs2 years ago
How sweet!
Terrel Wright2 years ago
Very beatiful
Twins,looking good.
Jacky Gilderson2 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous want them 
As Myliu jus visus, bukit Dievo meileja ir jo kelija, AMEN!
celia mccaleb2 years ago
cute rottys
Betty Lang2 years ago
Very interesting!!
willie prophet2 years ago
nice dogs
How sweet
Very beautiful
We too know to love ! Don't think of harming us and see, we shall protect you !
USMAN HUSSAIN2 years ago
O love u

So Cute dogs
Joddi downs2 years ago
Love all dogs, I miss mine, He died suddenly on Labor day
Cool dogs man
Ashley Tyler2 years ago
They are soooo cute
Dominic Taylor2 years ago
Love it.
a noble breed.
Ghareeb Karam2 years ago
Nice dog 
Thomas Williams2 years ago
Love them
Ryan C2 years ago
Hell yah
Marcus Ajiboye2 years ago
Rottbitters!!! Cant touch mine 
Wilma Desinord2 years ago
Beautiful dogs! Reminds me of my rotti Princess.
albert alpha2 years ago
Nw ths r sam dogz
Jonathan Kim2 years ago
Sharon Aragon2 years ago
Hi sweety doogy
bidaymi luis2 years ago
Beautiful Rottweilers...
mudassir niyazi2 years ago
Which  is banned in USA...Dangerous..
Cheyenne Ortiz2 years ago
Silvia Brady2 years ago
I totally agree.
Niti Jani2 years ago
omg they are so cute I could die
Betty Crowley2 years ago
They are beautiful 
Kaeli Mask2 years ago
I think people should stop targeting this breed as a dangerous one and start blaming the owner for their actions.
Tereza Arbulu2 years ago
Jr Kenol2 years ago
what are there name
kimberly cabbell2 years ago
awwwww so cute
Anna R Ryan2 years ago
megan hallahan2 years ago
they'er not banned here but house insurance will deny you coverage.
megan hallahan2 years ago
they are so cute
Dago Master2 years ago
They're usually bred for attacking and stuff.
Aaliyah Ezekiel2 years ago
Andy Rodriguez2 years ago
Aurore Frennet2 years ago
super beau
makiyah shaheed2 years ago
Chitown Cichlids2 years ago
Great looking dogs.
Ibrahim Harun2 years ago
so cute
Cheryl Kujawski2 years ago
Love those faces
Wyndalyn Miller2 years ago
They are lovely
katrina grace2 years ago
they look so cute
kiahn taylor2 years ago
Lisa Wayman2 years ago
Michael Stroh2 years ago
Very beautiful dogs just like my two rotties
Chula Raiderette2 years ago
Adorable Lub me 1!
James Humpherys2 years ago
Like too have one
makiyah shaheed2 years ago
James Humpherys2 years ago
Like 1 of them 
Corey Samuels2 years ago
boys or girls
John Bocchetti2 years ago
Baby, Sadie and Bear, my three Rott's were the best.
Chop :D
Toni Jackson2 years ago
What beautiful dogs, between tbem n Doberman. 
Ampol Abunda2 years ago
nice black dog
Marianne Petkus2 years ago
+Anita D-B  I would never look a dog that I didn't know in the eye. Any dog. Usually, you leave them alone and wait until they come up to you and sniff you. Only then do you make any contact at all. The sniff...is kind of their invitation to be social. Before that, you are just a stranger to them.
susy Andrade2 years ago
i need a girlfriend for my Dog Max

