Styron Square Apartments
3100 William Styron Square N
Newport News, VA 23606
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Jannelisse Franco
11 months ago
There is always two sides to every incident in Property Management. We are a very military friendly community with a military clause. Per our lease: "Any member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a member of the Virginia National Guard serving on full time duty or as a Civil Service technician with a National Guard unit may terminate his rental agreement with the landlord if the member (1) enters military service after signing the lease (2) has received orders to deploy with a military unit for ninety (90) days or more or (3) receives orders for a permanent change of station (PCS). Prior to termination, a written notice and a copy of the official notification of the orders or a signed letter, confirming the orders from the Tenant’s commanding officer, must be submitted. The termination date shall be thirty (30) days from the date on which the next rental payment is due. The final rent shall be prorated to the date of termination and shall be payable at such time as would have otherwise been required by the terms of the rental agreement. In addition to the termination procedures above, Tenant may terminate the lease in accordance with laws contained in the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act." When orders are submitted on the third of the month per our lease it goes into effect the first of the following month. I showed nothing but professionalism and was simply doing my job. As a manager I have to be fair and the rules are the same for everyone. I can't tailor to ones demands when the rules are stated in a legal document that each tenant signs. We go over the lease with new tenants and also encourage them to re read it to make sure they understand what they are signing. I encourage future prospects before reading reviews to check the property out first and to understand both sides. We love our residents but also have to abide by our binding contracts.
James Toutges
12 months ago
I lived in the apartments for 6 months. At first, it was great and then everything fell apart once my lease was signed. As a military member, I was forced to pay for a full months rent and was not in the apartment one day in August. The management was horrible...especially when it came to any sort of customer service. When dealing with the front office folks, the property manager, Jannelisse Franco was by far the worst. Her customer service skills demonstrated an extreme lack of concern and bordered on the worst I've seen in 27 years in the military...and I've seen some pretty horrendous attitudes.
A Google User
3 years ago
Apartment and location very nice. Complaints about noise are exaggerated. The Fin crowd dies down around 10, and you might hear a college kid at Brickhouse hollering later than that but it's not enough to wake me up. Beware when negotiating a price--there are prices for each unit that they have to publish and they actually told me that my unit was more than the published price. Complaints about maintenance are real--expect a couple weeks even if something important breaks on its own. I don't care much for the folks in the leasing office because of these reasons but the location and apartment itself make up for it.