The Hamptons Apartment Homes
3070 S Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89121
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antonio aragon
6 months ago
Cant wait till the lease is up. Roaches everywhere. The people in the office don't care about anything but making their money. Dryer broke 2x in a month. washer and dryer are broken currently. Stove caught on fire. Supposly maintenance fix the kitchen light, I put on my own light bulbs and blew out 3 bulbs. Drugs everywhere in the Hamptons. My car got broken into 2x in a month. Terrible
Chris Campbell
a year ago
Just go on youtube and look up fry that chicken and that will about sum it up. Office staff is useless. They will never spray your place for bugs. Gang warfare is on the brink to what a cop told me before he said to move which I did. Drug dealers are getting shot and the awful kids are just well, awful. Every time you are out then someone ask for a dollar or cigarette every time.
Hope Abrams
2 weeks ago
I just move in and I put my trust in God not man Amen. And it bad everywhere in nice neighborhood and bad neighborhood so I stay to myself I'm not too sociable at all as long as nobody play with me I'm good
Terri Skinner
2 years ago
Ive lived here for seven years. Ive had no major problems, just your average noisy neighbors which they never last here too long. Must be new management because things are getting fixed pretty quick lately. Really need new and updated appliances.
Christian Morris
a year ago
This is the worst place to ever live!
A Google User
3 years ago
Ths place is owned by the African American gangs. If you live here get a gun permit because one day out of the year you will need it. It was the worst place I have ever lived, filthy and mannagement does not respond to anything. I called the police about four times in one week for gun shots in the parking lott. When interviewing with my former boss Dennis Erikson, gun shots were fired in the parking lott due to a gang dispute. I worked for an armed security company known as Veteran's Security in 05 to 07. That is one of the only reasons I am still alive today.. If you have children I would not recommend this place at all.
A Google User
6 years ago
Where do I start? They have ants all over the place including the bedroom. I woke up a couple of times with a trail of ants on me. The building foundation was very weak and shaky. The water was ALWAYS off. Police investigations. Management was very slow to fix problems. The water heater in my closet leaked causing mold on the carpet. Even little mushrooms were growing out of the carpet. They claim that I owe a balance. In reality they should have payed me to live in that dump!
A Google User
3 years ago
Just a shame me and my family second place and it was nice@1st but the first month suage back up 4times n the first month....WTF JUST A MESS U DON'T WANT TO MOVE HERE ....the front office ppl r scandalous point blank BITHCES
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