Sunset Peak Apartments
475 Russell Blvd
Thornton, CO 80229
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Stephanie R
3 months ago
Horrible maintenance for the upscale price you paya to lllive here. You are forced to buy renters insurance, pay for water, trash and sewer and their deposits are off the charts. After paying the deposit when we moved in the place was nasty. The floors were NOT new as we were told. We've had three refridgerators in our 5 months here and the third is making a loud noise and the maintenance guy talked down to me like I was stupid. By the way every fridge they brought had to be recleaned as they were nasty...also parents let their kids run all over the complex unsupervised, including riding their bikes in the parking lot...No security at all...Steer clear of this place
Joe Robinson
4 weeks ago
This place has to be the worse place in Colorado to live.1500 for two bedroom no yard and fines on almost anything you do. The management are two cruel vindictive girls playing the boss card every day walking the premises with there noses up looking down on you.I used to recommend these town homes to anyone asking but I am now looking for a place to move in to and out of this place A.S.A.P corporate has to do something or this place will go to shit.Just ask any one of the residents if you should move in here and you will surely have the answer No Don't Move Here.
Kat Brady
8 months ago
I would like to start off saying that I am relatively new to CO. I have now lived at this complex for coming up on a year. when we initially looked at the complex it was great we loved the "town house" aspect of the apartments rather then having someone above us, below us, or both and the model looked awesome. Please, do not be fooled. After driving for 2 days to get to CO we walked into a house that wasnt ready to be moved into. all I wanted after 2 days of driving through 3 states was a shower. My bath tub was torn apart and the apartment had not been cleaned. Later that week I submitted a 17 item maintenence request. It took me 7 times of sending the same email to get someone to come look at what was wrong. And even at that they only fixed a few things on the list. And even still to this day there are things on that list that have not been fixed. the ladies in the office are very rude (one more than the other). There is a crawl space under every building and when it is damp or moist out my entire downstairs smells like cat urine (I do not have a pet) due to the large amount of feral cats that live in said crawl spaces. My neighbor has also compained to them about the same problem and nothing has been done. As long as they get their money, the office staff has no real concern about your issues and will frequently tell you "its not their problem". For the amount they are charging for rent and the service you get (or lack there of) this place is not worth the headache. If, however, you do decide to move here I would suggest taking pictures of all damage at move in and keep a folder of all correspondence between yourself and the office. They have already come in handy for me!
Chris Culp
10 months ago
The worst place to live ever... They only show you the model home, so of course it's going to look good. But once you sign the paper and go look at your actual home... There is SO many problems... That they've never fixed, leaking toilet, wrong closet doors that don't fit, mold.. Everything you can possibly think of. Oh and not to mention, the office and there staff; are extremely extremely rude once it's been about a month of your residence.. If you are ever late or whatever on your payment, they will start the eviction process and will let you kno about it... Again, just the the worse place to be living..
Ada Sanchez
2 years ago
I resided at Sunset Peak Apartments for 2 years. I lived in the apartment building and later upgraded to a Townhouse. The complex was very convenient providing all appliances washer, dryer, and dishwasher. My dishwasher had finally broken down and management quickly replaced my dishwasher. Anytime I had any maintenance issues the maintenace staff were always there immediately even if it was outside of normal business hours. This property is also pet friendly and provides several wide open space for your dog to run, and play. Crime happens everywhere, but Sunset Peak insures your safety with on site security available at any hour. The best thiing about this property is the location. It is centrally located near hospitals, public schools, grocery market, public bus transportation, and Interstate 25. The reason I left was due to relocation out of state, but if I moved back to Thornton I would live here. Great Staff and lots of great memories at this property!! Thanks Sunset Peak Apartments
Jessica Almanza
6 months ago
i actually like them its not bad
A Google User
4 years ago
I have never lived in apartments where there was so many thieves! They broke into my Sisters car when she was visiting stole all her medical paper work and anything that might have value. I left a 12pack of sodas outside to bring in the rest of the food and they opened them up and stole half of them. Very bad neighbor hood! On top of that the school system is a 1 out of 10, I actually pay for my son to go to another school. They have lots of solicitors and nothing here is in English, I speak the American language and cant even get the yellow pages in English.. No racism here but it is absoluty repulsive..
A Google User
4 years ago
Nice townhomes
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