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Yes I Know That
1 year ago
Anyone who walks it is ganna be tough competition to Spiderman!!! Haha!
Jay Leinbach1 year ago
I like my pants dry. Looks cool though.

Ali Velez1 year ago
@ Jay Leinbach :Roflol!!:D
qasim khan1 year ago
That's scary
What's more scary is is having your dad shake it
life newar1 year ago
Like it some places you need a gear.
qasim khan1 year ago
Bloody thay should built a proper bridge. ..otherwise someone might say..aaaaaaaaaaaaa...with echo
life newar1 year ago
there always aaaaaaaa
i would probably pass out... but i could walk it if i had to :D
Hartley Gayle1 year ago
+varsha bheemaiah are you new to G+ ? If you want to get someones attention on here put a + then name as one word, like I have done you. 
Nikolay Essani1 year ago
Nope. Never. 
Wow that's crazy!
Peter Zsiros1 year ago
No thanks. Just add me in photoshop.
ryan hamilton1 year ago
Lol wow
Vanessa Rider1 year ago
totally y not
+Hartley Gayle Like this???:D
I want to go there!
Hartley Gayle1 year ago
+varsha bheemaiah yeah but for some reason its not tagged me (google making me look bad) did you just write my name or tap on it when it popped up? 
Tony Byers1 year ago
oh *&^% no!!
+Hartley Gayle Nothin' popped up!! 
Roberto Ortiz1 year ago
WOW!!! Out of this WORLD. You sure that's not blue screen.
Laurence Eckert1 year ago
I would NOT walk this. But thanks :) 
Brandi Frye1 year ago
I would.. there are hooked up to the safet lines while they are walking.. it would be awesome
I would run like U.Boult
Hartley Gayle1 year ago
+varsha bheemaiah oh ok, its been known to not tag people but thats how you do it and their name will change colour as well.
Daisy E1 year ago
No thank you...
Helena Pinheiro1 year ago
Wow!! I wouldn't walk on that!!
Barrack Bananas1 year ago
iyra ataka1 year ago
i would love to walk on that!!!.....(in my nightmares!...;D)
zachary birr1 year ago
Mabey when i am dead i will walk it lol
John Avery1 year ago
Yes, but I'd hold on tight.
James Montague1 year ago
Fuck that
Jenna Mazzeo1 year ago
Paul New1 year ago
My wife and I zip-lined down a mountain in Victoria B.C. It was 7-8 very long "zips." The only scary part was when we had to walk across one of these to get to the next tree stand.  Yikes!!
Haneef Bashir1 year ago
Jeremy Bennett1 year ago

