The Retreat at Arc Way
4025 Arc Way
Norcross, GA 30093
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Kel And Zaria
3 months ago
We went to check it out today and had the best experience, please don't be discouraged the people were very welcoming and open. The apartment was very spacious for the smallest unit and we look forward to moving in. We will post later and let you guys know about the move in process. But we had a wonderful first experience, even went back a second time in the day just to view it again and we still had awesome customer service.
Nelle John
4 months ago
Roaches all over the place. No matter what you do they never go away. They will send pest control but it's like they're using sugar water. The people in the office are nice though and aside from the roaches everything else is ok. The roaches however is enough for them to get 1 🌟
Tamika Glenn
7 months ago
I lived here for nearly 3 years and it has been a mess. In that time they have gone through 4 or 5 management companies. They are very slow on repairs and their maintenance team seems incompetent. The worst part is the current management. Ingrid and Angela are rude and disrespectful. They don't know how to talk to people. I had to go! I can't deal anymore. Do not renr from here. They have roaches like you have never seen.
Milton Ward
4 months ago
This is the worse place that you can rent from in Norcross Ga. I've been living here for the past 4 years and every year they have changed management companies. Now what's wrong with that picture. As someone on here said before, Ingrid is a very disrespectful person who cares less about your problems. I was watching a dog for a few weeks being that my uncle was in the hospital and maintenance came in and reported ot to Ingrid. The next day, I got a note on my door saying that I had to pay a $300.00 pet fee. I went to see her about my situation and she said that she wouldn't accept my rent unless I paid the pet fee. Pest control is a joke, I woke up this morning with a roach in my bed. Please find somewhere else to live. It's not worth the money to stay here. They spend more money on landscaping than pest control. The pool has been closed for 5 weeks now and summer is almost over. My lease is up next week, I'm renting a 3br house cheaper than what I'm paying for this dump. GET OUT NOW!!!!! M.W
Crunkatlanta Hayes
9 months ago
"ZERO Rating"........... I'm glad to see this place getting the bad reviews it deserve. Our place was broken into when we was there. The front office didn't care ..I can't believe they still in business. Live under the freeway .... It better than this place . You been warned!
Drumma Boi
a year ago
I've been living here for about a month now and it's been all bad. On my initial walk through with the leasing agent, there were a ton of problems with my "newly renovated unit." I go into the utility room closet only to notice mold growing from the center of the walls all the way to the floor. I explained to the leasing agent that needed to be replaced due to me having asthma and she agreed. An hour later she sends her maintenance guy to take care of it and all he does is paint over it. But wait, there's more. Garbage disposal not working, mildew growing underneath kitchen sink, grease spots on a supposedly freshly painted wall, shower knob's separated from the wall, 4 electrical sockets not functioning properly, black residue left in front of fire place, missing window screens, and the list goes on. DON'T MOVE HERE UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS. The leasing staff are unprofessional and clearly don't have their priorities in order. I'll be glad when my lease is up so I can get the hell out of here.
Tila C
8 months ago
Slow on repair rent too high for these old 1986 built units. I'll give a tour of my apartment I bet you, you won't live here afterwards.
Mary Allen
a year ago
There is no amount of negative stars to give them.. and it made me give them at least one..1st off they never gave us the apartment they promised us and they had to rush to find an apartment in like 2 days.The leasing staff is nice until you rent an apartment from them. Calvin and Danny are the New management and Edie and Kevin were replaced by them with in a month of living here.. The leasing staff here says they will work with you and the lady who lives down stairs from me has been blasting bass the entire time I have been here and I have only been here since JULY 31st. She and her kids are rude and disrespectful. She slams doors as well and they will not DO A DAMN THING ABOUT HER, She thinks she has special treatment cause she is on the state. I have called the cops about 17 times and the onsite officer is a joke as he will not do anything about the noise as they say she is not blasting it. I have a hole in my bedroom and half of my outlets wont work.. My kitchen was in a mess, the cabinet doors were falling off and the dishwasher was not even screwed in... I fixed this all myself. and the garbage area is broken with no reasonable reason why.They said they move us for a fee of $300.00, Why the hell should I pay this when this lady down stairs is the issue. I WOULD NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE... STAY AWAY. I still live here and i plan on moving out ASAP.... STAY AWAY THEY ARE A JOKE!!!!
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