Toni Jackson2 years ago
Never. Had a Rottie but they r gentle giant's. As long as u treat them right
brooks Klefstad2 years ago
Those dogs are cute!!!
Holly Marsh2 years ago
So beautiful!
anthony sherrett2 years ago
Best dogs ever
Masih Bouriayee2 years ago
so cute!
Absolutely beautiful
Madison Caruso2 years ago
adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Tiffany Jemmott2 years ago
Laurel Vinskus2 years ago
They are lovely dogs don't we love our animals
Mark Charlton2 years ago
They make big poos
killjoy flores2 years ago
aww cute!  i LOVE rottweilers
Prince Andrew2 years ago
Awwww aren't they cute? ?
Sean Ngwele2 years ago
Liam The Rock2 years ago
So cute! (But I could do without all of the drool)
Bichitra kumar2 years ago
nice dogi
Farough Johari2 years ago
اولین روز رفتن رضا و علی بمدرسه........حیران.....نگران ......در حال پرسهThe first day of Reza and Ali s SChool ..........Angry.........Hungry..........................UNHAPPY
Toni Jackson2 years ago
Oh yes they do, I have a 120 lb Doberman. Big boy poos
Bichitra kumar2 years ago
plz price
brooks Klefstad2 years ago
Heather Trnka2 years ago
Yes i agree BIG BEATIES
Gus Tiefenthaler2 years ago

Sharon Sloan2 years ago
nandi ragin2 years ago
Maureen Manns2 years ago
Handsome and strong fit well look after mp manns
Liam Fuller2 years ago
So cuttteeeee

Dedrick Roman2 years ago
brooks Klefstad2 years ago
Laila is my dog.
Bichitra kumar2 years ago
no my dog
David Huey2 years ago
Cute :-)
Mari Camara2 years ago
Yvonne Hopkins2 years ago
eudes gomes2 years ago
dois cachorros muito lindos 
Kevz D'Bank2 years ago
Choop from GTA 5
james jonas2 years ago
NDIVHUWO DABA2 years ago
amazing we adopted1 once his name was jaws, a beautiful animal
Andreas Andreas2 years ago
i have a female one
Tom Olson2 years ago
They are so cute but scary at fhe same time!!!
dion davis2 years ago
Bill Harper2 years ago
Please just step one foot on my property! Have two metal signs of pictures of Rottweilers on my back fence by the alley in Chicago. They work very well!
Had a rott before the neighbour poised her.. 
Nayelly Escobedo2 years ago
Wonderful ???
Autumn Townsend2 years ago
LOL my mom loves rots. So do I...there amazing dogs!
Loving this picture!!!!!!
melvin de jesus2 years ago
Tony Cortina2 years ago
Ambrose Williams2 years ago
Love them! 
Alizabeth Rose2 years ago
nice dogs i wish i had some
Dayyabu Abubakar2 years ago
cameron kroon2 years ago
i've seen better like english mastif's and great dains and german shepards are better than those dogs
Rosy Mendoza2 years ago
Nice Dogs
Muy lindos 
Dayyabu Abubakar2 years ago
Scary dogs
Mylena Herbozo2 years ago
There very beautiful but the question is are they friendly
Maria Abad2 years ago
Justin Rojas2 years ago
look like they r bosses
¡Cuidado!...Esos animales son muy peligrosos y muy costosos. Es más barato y criar y mantener un niño huérfano.

kulwinder singh2 years ago
Very nice pupy 
roger miller2 years ago
cute baby's
candel martinez2 years ago
Beautiful. I love it they would not dare come in the house if they saw them. Good protection good friend loving animals
Sara Farag2 years ago
So Cute.
candel martinez2 years ago
Precious Brazil2 years ago
Let me have them
michael sampiano2 years ago
hello guys! add me so we can chat.
.. tnx:)

Chris Swain2 years ago
Beautiful dogs
Best couple.
Lauryn Fisher2 years ago
There cutter than my dogs and I have three just like those.=)
Johnny Houston2 years ago
candel martinez2 years ago
Have a good day I'm new to this. I don't know what I'm doing.
Sara Farag2 years ago
Está bello 
candel martinez2 years ago
On Oct 22, 2013 4:31 PM, "Susan Martinez" <****@**> wrote:

> Have a good day I'm new to this. I don't know what I'm doing.
Steve Torres2 years ago
I'm going to get one