Khory Nobles1 year ago
Of course I would.
lincy hoolands1 year ago

Taylin Smith1 year ago
kay tsotetsi1 year ago
My pants are going to be full of smthng
Anna Mckean1 year ago
No..... ):
Scott bishop1 year ago
I'd loved to do it...as long as no one is making it bounce around.
Shivam Chauhan1 year ago
nice yr
Idk maybe 😉
Kwasi Stampley1 year ago
I might but I might not
Ra'ed Shdefat1 year ago
it would be nice if i tried it by my self
Anisa Ziu1 year ago
for sure I would!
Looks nice
Max Lieggi1 year ago
tibetan bridge in italy?
Ashley Zawacki1 year ago
over my dead body
Kwasi Stampley1 year ago
I know right
John Payne1 year ago
Not a chance
James Drew1 year ago
I would but think I would be bit scared.missus wouldnt do it for all the chocolate in the world.
Pakkus Ch1 year ago
Michael K1 year ago
Is there a drycleaner near there ?
Rupesh kasare1 year ago
I like pic
Rupesh kasare1 year ago
I like pic
Ryan Repay1 year ago
Holy Crizzap
Ryan Repay1 year ago
That's like so dangerous, like the show Dangerous Roads or whatever?? ( Correction needed ) where they drive on roads that have a cliff all the way down and people die about 5 times a day just driving it. Like shipping wars or something!
basheer bava1 year ago
Soul Jacket1 year ago
Is that in Cali?    No!    Damn........
Karlos Angel1 year ago
i want to try this
roger kitur1 year ago
i will try my best
Scott Brettell1 year ago
Holy crap what a dangerous bridge!!
lol i kno rite
flease bell1 year ago
Hell no lol i wouldnt do it
Patrick Brume1 year ago
Of course I would. The beautiful scenery must be awe inspiring
+David Rodriguez this is something we should add to the list ;)
Katemare Panget1 year ago
:-)wow so nice....u want to go there hehe
so nice
That's wonderful I want to pay visit there I realy love it
Megan Ferrell1 year ago
I would but I would panic and be like, "I WANNA GO BACK", but keep walking
James Daniels1 year ago
what the heck i'd piss in my pants if that was me
RON B1 year ago
Hell no. Not a chance . Dont even want to look at it. 
Kaito Shion1 year ago
Um....maybe if you pay me then yes....cause there is no way that'll walk that thing....well unless you tell me there's chocolate on the other side...
Serene fawaz1 year ago
The reward is not worth the risk, which is death. So no. Lol. 
Susannah Joy1 year ago
oh! maybe if i was paid $9,999,999,999
Elana Kellogg1 year ago
why is it called a Tibetan bridge when it is located in Italy? how long has it been in existence? who repairs it?
Hannah Jeselson1 year ago
that looks awesome
Sara Torres1 year ago
ohhh yeah...definitely would
Kaito Shion1 year ago
Chocolate IS worth the risk!
Haley Freeman1 year ago
Yes I would love to 😄
Brittney Knott1 year ago
It looks scary but maybe if I had to
Iz zy1 year ago
totally.............yea.............yes............sure.....................kinda........................ maybe.....................................NO!
Rex Diji1 year ago
I'd walk on it only if God is below it.
Rick Snyder1 year ago
It is....
Erick Pilotzi1 year ago
I would!!!! 
Emily Taylor1 year ago
I would not walk that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cosmo Hamster1 year ago
I wanna know who built it
love to walk there .. ^.^
Kaito Shion1 year ago
+Cosmo Hamster Probably someone with no symmetry
Jusufu Konneh1 year ago
I would need some to hold my hands before...I walk there
Nicholas Segar1 year ago
"Oh Yes!"
izaya adams1 year ago
That looks hard
Mo Jhanger1 year ago
No way no chance
Mary Wysong1 year ago
That is crazy.
si porque tu eres attached to the top
Anton Mayorenko1 year ago
I would wet myself on that.
Laura Lusby1 year ago
Laura Lusby1 year ago
Depends what is at the end though...........
Laura Lusby1 year ago
Maybe out of curiosity...
Falme Lampkins1 year ago
If I had a month to live I would.
Laura Lusby1 year ago
So yeah i would!!!
Tara Beyer1 year ago
yeah i would
Mo Jhanger1 year ago
I would do it if I had a month left 
Tiana Chezzi1 year ago
Tara Beyer1 year ago
+Roberto Ortiz technically its called green screen not blue screen but yes its real 
Vehnz Lenteria1 year ago
yes i would! How i wish....
Jessica Chen1 year ago
