Germantown Garden Apartment Homes
730 S Germantown Cir
East Ridge, TN 37412
8 Google user reviews
jackie brown
2 weeks ago
Nice, clean, quiet apartments. Staff have always been polite and professional with me. The apartments are spacious and affordable.
metro pcs
a month ago
I've been living there for a year most of there apartments has mold, they have really bad management over there. My neighbor apartment has a lot of mold and she complained several time to fix the mall but they didn't fix it so she had to leave the apartment after that they just painted and rented it again for deferent ppl. If I can post some pictures over here I'll post it to show you how it's too bad .
miguel osorio
3 months ago
Nice and quiet place. But the staff very very very unprofessional they will return you deposit back they will come up with something to keep you money. We had to call the corporate office they didn't know about it. 20 day are going and I still haven't heard back from them.
Scott Rieckhoff
2 months ago
I was a little worried about the area, but it has been quiet and peaceful, with a police officer who lives in a unit near the entrance. We were unable to get EPB to service the apartment on account of the fact that the apartments are a bit older, but Comcast has been excellent. Consistent, high-speed internet and cable. The pool has been a great way to relax after an afternoon run, and the neighbors have been welcoming. The complex is 20 minutes from the mall and has easy access to Bilo, Walmart, movie theatre, etc..
MyS Osorio
2 months ago
Keep looking for a better place to live. You should be happy coming home. Me and my husband moved in 2 years ago we were newly weds and if it wasn't for Cynthia who used to work there I don't think we would have stayed. Since we moved in the manager was rude and and racist on top of that we had to pay an additional $400 because we didn't have credit. That wasn't an issue then now it is , now that we are moving out. We couldnt use the grill, pool, tennis court without being asked if we lived there. Staff truly is the worst and maintenence isn't any better, they lack customer service and frendlyness overall. Once during the summer it was 80° outside and our a/c was blowing out 80° and we would call the maintenence guys and there would say that's impossible and they didn't want to come out. When they finally came out they were rude about it and once the saw it was actually blowing out hot air instead of cold they were like oh yeah it's not working. We had to live like that for a week. I recommend that if you want to live here make sure to keep every record of work orders because at the end of your lease they will keep your deposit. The apartments are spacious and really quiet we loved living there when we didn't have any issues but when we did we regret moving in. Worst staff ever.
Jason Henning
2 years ago
I love the residents, and the facilities. It is an everyday decision to make it better, with t he help of out wouldful residents.
Darelle Barney
3 years ago
Beautiful place!
Bobbi Booth
4 months ago