Northpointe Apartments
3333 N Michael Way
Las Vegas, NV 89108
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Shannon Flowers
3 weeks ago
The AC has gone out in 90 degree weather. I have been waiting in 90 degree weather in this apartment for hours to get the AC fix. I was told originally it would be 1 hour, and I am still waiting to have it fixed, four hours later, in 90 degree weather, with no response from anyone. Aftwr waiting 4 hiurs, I call th3 company that is actually suppose to come fix the AC and they say that Northpointe set the it to be scheduled for tomarrow. Any company that rents apartments in which the AC goes out in 90 degree weather, And won't even fix that AC, or tells you it will be fixed by a certain date, and then disregards you the rest of the day as the AC is still not fixed, is not worth renting. Leaving as soon as the lease is up. I could literally be sleeping outside and it wouldn't be as hot as it is in this apartment.
Adrian Lopez
5 months ago
This place is sorry my uncle live there. Why the owner don't take care his business there is some apt that there some homeless people sleeping and the ones are empty the manager she don't care about anything or anyone. The worst you can do as a manager is don't care about the people who live there I hope someone buy this north point apartments because they just need someone to take care those apt and you can make a lot of money. The owner of this apt need to sell. I will notify the Las Vegas city about this apt because they are fillty.
Laura Styer
5 months ago
Horrible place to live...if you are a light sleeper plan on being awake most of the night!!!!! You can hear everything going on in your neighbors apartments. The staff doesn't care one bit!! Had sliding glass door that needed new rollers and it took 4 months to get fixed..the staff just blamed the glass company...maybe it's time to get a different company then. To sum up, I would not recommend this hole to anyone!!!
Jasmine Burrell
a year ago
I have an incident where my neighbors slashed my tires and I need a new parking spot so that I am able to set-up surveillance from my home to monitor my car. I filed a police report and took pictures but they still will not budge. They do not care about making their residents happy and they are fine with that. I have been living here for 6 months and the water has been cut off (2)x with very short notice and 3x with notice but they never met the deadline that they stated they would have the water on by. On top of that I have my upstairs neighbors that stomp on the stairwell all day and throughout the night, yet the managers say their is nothing they can do about that. AVOID THIS PLACE. THEY ARE IN IT TO MAKE MONEY AND NOT MAKE IT A COMFORTABLE LIVING EXPIRIENCE FOR THEIR RESIDENTS.
LaTrice Dowe
a year ago
My sister and I have lived at Northpointe Apartments for almost two years! The staff is professional - along with the maintenance staff. If my sister and I needed to have something fixed, it's taken care of on the same day! Unfortunately, the washer and dryers were removed from the units yesterday, so now, my sister and I have to utilize the laundry room - which to me is a HUGE inconvenience!!! Also, there were two unidentifiable men sitting on the staircase near our door, and our downstairs neighbor scared them off!! Someone was murdered in front of the apartment complex in June of this year. My sister and I are looking for another place to live because we don't mind paying extra to have a washer and dryer in our place. I can't wait till our lease is up - which is in the end of May next year. I would NOT recommend this place at all - especially when there's no washer and dryer in the units.Why should I have to pay extra just to do laundry?! Please, don't move to Northpointe!!!! :-(
Nicole Williams
a year ago
DONT MOVE HERE !!!! 👎👎I lived here and the short time i was there, my rent was lost, there were fines charged to me for no reason but never showed up in any ledger and corporate office never knew about them. My car was broken into twice. The security guard that knew of and reported wrong doings of the staff and some residents was let go because "he wasnt doing his job". Staff would enter vacant apartments at late hours removing items in them. There was a lot of drug activity, domestic violence, shootings, stabbings, auto theft etc. The staff could care less. So many peoples rent came up stolen they closed the rent drop slot. But it kept happening. DONT MOVE HERE
Sly Darko
a year ago
This is the worst place I've ever lived in and I lived in a homeless shelter once. The residents here are ghetto and trash. A person got shot and killed here on the street in front of the entrance, then the apartment management took his memorial down like pigs. The only good thing was these apartments had washer and dryers in their units, but now they are taking them all out and forcing us to use their laundry facilities to charge us to wash our clothes. The staff here isn't concerned about making your living experience a pleasant one. They constantly charge unnecessary fees that go against your lease and still make you pay or threaten you with eviction. This place is money hungry, crime infested and not a safe place for children. THIS PLACE SUCKS DON'T LIVE HERE!
Franzes Castillo
6 months ago
The staff are friendly and are quick to resolve issues. The grounds are kept clean.
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