Germantown Garden Apartment Homes
730 Germantown Cir
East Ridge, TN 37412
3 Google user reviews
Paul Rieckhoff
5 months ago
I moved into the complex with some friends a week ago and so far am loving it. I was a little worried about the area, but it has been quiet and peaceful, with a police officer occasionally parked out near the front of the complex. We were unable to get EPB to service the apartment on account of the fact that the apartments are a bit older, but Comcast has been excellent. Consistent, high-speed internet and cable. Everything I was hoping out for of the provider. The pool has been a great way to relax after an afternoon run, and the neighbors have been welcoming (and quiet). UPDATE 6 months later: No place is perfect, and now after having been here for six months, here are a few issues I've found with the apartment 1) Sharing a water bill with the rest of the building is not terrible, but it's also frustrating when I wonder how much of the water bill is mine or the neighbors. 2) The windows are drafty; we are in the process of talking to management about getting them sealed somehow. 3) The hot water can go out occasionally, although never longer than a minute. All in all, I am still enjoying my time here, and would still recommend it to friends.
Jason Henning
10 months ago
I love the residents, and the facilities. It is an everyday decision to make it better, with t he help of out wouldful residents.
Darelle Barney
2 years ago
Beautiful place!