Heritage Station Apartments
765 McDaniel St SW
Atlanta, GA 30310
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Department Animal Rescources
4 months ago
WORST EVER......Currently a tenant. and i pay 954 which is market price for the apartment.and let me first start off by saying this is placed is filled with other tenants with HOOD GHETTO Mentality. they put their garbage bags of trash on the steps and waits for the custodians to remove it .they pee, gamble, drink on the steps. The kids run wild(but they are not the problem because they are kids.Its the parents with lack of parenting skills that allow the Foolery at all hours of the night and day.Management does not address the problems, occasional letters warning other tenants but never acting. Warning of BED BUGS received from tenants, but never addressed by management was the last straw for me . I grew up in the projects in the hood . and this is 10 times worst.please dont let the beautiful exterior fool you ......RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
Destinee Hardin
9 months ago
Wanted to live at this place, but the staff is horrible. They don't know how to communicate at all it's like you're talking to either a brick wall or stupid people. I think it's both. We were told to come on a Monday with ANOTHER 300 and we were able to move in, when we got there they were "short staffed." After we were told that we were approved, that Wednesday we were told they still haven't gotten verification. My cousin ends up arguing with the whole staff. This staff needs to be fired. The WHOLE staff. The elevator smells like piss with bleach on top of it. The carpet was dirty and they would not change it for us. All of this we went through for them to tell us I make too much after my whole place was packed and ready. She calculated things she was not supposed to. The manager, Bettye, or whatever is rude and needs managing and communication class. Nicki, is just lazy and needs to find a new day job. They kept our money until Monday after saying it was posted BUT YET we werent even approved yet. They charged two deposits and a full month of rent. DO NOT MOVE HERE THEY WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL!! (this is the first time i have ever made a review but I can't stand them this much)
troy Beltran
a year ago
Do not apply for this place! They stole money from me. I applied for this apartment and was approved. After paying the deposit they changed the rate of my rent a $100 more than what it was. When I decided to move on and not continue with my decision to stay at the apartment they refused to give me my security deposit back. These are con-artist working at this place.
Tiara Marshall
4 years ago
DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! Apartments are nice and spacious but EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS! There have been shootings, break-ins. My roommate was robbed at gunpoint. Staff is not helpful especially the property manager. Stupid fees. After my lease, I am gone!!!
deborah mitchell
2 years ago
I went to these apartment one day to visit a friend and to fill out an application i guess the female that was in the office name debra was so rude and nasty attidtude very unprofessional, she need communication class, and customer service skills, they need to get rid of that whole staff starting at the top because they are allowing this to continue.
Satin Doll
a year ago
After some hardships i can say that the office manager Debrah did show that she cared and helped my family tremendously.
James Moore
a year ago
clean, nice Lookn,needs more security
Kimberly Hunter
3 years ago
Very nice apartment complex. I just moved here 4 days ago & so far I love it. If I had any concerns, it would be that I wish the apartment management would keep the gates closed at ALL times. What is the point of having gates if they are going to be wide open most of the time? Other than that, nice spot.
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