+Rumi Mohideen Then I would have no faith in my abilities :-/
Atlaca tluitl1 year ago
Never mind, if you ask few years before ofcourse yes, but now nevermind
Sydidy Deems1 year ago
Im afraid of heights this wouldnt be good for me
I so would walk across that 
James Daniels1 year ago
fuck yeah now that i look at it it looks fun
Alex Fuchs1 year ago
I would love to do that but I would be scared to death!
Now that's fuckin sik :-)
James Daniels1 year ago
i wouldn't that looks fucking awsome
HARRIS EBHOS1 year ago
niko porter1 year ago
I would nope the heck out of there
Deco Sale1 year ago
I'll run it. :)
AnneRose Heinen1 year ago
Abby Nemec1 year ago
I would do it 
Jay Steele1 year ago
Not for all the blow jobs by the hottest women in the world...........well maybe!
wow how off the ground can they make it. crazy
Brian Harrison1 year ago
Thats just alittle crazy! Wouldnt want too roll ! That dice!
Sharad Patil1 year ago
wow! scary!
Given the chance, I can make a try.
Ruckus Roja1 year ago
I'd probably be stuck on second or third part of bridge frozen
This would be a once in a life time opportunity.  Definitely!!
kathi stevens1 year ago
that's crazy
Julia Brand1 year ago
hmmmmm........ maybe...........
Jay Steele1 year ago
* Rich Roy
Because I'm not a faggot like you are.
Now go blow your boyfriend ya stupid goof!!
Hank Smith1 year ago
hope this is the way to the bathroom!!
Rae Hoffman1 year ago
I got two words for ya... F*%k and No.
myrna icaza1 year ago
Luv Jordan1 year ago
I wouldn't do that!
In India,we are facing an italian bridge too who is making everybody's mouth dry.Hopefully in 2014,we would be able to cross this bridge for ever and destroy it for the nation's prosperity.God bless us.
Valerie Wicker1 year ago
Good shoes...btl.h2o....rope...Im there...
Rebekah Lee1 year ago
Perry Andrew1 year ago
Spiked heels not recommended.
jesse calf1 year ago
cut the bridge down lol
Sophia Snyder1 year ago
Alisa Prokoshin1 year ago
Tori Sauve1 year ago
it's scary, if someone has tried then i will.
Tra'a Bezdecny1 year ago
Looks like raindrops on webs when you first glance at it... :)
Bebe Miura1 year ago
Omg !!
Asap Zeak1 year ago
i walk that so fast that ill will fall lol
Rayray Alonso1 year ago
That's the worst. 
Ingrid Colotl1 year ago
NO i wouldnt walk there
James Logue1 year ago
Hell no!
Jess Love1 year ago
That's cool!!!!!
Jess Love1 year ago
Wanna try that..:)
Emily Cocking1 year ago
i would
Kiri Heng1 year ago
remote control car that thing, or, roll a bowling ball to see if it can make it across
Keyanna Jones1 year ago
That looks fun but I would be scared and happy at the same time 
Teddy August1 year ago
No way in the world would I walk that thing
Noah Diffley1 year ago
I don't really know it would take some thinking because I would be so scared but it looks kind of fun...
Allan Jiang1 year ago
maybe if it's secure but it looks scary
Allan Jiang1 year ago
if I can I fly I would
Allan Jiang1 year ago
yeah I wish I had wings
Heck yeah I would that looks fun !! 
Allan Jiang1 year ago
no it doesn't
Hope Graham1 year ago
be so much fun... if i had a bungee jump cord connected to me :)
K Randolph1 year ago
In an eyeblink—yes! People are connected to safety lines, no real danger. Looks exciting.
Allan Jiang1 year ago
Cristian Rosso1 year ago
Even if it didn't have the safety lines it would be fun, those safety lines are there to prevent lawsuit and the safety aspect of it. If you fell we'll your a grown man or woman is call taking risk and a conscious decision to do something crazy. 
D Texican1 year ago
i would definitely walk it.
R L Swihart1 year ago
yes. but i'd think twice.
Definitely! But if I fall to my death, I'm blaming you. (I'm just joking)
Thrill walk.
Nabab Sk1 year ago
Hope Graham1 year ago
people who are scarred of hights wouldnt
I dont know.mostly no.
Hope Graham1 year ago
i rode a camel :)
Haley Swafford1 year ago
Wow that looks TERRIFYING!
Tony Nieves1 year ago
Yes, looks fun
David Smith1 year ago
If I saw that and didn't walk it I would never forgive myself. Definitely!
Jamnah Aziz1 year ago
Pam Hughes1 year ago
Looks fun
Not on you're life ...!!!!!
Larry Thomas Jr1 year ago
Wow. Talk@ balls