Katy Nicol2 years ago
They have a cute face
Steve Torres2 years ago
Cool dogs bro
Carlos Romo2 years ago
Ke lindooo
Oswaldo Zelaya2 years ago
God dammn that is a big dog
Julius Raji2 years ago
I want to buy one urgently. Anyone out theirnwant sell puppy of less than 2 month old
Rafael Rivera2 years ago
Samantha Mains2 years ago
omg i love rottweilers
banti bisariya2 years ago
What a good couple
Kevin Olmstead2 years ago
Love it
Joshua Cenzano2 years ago
Ha Ha.
lylkie f2 years ago
o yes
John Ferguson2 years ago
My Rottie "Irie Bear" was my best friend for the 8 yrs she was here. Rotties like her are not only adorable in their look but in their semi pushy way of leaning on you til you pet them or come sit or spoon with you on the couch and growl at your new girlfriends. Hell for the first 2-3 yrs at times but worth every chewed up minute and room clearing butt wind. She was the illest. Enjoy em for me 
Kathy Robichaud2 years ago
Ayesha Sidiqa2 years ago
I hate dogs
Salvador Deanda2 years ago
Harley Whitney2 years ago
i wont them lol they are so cute
Michael Shoemate2 years ago
I wnt a male puppy
nikhil chougule2 years ago
How sweeeeet....
Allison Olivier2 years ago
They are Beautiful Dogs
Nikko Lim2 years ago
Chop from gta V xD
Mary Cline2 years ago
Good doggie
lylkie f2 years ago
jahnny brown2 years ago
Love the rotts!!!!
Gema Hernandez2 years ago
Melanie Segura2 years ago
Wow they so adorable. :-)
Georgina Auka2 years ago
To strangers, we may give the puppied eye look but beware we aint nice when you mess around us.
Aubrey Paxton2 years ago
So so so cute as a bug! Lailabug 
royce hilbers2 years ago
they along with pitbulls and the other bread of viviosness should all be put down. there nothing more than a problem waiting to happen.
Michael Shoemate2 years ago
Call me I wnt a puppy 228-217-1755.
Georgina Auka2 years ago
Soon to owning one and cant wait.
tatianna pearson2 years ago
Marita Hensley2 years ago
I love how nice & friendly, they look, there eyes say how happy they are♡.
Nikita G2 years ago
if you well train you dog then there is no need to put the down. it just needs to be the right person training them.
royce hilbers2 years ago
u must be insane to want a dog like that. hope ya dont have kids, cuz there willcome a day when that dog will destroy ur lives. believe that.
Nice puppies. ;)
Maika Jimenez2 years ago
Q guapos
Jeff Tan2 years ago
Big and small
Renee Puifory2 years ago
tatianna pearson2 years ago
i know and there so cute
Georgina Auka2 years ago
If they are well trained they wont.
tatianna pearson2 years ago
wont what
royce hilbers2 years ago
screw ur screwed up mindsand those dogs.
tatianna pearson2 years ago
what the world is wrong with you man
tatianna pearson2 years ago
+royce hilbers chill out
Kevin Gross2 years ago
Cool dogs but gotta check out the caucasian ovcharka
Renee Puifory2 years ago
Brooke C.2 years ago
So cute
zulhisham zul2 years ago
Drugs findes... .
Dilawar Hussain2 years ago
Soo qute
Tristen Garner2 years ago
Jay A2 years ago
mine is a 120 lb named Shadow.
Anita Johnson2 years ago
Love them
Renee Puifory2 years ago
Georgina Auka2 years ago
Thats a cool name. Havent taught of a name yet. 
Nikita G2 years ago
maybe you should give the dogs a chance. right owner = perfect dog. maybe Royce, you should be put down with all those other dogs coz you seem like one of them that like to bite and kill people.
Mohamed Gamal2 years ago
Nice pic
Kichu L2 years ago
My cousins have have one and he scares the poop out of me...but that's just because he was specially trained to be a guard dog, not a gentle pet. I want him to like me so bad but apparently he just doesn't :(
Although this one time, his chain got loose and he started chasing me. After that was over, my cousin said she saw his tail wagging while running after me...what could that mean?
Still love all dogs ^^
Carolina Castro2 years ago
Mass Farzan2 years ago
Cute loyal dogs with strengths! I give'm Mass70  (from Mass100).
candel martinez2 years ago
Marita Hensley2 years ago
Yes you are right! I should be very terrified of dogs, it was right after my 6th B-day, in New Jersey, in January, my sis was 8yrs. We were @ a friend's house 3-4 blocks from home, there Dovermen pitcher, a good family dog!!! Chewed my face up!! I had plastic surgery, some of my face isn't mine!! My parents knew it was not the dog's fault.. I LOVE DOG'S!!! And people need to learn how to treat animal's, there not born evil, there made evil, from human's, BE THEIR VOICE♥.
Jamie Johnson2 years ago
Leah Concordia2 years ago
So cute
Elgordo Tusaves2 years ago
Nice bad dogs
Tamara Escobar2 years ago
afolabi yinka2 years ago
beautiful killers!
Raven Roth2 years ago
My grandparents used to have a Rottweiler. 
Kola Abrahams2 years ago
Dogs with attitude. 
a south loop dog walker...I would be honored to walk them...awesome
Jeffrey Hodge2 years ago
Nice dogs

