Pleasant Springs Apartments
884 W 700 S
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
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Don Robertson
a week ago
I am loving it here. I carefully read these reviews before considering these apartments, and so when it came time to sign the contract, I took a few hours to carefully read over everything in it. When I went over the contract with them, they were ecstatic to see that I had already studied it. The staff here are cheerful, helpful and have always been happy to see me. The apartment is wonderful, the neighborhood is pretty quiet and the walls seem pretty thick. My base rent is $850/month, but there is a mandatory data package that costs around $120/month, and then garbage and water/sewage utilities on top of that. All in all, my monthly cost comes to about $1,030. I love this place. It is peaceful and very enjoyable.
Dawn Lassen
a month ago
Please people. Do not go to these apartments. They will charge you a lot of money! $1100 plus city utilities plus power and gas. You will be spending a good majority if not all of your hard earned money. These prices are way too high for Utah's cost of living. When I moved in there were lots of problems too: leaky sink, dirty kitchen, mold all over both bathrooms, water heater was broken, spiders in every room, and the ac was out. The maintenance workers are good but there are few. It took the management weeks to get to these issues.
Becki Allison
2 weeks ago
My husband and I moved in the end of September and so far we LOVE it here. The pet policy is very reasonable and the rent etc is on par with just about everyone else around. Our apartment is spacious and even has an actual dining room! (Usually unheard of in an apt.) We had one maintenance problem when we moved in, and it was addressed and taken care of immediately. The management and maintenance staff have been great so far and all of the fees, rent, etc. were spelled out in writing in advance, and I can even see rent and payments online and pay rent online. The community is really very nice and quiet as well. We have neighbors with dogs and children and we rarely hear anything. We will definitely be staying a while.
Kate McNicol
2 months ago
Haven't had a single problem here. Location is good, the price is great for the area and for what you get with the apartment. Management is awesome. I know they changed not too long ago.
T Becky
3 months ago
Great place to live! Incredible maintenance, nothing is let go, it's always taken care of. Managerial staff? Very good folks that call back as quickly as possible. No complaints and I've lived here for a number of years. It continues to be a fact in life that if you are moaning and groaning, it's something you've done not what someone else has done. Are you expecting something in YOUR moment of life or in the business world being able to get to you as quickly as possible? Get over yourself. The business world takes care of many people, not just you. So, basically ~ get over it.
Amanda Shaw
4 months ago
Do yourself a HUGE favor and do not live here! The management is such a joke. They did recently switch management, and the new ones are just as bad. They have no idea what they are talking about, and they are incredibly rude. I thought people were exaggerating about the made up fees upon moving out, but they are not! We had our apartment professionally cleaned, and it was spotless. Of course, we got a huge bill in the mail for "cleaning fees". Living there is not much more pleasant, any time you ask the management for anything, they don't respond. We had an issue in our apartment and had to call and leave 4 voicemails and never heard back, until we went in and talked to them- but they still didn't help. There's a reason all of these people are leaving 1-star reviews. I really wish I would have taken them more seriously before moving in. I even had a friend who previously lived here tell me how terrible it was, but we were already locked in a contract. The maintenance guy is really nice and helpful, but that is the only good thing about this terrible place. There are police officers there almost every night. It's a run-down, over-priced junk pile and I would strongly advise against moving in. It is being run by seriously low quality, dishonest people.
Mikayla Burnett
6 months ago
DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LIVING HERE. I can not stress it enough. You WILL get scammed out of your money. We were told rent was to be 1200 a mont yet somehow every month they added all these random, bullshit charges to our monthly rent. Upon move out they charged us over $1000 in "damages" that were already there when we moved in, which were even noted on the move in inspection. The staff are scam artists to put it nicely. Read the reviews before thinking about moving into this place. The same thing that is happening to us has happened to so many other people. The only good thing about this place is they are pet friendly and the maintenance guy is awesome, but that doesn't make up for the thousands of dollars they scammed out of us.
Jamison Martinez
5 months ago
DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!! Previous tenants are really doing you a service here. Think about it...most of the reviews on here are 1 star...and only because you can't give a zero. The management and staff are TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, DONT CARE UNLESS YOU ARE MOVING IN, AND THEN WONT CARE ONCE YOURE IN. The few 5 star ratings are probably written by their staff themselves. Really...even the guy at my bank said he lived there and warned me about the place. I went back to give them the benefit of the doubt and they told me they changed management recently...Well, if they did the last management must have been pleasure compared to the management now...or they just lied, which you should be prepared to accept should you move in. Also they give you a good "move-in" deal but almost all other comments say they nickel and dime you after that...its true. They make their money back and then make it really expensive for you to leave. And you want to leave because the management take no responsibility. Ive been here only months now and there has been an issue at least every week. They love to ignore you and your issues and so everything gets dog-piled. If you try to call them out on it, then its worse and you get hung up on, belittled, and ignored even more. And the issues aren't small...IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN DO NOT PUT THEM IN AN UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT!!! Im sure we will hear about this place in the news shortly...We should all call GEPHARDT and bring in an investigation on the problems here! DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!
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