Katelin Cole1 year ago
Yes, but hope it dont break. :)

Don Gaffney1 year ago
Hell ya
J Sums1 year ago
You only live once
Brian Aguilera1 year ago
Help no #DontLikeHieghts
J'elyse Evans1 year ago
I would totally do it just to say i have and you'd get some great once in a life time views from up there
samiyah shahid1 year ago
that's crazy scary lol
Katelin Cole1 year ago
Meow :3
Nyasia Wiggins1 year ago
That's 2 scary 
Definitely do it 
i m not afrad of hights ..just dieing 
Ulie Latuputty1 year ago
not even try to do it... sigh...
I want too ;)
Katelin Cole1 year ago
Quit repling! Plz.. 
Kayla Prosser1 year ago
Fun but scary
samiyah shahid1 year ago
Katelin Cole1 year ago
Because, its kinda annoying and i want sleep!!!!! :( 
Katelin Cole1 year ago
Sorry, need rest :)
Suresh Yadav1 year ago
its so dangerous
O heck nall I'm terrified I wouldn't even get on it if it was 4ft off the ground...........too unstable
Cayla Coty1 year ago
that looks like fun
Charles Rivers1 year ago
Wouldn't get me up there, lo hell knaw 
chris Johnson1 year ago
Hue Nhan1 year ago
so cool
like 2 walk here with my frnds.
 finsh the journey or ruin the bridge ?
MuhD RaiF1 year ago
wow...awesome...where is it..??
MOE MAKHA1 year ago
Kajal Sharma1 year ago
Alia Jain1 year ago
hai kajal
Goma GCT1 year ago
Amreen Fathima1 year ago
i wud luv to walk!!!
Kajal Sharma1 year ago
Hi alia
Mahesh Thakur1 year ago
Nena Calderon1 year ago
That's a panic attack!!! 
Isaac Rynn1 year ago
Looks pretty safe. 
nakim cemeh1 year ago
Vindhya Lps1 year ago
That looks epic and scary at the same time
苗氏氏1 year ago
Nguyen Nhu1 year ago
so scary but I wanna try it !!!!!!
Jay Chew1 year ago
Epic....totally walk it. U only live once.
Yovan Siva1 year ago
Will definitely try it.
Nicole Bryant1 year ago
No I'm afraid of heights so not me 
Pharra Neen1 year ago
So challenging!
Sarang MG1 year ago
a little frightning..........
Vinito Ganola1 year ago
Dennis Jam1 year ago
No thanks!
Ramel Dupree1 year ago
Hell no I like my life
gopal kumar1 year ago
Dont look at scene just walk
gopal kumar1 year ago
Dont look at the scenery just focus on walking.
Dennis Jam1 year ago
Still, no thanks! 
Sagar Khannukar1 year ago
its amuse n stuntty

Yukrant Kharik1 year ago
very nice... Amazing
richard martin1 year ago
Not on my dead body
AZODO YUGO1 year ago
Very nice hope to b there someday
Devendra Shinde1 year ago
Want something similar in india, we hav lot of valleys around
堀江メイ1 year ago
oh! wow! 
Raj Arya1 year ago
akshita sharma1 year ago
may be
Deepak Kumar1 year ago
nice one
Santhosh Santu1 year ago
Yes,.................want to try once,.....
Thomas Ehlen1 year ago
With the right company, why not!? Haha
priya mehta1 year ago
it's too risky
veta viandany1 year ago
It's amazing 
Sunil Jarali1 year ago
chalanging spot any try
Very amazing
Felix Bwalanda1 year ago
Most definitely!!
Armaan SYED1 year ago
zubayr mohammad1 year ago
Celine Buendia1 year ago
Charles Chandra1 year ago
Shoaib Sohail1 year ago
Aashish Thakur1 year ago
of course i wuld B)
Aashish Thakur1 year ago
of course i wuld B)
cool I would like too due that 
Vikram Sharma1 year ago
Burts Art1 year ago
Beautiful. I would just watch all the brave souls walking on it.
i would never ever try to walk on that thing!,i mean ever!!!
Nickson Langat1 year ago
The way to heaven is a million times challenging than this bridge so make your garments spotlessly clean.Isaiah 40
I think I'd die.. xDDDDDDDDD I dunno if I'd try it, I'd be too scared LOL xDDD
Nasha Eriqha1 year ago
Sriza Basak1 year ago
i haven't walk but i want to it's adventurous.
Juliet Maile1 year ago
Rajeev Chandran1 year ago
Way to hell
dharmesh sharma1 year ago
hi to all
Rajeev Chandran1 year ago
Good afternoon to all
USMAN GHANI1 year ago
no way yikes
Claire Dallig1 year ago
wow awesome!!!
Faisal Athadi1 year ago
ഇതെന്താ ചിലന്തി വലയോ...............? 
Saranya Devi1 year ago
Roger Ridley1 year ago
No no no
Definitely. Would love to.
Vikram Sharma1 year ago
I am sure walking on that bridge would surely cure constipation
srinath j1 year ago
Just let us know where and how to reach this place .we would really love to be there........
Ceci Cecilia1 year ago
+Vikram Sharma OMG! Lol! You made me laugh out loud! :)))
Way to adventure.
Mone Garand1 year ago
That looks like the US economy.
Muhammad Raghib1 year ago
I can cross...
SHRI KANT1 year ago
Agar Cabural1 year ago
Very scary. ...
Nilesh Gaikwad1 year ago
Its crazy
Beautiful but i dont think i can walk that no way
The way to death
Hemant Munjal1 year ago
wil never go thru it anyways.
pradeep suthwal1 year ago
MAMTA SINGH1 year ago
Bev Mason1 year ago
I'd have to give this a miss I think...
shifa aamer1 year ago
be careful with that!
Irfan Hanif1 year ago
Hanafiah Yaacob1 year ago
I x think so....
Jason Ruggles1 year ago
Id just B.A.S.E jump off
Evamaria Malik1 year ago
No i will be to scared