Lamont Knight2 years ago
O ok I hve pit bulls! 
Deepak Varshney2 years ago
He he
Dalton Lax2 years ago
Beautiful rott 
karl schmidt2 years ago
Love at first bite....!!!!
Troy Mack2 years ago
Extremely gorgeous breed of dogs. My opinion #TheBest ! 
Deepak Varshney2 years ago
He he
karl schmidt2 years ago
Love ast first bite,,,!!!!!
Donna Parker2 years ago
Beautiful animals.  Sadly, many are owned by unthinking humans who teach them to be mean and aggressive.  It really messes messes with their loving natures.
Kevin Fleming2 years ago
Had one name was kato had to give away miss him.
james brick2 years ago
nice pups 
They are beautiful
Keith Reed2 years ago
Im looking to buy a female pup!
isabella farmer2 years ago
r they german roteys?
Olivia Ingram2 years ago
Cute love puppies<3
Richard PS2 years ago
+darkchrizy sorry to hear that 
Richard PS2 years ago
beautiful but scary can rip you to pieces in secs
Kendra Wilson2 years ago
Just lost my Rotty best friend a few months back. Best doggy ever!
Robert Pradella2 years ago
Their so beautiful, would make a nice picture in the house!
Alex K Amnell2 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! 
Remy Wandby2 years ago
So amazing!
Adam Blake2 years ago
I love Rottweilers, they are my favorite dog. they are good guard dogs and yet so Loveable and friendly when treated right.
Ima Agha2 years ago
Ehh...don't really like Rottweilers...nice pic tho!
Marilyn Asti2 years ago
Scott M.2 years ago
I wonder who invented the name "Rottweilers" for this breed (sounds German). Nice Puppies!
Jack Reid2 years ago
So cute I wish I had a dog like that they are just so cute
Hilmi PHH2 years ago
tatyana love2 years ago
video call me
T McCullum282 years ago
They are gorgeous 
tatyana love2 years ago
some one video me please
Kevin Leavelle2 years ago
tatyana love2 years ago
i dnt care bout them dogs casue i have the someones i just wont someone to vidoe call me that is all i wont 
sujoy broota2 years ago
Nice. I prefer the pit bull
Marilyn Asti2 years ago
If they r raised with love they give love.
i had two rotties, they are the best.they've always got your back.
Maximum Assassin2 years ago
Them two look nice
tatyana love2 years ago
Rosa Castelo2 years ago
Beautiful dogs
Jack Reid2 years ago
my dads old girl friend has a rottie his name is Max
HCIW Page2 years ago
Two brothers?
Ryann Norwood2 years ago
I love them so cute awwwwwwwwwwwwww
Flory REYES2 years ago
Moth2 years ago
Terry Foster2 years ago
Bullet between the eyes worthless dog

