South Square Townhomes
3300 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
8 Google user reviews
James Mc
a week ago
The staff here is really great, I have never had an issue that a call to maintenance couldn't fix. All the staff is courteous and goes out of their way to make sure everything you need is taken care of. The community is nice and the apartments, while a bit dated, are well maintained. I have never had an issue with my neighbors, in fact they are great, the people who live here are an awesome mix of culture who are friendly to each other.
Crème De La Crème
4 months ago
I've been living here for 2 months now and I love it. I didn't expect it to be so peaceful and quiet. Neighbors are friendly. Very clean area. Very kid friendly.Another thing I love is the maintenance is punctual never had to wait days or weeks after a work order. Property manager and staff are great. Wish the rent was a bit cheaper. But overall my experience here has been great.
Sterling Cue
a year ago
It's okay but could definitely be lower in price. Management is very friendly and helpful and maintenance is pretty awesome. Only bad thing is they are very outdated and when you step inside your apartment for the first time you feel as if you're walking out of a time machine into the 70's. To charge what they charge for a 2 bedroom they should definitely be more up to date. Overall I've enjoyed living here and the neighbors aren't too bad. Very family oriented and a melting pot of different people of all races and whatnot. Pool could be a little bigger for the number of youth throughout the complex and I wish there was a little more for parking because on the weekends if you're not home by like 7 or 8 chances are you'll prolly have to park light years away if your spouse/roommate/whoever is in the one assigned spot you have. Overall pretty sweet place, could be a good bit cheaper (or maybe that's because I'm a poor college student lol), great if you have a small family, or just starting out in life.
Nicole Carpenter
3 years ago
We have lived here for two years and just renewed for a third. The homes are nice and the play area for the kids is wonderful. I feel comfortable letting my elementary aged child play outside. We love spending our summer days at the family friendly pool. The staff has always been helpful and things get fixed quickly. Great school, close to shopping, dining, movies, library...can't beat the location.
A Google User
4 years ago
I have to agree that the walls are kind of thin as you can hear kids playing outside and occasionally your neighbors next door. but overall my experience here has been good.(been here for 2 years). Management is professional and friendly/nice, the outside is always picked up and trimmed. As far as work orders, ive never really had a problem with that. I'd put in a work order and theyr'e usually here the next day fixing the far as drug dealing and 'mexican ghetto', ive never encountered drug dealing (but then again i live on the smaller side) and i can tell you right now these townhomes are no where near ghetto....
A Google User
4 years ago
@trying to be of help: This is South Square Townhomes management. While we certainly appreciate your concerns and everyone has the right to express their opinions, it's important for people to be aware of all sides of a story. I do find your comment "mexican ghetto" to be racist and uncalled for. We pride ourselves on having a community that appeals to all types of people including race, age, national origin, religious preference, familial status, etc. And due to our extremely convenient location, we do honestly appeal to people of all walks of live. I have personally lived on property for over a year and have never witnessed what you claim to see. Everyone that lives on property has to pass a very strict and thorough criminal background check before they're allowed to live on site. And even when we find residents that sneak other people in and do not add them to the lease, we find out, require them to fill out an application, and if they aren't approved to live here, then they are asked and required to leave the community. So we pride ourselves on having a very pleasant place to live and strive to make the community as safe as possible. We have a courtesy office that is a current Durham police officer that lives on site and patrols the community just in case. We're also in walking distance to the police station so your claims do not make any sense. All prospects and residents at South Square Townhomes are treated respectfully and we do everything in our power to help everyone. There are some instances where residents simply can't be helped. I'm sorry but if you have not paid your rent and it is the 26th of the month, you will be evicted. If you are currently causing a noise complaint, you have to alter your habits. If you are not picking up after your dog's feces, you have to pick it up. So there are always situations when residents will not be happy with us for ensuring they keep to our policies and maintain a great community but it has to be done. As far as your exact concerns with your apartment, if you still live here, please bring them to our attention. If you do not notify us in person of your unhappiness or dissatisfaction of your repairs in your apartment, we cannot remedy the situation. So it is very important to maintain proper communication so you can remain a happy resident. If we don't hear from you, and you have the opportunity to call, email, come by the office, call in a work order, place a work order online ... we assume you're happy with your apartment. As far as parking, usually the problems occur when residents invite guests over but fail to tell their guests that it's assigned parking, so do not blame the property for that, blame your neighbors. If someone is ever in your parking spot, you are well aware that we do have a towing company that you can call. For a period of a few weeks this summer, yes the pool had to only remain open during office hours because residents and their guests were vandalizing the pool furniture. So we ask that residents hold each other accountable, if you see someone doing something wrong, please let us know. It was at least better than having to close the pool down permanently. @Sarah ... your review is very vague. If you feel your walls are very thin then perhaps you need to notify us and maybe your neighbor needs a noise complaint. Again, I have lived here for nearly a year and I rarely ever hear my neighbors. If you have any other concerns or you would like to go into better detail, please contact us. Again, if residents do not voice their concern in person, you're not allowing us the opportunity to help you and remedy the situation. Sincerely, Management
A Google User
4 years ago
NIce homey apartment in a convenient area,..but walls are paper thin, can always hear children outside at all hours, feels like a mexican ghetto with drugs running in daytime and at night and prostitues running throught the complex on weekends sloppy drunk. Not a respectable place to live. Most of all management is shifty. They smile in your face until you move in and then they treat you as just another person to profit off of who needs them. The repairs done are crappy. I have had to call someone three times for the same issue and when I say they patch things up, it looks like the artistry of a child-quick, unpleasant to the eye and noticeable, and really just insufficient. The metal towel rack is pasted to the wall-and unevenly! In addition, there are assigned parking spots but spaces, but people still park in your spot-should I have to knock on doors to get my spot. There are disrespectful teens walking around, up at all times of the night and the pool closes when the office closes-what a bummer!
A Google User
4 years ago
I regret to lease this crappy place. Walls are very thin and inside is not functional. Management is rentseeking and not good behaved.