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Formula 1 Fans On Google+
1 year ago
Juan S Iles C1 year ago
Brad McClaren1 year ago
OMG! That's hot! What about a Gulf livery, +Formula 1 Fans On Google+ ?
james atkinson1 year ago
i see that and all i see is stewart, alas!
charlie white1 year ago
That is sweet!
+Brad McClaren That'd be great! 
james atkinson1 year ago
all this fuss over who can drive what, and who can take part in the forthcoming test at silverstone. years ago it would have been sorted out in a much more civilized manner. a non championship grand prix. sadly today f1 is too blinkered.
Yura K1 year ago
Looks awesome! Also very similar colours to BMW M 
Caitlin Norton1 year ago
I'll drink to that! Har har...
György Herbst1 year ago
Sauber would need it more...
Wood Spoon1 year ago
nice looking paint job there
Awesome livery. 
narc1s m.1 year ago
Yeah, such a cool livery for such a weak car.
Paolo Fontana1 year ago
Would be the best of paddock
narc1s m.1 year ago
How come Marussia can get a sponsor like that with 0 racing results and Sauber, who are a much better team and really need a good sponsorship cannot do it?
Brad McClaren1 year ago
Because this livery is fictional, +Narcis Mateescu.  Check out +Sauber F1 Team's community page to see how you can help support the team.
narc1s m.1 year ago
Even if it's fictional, it should have been applied on a better car, not on the worst of them all.
Stuart Petty1 year ago
I would love all the teams from time to time to apply old school liverys to their cars how cool would it be to see a Williams in there classic blue and yellow 
Kevin Homan1 year ago
With McLaren switching back to Honda power for next year I would love to see them switch back to the old red/white Honda Shell livery of the 80's/early 90's
Raptor YCP1 year ago
+Kevin Homan that'd be great if that livery wasn't for the Marlboro sponsorship.
Stuart Petty1 year ago
They could just use the Malborough Typeface for Vodafone, sure they wouldn't mind to much :-)

Très réussi le design .
Shane Moore1 year ago
Someone forward these pics to the Martini marketing department!
john nichols1 year ago
martini & vodka - nice mix
Gill Elliott1 year ago
I like it. I like it a lot!