Jason Yost2 years ago
Andrew Little2 years ago
Love the rott
they are beautiful ..........
Vishnu G.Nair2 years ago
Flory REYES2 years ago
Ed H2 years ago
I luv rotties
Moth2 years ago
+Edward Horton They are the most adorable and loyal dogs EVER~! 
aww they are soo cute
SIU HUNG KO2 years ago
David Barney2 years ago
they like yo, homie wuz up
emy2 years ago
`what are u looking at?'
Jay Sr. Anthony2 years ago
Tyler Williams2 years ago
Cute doggies
Melody Murphy2 years ago
That has to be a male to the right. Look at the size of his head!! Beautiful dogs, hope you are proud to have them!!! :)
Pitas Virginia2 years ago
wow so cute dogs
I love rotweilers
Jason Yost2 years ago
I take the last comment place (I think)!
Melody Murphy2 years ago
+Jason Yost maybe not lol
Jason Yost2 years ago
Baaggi Singh2 years ago
Dangerous dog.
3amer 'Al s7em2 years ago
I liket
Leonardo Muñoz2 years ago
Marlyn Merino2 years ago
Jason Yost2 years ago
lesley poole2 years ago
one thing a bout German there dogs   BMW  i could say more but just a few   super great xxx
Adam Blake2 years ago
I love Rottweilers. I want them. 
Jason Yost2 years ago
They're so cute!!!
小堂勝巳2 years ago
Lydia Craig2 years ago
They are so cute
hope kindley2 years ago
 i like your puppy
Genya Lozovskiy2 years ago
Классная парочка.
Jason Yost2 years ago
Donna Farrell2 years ago
Elvis Mabuza2 years ago
It is good or bad
Amanda Lamb1 year ago
I love Rottweilers, I have a 8yr old one which is crossed with a bull mastiff, he is brill for a big dog apart from slobbering on everyone 
Rottweilers are beautiful
denise duron1 year ago
love there colors
Jesse Madrid1 year ago
Big boys! Hands down the best dogs ever!
Giuseppe Lococo1 year ago
Quinn Ford1 year ago
I have 4!!!
juan navarro1 year ago
Muy bonitos los perritos
Salman Butt1 year ago
Los amo
Geens Amendor1 year ago
Never will i admire such thing. I dis dis dislike it oooo tom. 
Johnny Hunt1 year ago
They are a man's best friend. I have a female that's 11/2 old and very loyal to me and my girls. 
Joseph Nepsey1 year ago
That reminds me of my female dog that i had to put down since she had bad hipps and was in pain all the time and she hardly went out side to go to the bathroom. 
jonny johannsen1 year ago
Best dog ever
Cleo Haines1 year ago
So cute 
lilian dantas1 year ago
mt lindosssss
Henrik Drågen1 year ago
We have one ourself. Nero is 5 years now and the familys best friend :)
Melvin de jesus11 months ago
Hi my name is Melvin de Jesus rottweilers are very protective and social as long as you socialise them trust me when I had rottweilers at home I had three babies and my dog never tried to harm my kid so I'm writing this so you understand the breed
Melvin de jesus11 months ago
Hi my name is Melvin de Jesus rottweilers are very protective and social as long as you socialise them trust me when I had rottweilers at home I had three babies and my dog never tried to harm my kid so I'm writing this so you understand the breed
Sheila Mcdonald5 months ago
Very sorry to here that. My female and male died also.. 3 to 4 yrs ago /male went first .1yr later female went, hip problems along with cancer.. Good Luck for the future dogs..
Kim Chan3 weeks ago
I hate dogs
Sheila Mcdonald3 weeks ago
All I can say is two each its own..with love/ peace out