Germantown Garden Apartment Homes
730 Germantown Cir
East Ridge, TN 37412
3 Google user reviews
Scott Rieckhoff
a year ago
I was a little worried about the area, but it has been quiet and peaceful, with a police officer who lives in a unit near the entrance. We were unable to get EPB to service the apartment on account of the fact that the apartments are a bit older, but Comcast has been excellent. Consistent, high-speed internet and cable. The pool has been a great way to relax after an afternoon run, and the neighbors have been welcoming. The complex is 20 minutes from the mall and has easy access to Bilo, Walmart, movie theatre, etc.. UPDATE 6 months later: 1) Sharing a water bill with the rest of the building is not terrible, but it's also frustrating when I wonder how much of the water bill is mine or the neighbors. 2) The windows are drafty; we are in the process of talking to management about getting them sealed somehow. 3) The hot water can go out occasionally, although never longer than 30 seconds.
Jason Henning
a year ago
I love the residents, and the facilities. It is an everyday decision to make it better, with t he help of out wouldful residents.
Darelle Barney
3 years ago
Beautiful place!