Pine Creek Village
1300 Adams Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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Eddie Singer
a year ago
I just had the worst experience with Pinecreek Village of any place that I've lived at in my adult life. Michael who works at the front office was a complete snob. He's rude, arrogant and talked down to my girlfriend and I. She literally left the place in tears by the time he was done talking to us. He threatened to evict us over something that I wasn't even planning on doing to begin with. And he told us that we would be spied upon by the maintenance and security. It was beyond bizarre. I'm not going to live in some 1984-esque crazy town overseen by a pseudo Big Brother. I'm disappointed because I had my eyes set on Pinecreek Village for several months and was ready to move in. But I refuse to do business with any company that would employ someone so unpleasant. I doubt the rest of their staff is any better. Stay away from Pinecreek Village if you care about being treated with respect and dignity. There are many other places to live in Orange County. (7/19/15)
Ruben Smulovitz
5 months ago
Nice apartments. Strict rules.
Stacey Rodillon-Shapard
3 years ago
This is my favorite of all the other apartments I've ever lived in. My sister and I had terrible experiences with Villa Sienna, the complex next door to Pinecreek Village. In contrast, Pinecreek Village is quiet (especially for a complex located directly across the street from a community college), feels very safe, and is beautifully maintained. Rent is month-to-month with no option to lease, but the rental price is guaranteed for a full year. Some complexes will try to convince you that places that rent out month-to-month are bad news because that means a more transient community, but I really didn't find that to be the case. Instead, I think people were more on their toes about adhering to the rules of noise and cleanliness because they could be asked to leave at any time.
Ralph Cabrera
2 years ago
Brenda is a dope dealing scaliwagg
A Google User
6 years ago
i just went to pine creek village and it was a great visit. i'm definitely considering living there. even though she was super busy and already was helping people when i walked in, the single employee working in the office was polite and greeted me. she thanked me for being patient and proceeded to tell me all the selling points for the place. lots of things thrown into the rent and the grounds looked really nice. the room layouts for roommates is PERFECT. you couldn't ask for a better setup in a single-level place. the parking was a big issue for me in my search and the parking there is great. you get 2 spots for the residents and 2 guest passes to keep all through your lease term for any visitors. downsides are that the cabinetry in the apartments is outdated, though still in nice shape, not falling apart or anything. and the patios/balconies are small so don't count on outdoor entertaining. but an upside with that is you get a storage room on the patio.
A Google User
4 years ago
My husband and I have lived here for almost a year, and we love life at Pinecreek Village! The grounds are beautiful-- small winding streams and lots of trees! The gardeners come around our apartment about every few weeks. There are monthly social events hosted by management, and I especially love the free yoga and classes provided to residents. We live in a 'sugarbush" model, and find it very comfortable. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were updated before we moved in, and the blinds and carpet were either new or in near-perfect condition. The closet is HUGE, water pressure is great and it heats up immediately, Our neighbors are friendly, and we get a sort of young-family vibe in our area. Parking isn't too much of a problem, we generally find spots close to us as well as our assigned spot. My only complaints are that most people I have talked to have had an ant problem (but I believe Pinecreek provides scheduled exterminators), the floors of the 2nd floor can be squeaky, and some trash from the swapmeet does blow over onto Pinecreek grounds. The staff has always been very, very friendly, honest and professional. Rent includes cable, gas and water, so our utilities bill is very low. Laundry facilities are not too far, always maintained, and are on a useful "card" system instead of quarters. The location is great for freeway access, and finding small local shopping areas and restaurants. I really recommend living here; I know I will miss it whenever we do move somewhere else.
A Google User
4 years ago
Really beautiful place but the PineCreek Village Apartments has NO RECORDING SECURITY CAMERAS. They do have cameras but they aren't recording. I am a resident here and my car has been broken into while parked in my apartment's parking vicinity. The police asked the lady at the front desk for wanting to see the apartment's tape of any recordings on their cameras and they don't have recording of anything because they don't record. Then what's the point of these cameras? They seriously need to hire 5 security guards looking around this huge place during the night because now I'm considering going back to my old apartment at the California Palms. My old apartment is older when it comes to the living situation but there is 0 crime activity because of their wonderful security cameras and sufficient security guards.
A Google User
4 years ago
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