mg mg mitin1 year ago
Evamaria Malik1 year ago
I would be scared

Gustavo Lisboa1 year ago
It is sure worth the increase heart beating rate and the rush of adrenaline!
Swati Kishore1 year ago
Thing to do before you die.
Adam Yi1 year ago
Musical Puppy1 year ago
I would totally do that.
Linda Iball1 year ago
wow - would i walk it let me think about that one.....may need a stiff drink before I attempt it!  What a fab photo
Linda Iball1 year ago
you could die doing this.. ha ha
puja sen1 year ago
very nice
Md. Aziz1 year ago
so....verry nice !! thanks for you
Sarah Siswati1 year ago
so scare
Albert J Thiel1 year ago
I don't think so ... 
giovanna leyva1 year ago
chit lar1 year ago
giovanna leyva1 year ago
Juan Moreno1 year ago
i wish i could do that! awesome!
Fiza Honey1 year ago
This is so very dangerous
but yes it is adventures also...
Blog list malaysia
Xinchun Guo1 year ago
Edwin Cano1 year ago
get the fu out of here
Xinchun Guo1 year ago
Gloria M1 year ago
No way !!!
Austin Ross1 year ago
More like walkway of death... holy crap
Blase Wolf1 year ago
Luz Pando1 year ago
Hermosa creacion de jehova dios hermocicima
Lavanya lavs1 year ago
wowwww nice place
Ursula Retief1 year ago
NO WAYS looks like a spiders web...beautiful...
Luiz Estacio1 year ago
Brittney Barger1 year ago
totally wanna go
jessica perez1 year ago
same here
Tyler Georgescu1 year ago
Pshhh.  i wouldn't be scared. ive walked sketchier bridges before.  this bridge is for wimps. 
Riki Lal1 year ago
Clement Yip1 year ago
Where in Italy?
prabin giri1 year ago
Leonides Laga1 year ago

its very beautiful
Juniho Unusi1 year ago
Nice challenge...!!
Mark Adams1 year ago
Sod walking that
Mike Ervin1 year ago
I would walk that 
myo win1 year ago
Suvra Deb1 year ago
I want
Blessing mango1 year ago
i would walk that
I want to experience it if I ever get a chance
kundan lohar1 year ago
beautiful long beach
WOBBLER SAM1 year ago
EPIC! I would love to walk that!
Angelica Akers1 year ago
Lol oh no! I would be freaking out the entire time. If I can't meet ya'll on the other side, see ya when ya get back.
Rusty Deroche1 year ago
Noo way! My wife says... I would love to walk it! Not afraid of heights!!!
Rachel Hargrove1 year ago
Most defiantly 
Kerlis Norbal1 year ago
it must of been scary
Jess Santos1 year ago
Love to have a walk on it
Roger Ridley1 year ago
Definitely not,, plus bridge looks as. swayed a he'll of alot
Bethan Ranford1 year ago
sarah chinn1 year ago
scare ^^
Robert maudsley1 year ago
luv to
Bethan Ranford1 year ago
I doubt that
Daniel Lee1 year ago
Tati Sanchez1 year ago
That's awesome
Jaffer Khan1 year ago
Looking nice
Sagnik Majumdar1 year ago
looking down would be scary but i will walk it
Jaffer Khan1 year ago
Keshav Singh1 year ago
Definitely, I would like to walk over it!
Magnolia Jordan1 year ago
No .. I'm positive won't reach the other side 
Ansh Kumawet1 year ago
So dangers realy 
Takahane Azusa1 year ago
i wanna jump d whole way!wonder wen my nerves wld leave mi?
Darien Chen1 year ago
I will walk on that
Heather Russell1 year ago
I would luv too!!!
Lenny Thomas1 year ago
Sometime you have to take a chance and walk on tje wild side.
Judith Chambers1 year ago
that looks so cool. id walk it too !!
I'd love to run across 🏃
Adriana Cruz1 year ago
I would walk on it but it would take me at least 40 min to cross it just cuz if the fear i would have
Sean Fuller1 year ago
Looks like fun
Natalie Ziemba1 year ago
Talk about one way to concur a fear! This is for the true adventurers!
I'm sure that if anyone were to walk on this bridge, they would say in the face of danger for the rest of their life, "Well, this isn't as bad as the Tibetan bridged in Italy!"
juanita Barnard1 year ago
I would have to take a chill pill most like two of them

Belle Smith1 year ago
nope! terrified of hights. but sweet walk/view 
Ahmed Aizi1 year ago
i so would
Mone Garand1 year ago
I would walk it.  Looks like a real sweet adventure.  Can't be any worse than driving in the Northeast.  At least no one would be looking to pass you or even tailgate for that matter.  Wouldn't it be neat to start wobbling that thing about the half way point?
Dustin A Harper1 year ago
Hell yeah !!!!! That a sweet spot to get pics
Evamaria Malik1 year ago
No way

BV Tran1 year ago
probably for a million dollars!
Neva Simonton1 year ago
Not in a million years.
JAMIE WEEKS1 year ago
Looks like fun
Karlon Roy1 year ago
Ohhh wow
Karlon Roy1 year ago
Y not 
Nyasha Roberts1 year ago
I won't walk that. Looking at it is making me nervous.
Misty Matera1 year ago
+Nyasha Roberts
Me too!
Surabhi Misra1 year ago
So dangerous
John Felton1 year ago
It's beautiful don't think I would walk tho...
Salehin Faisal1 year ago
It looks really awesome
I can't wait............
Teddy August1 year ago
What is is made out of?
Auwal S Muktar1 year ago
I will love to. Its amazing
Hamza Saeed1 year ago
Woo I do love to0 walk!!!

Benjamin Lord1 year ago
Great bridge that's amazing
Wow!!! Not for me...Awesome though...I wouldn't walk it no thanks!!! :)
Jaffer Khan1 year ago
Really its looking too scary
Toni Goncalves1 year ago
Yes, why not?
Danish Malik1 year ago
Charles Sanders1 year ago
Hell yes 
Brave enough
Jaffer Khan1 year ago
How cld they move its so scary
Pabs Daffs1 year ago
I love this bridge
ryan hamilton1 year ago
Michael Devine1 year ago
Looks like fun gets the heart pumping
Charles Sanders1 year ago
Needs two tickets to get there 
Charles Sanders1 year ago
Jerry Brandt1 year ago
With no problem
ryan hamilton1 year ago
Is that real
Rupesh kasare1 year ago
AMIT SHARMA1 year ago
Nice i will go there
Omg that's so creepy
it's scary
Hailey Lamori1 year ago
hb ba1 year ago
Michael Devine1 year ago
What ever you do no one can be a baby an start rocking
I can't belive it
Erin Jackson1 year ago
That looks scary.
Erin Jackson1 year ago
How do you do it?
Molly Torres1 year ago
What a beautiful place !!
Erin Jackson1 year ago
Its beautiful alright:-) 
hb ba1 year ago
Jam Rim1 year ago
Hell Ya!! Just looking at it, its giving me a rush!!
Erin Jackson1 year ago
What if it was a tight rope would you walk it then...mind flip:-) 
vary nice
Charles Sanders1 year ago
Hell yes
Michael Tedesco1 year ago
I.would walk it 
Gopal Krishan11 months ago
drive big, remove your fear, first step difficult, rest feel ease ever
Chloe Barrick11 months ago
I luv doin daredevilish things so this would be right up my ally

Gopal Krishan11 months ago
Rizwan Abdul Hakeem11 months ago
Very nice pic
Erin Jackson11 months ago
I know right I would not touch that bridge now about the leaning tower of pizza that's not scary
Gopal Krishan11 months ago
Gopal Krishan10 months ago
self concentration trip
Erin Jackson10 months ago
What's up with the royal baby he's so cute
Gopal Krishan10 months ago
up.......................fear gone away
where that don't say.......... +Erin Jackson  v v nice 2 u
vishwa rehan10 months ago
i See you know
Manjunath Chavan8 months ago
Very. Nice.
poonam singh6 months ago
Natural seen
poonam singh6 months ago