The Hamptons Apartment Homes
3070 S Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89121
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chloe bennett
2 months ago
If I could give this 0 stars I would ! This place is the worst place to ever live in . The office staff is rude and they don't care about you. BUGS EVERYWHERE ! killings , robberies , and did i mention BUGS everywhere you turn . I dont cate if this is your last resort , DO NOT MOVE HERE ! fair warning .
BeastMode18 young
4 months ago
People getting shot roaches I hated these apartments they are the worst ones ever if you live here i feel really sorry for you
Ivan Gutierrez
4 months ago
Worst place ever I moved in here in October and it's June and my a/c has never been fixed I put in work orders everyday and nothing I put up a sheet on my window to keep my apartment cooler I get an eviction notice of three days if I don't take it down but yet they have like 20 windows boarded up his place is horrible.the people in the office don't speak English and are not helpful at all
Celebrate Johnson
3 months ago
Your past rental history will not keep you from renting in a large, clean three bedroom luxury apartment. I have not ever seen a roach. Many windows don't have screens and the pool hours are very limited. But if you only looking for a starter place or a second chance apartment, give it a try. The apartments to the front seen to be better condition. Home is inside. You can create a nice home inside of the Hamptons.
teri thomaskids
a year ago
I moved to the hamptons in 2012 after my least was up i stayed there 7more months paying month to month my whole time i had no major problem that i couldn't live with but before i left i put a thirtyday notice in the lady in the office told me that by doin that that they had the ability to rent my apartment out so right b4 the next month i went and had it removed because i didnt find my new home yet i actually got approved a couple days b4 the first so i went to the office to let them no they told me i had to pay for not putting in my thirtyday again i asked if my $700 deposit will cover it the told me to call corporate for thr answer i called and spoke with a lady named Jackie she told me thats what my deposit is for which i already new so i went to the office and told them i turned in my keys and asked if they will do a walk thru with me because my apartment was move in ready they refused and said its ok the just sent a maintenance to change the locks i asked them if he could look they said "i guess" So i went with him we looked together it was fine as he agreed also. I few months later u get a bill for $800+ dollars so i called to see why is that they told me that my deposit had been forfeited and there was a hole in the door really i asked if i could see this hole in the do the sad the hole door had to be replaced so they couldn't show me "bullcrap" not only that how was my deposit forfeited i lived out my lease and your corporate told me it goes towards my balance she told me her corporate gave me the wrong info because shes in cali and vegas and cali is different how in the heck can the just rob me like that i was a very good tenant i always payed my rent on time and kept my apartment up so im still goin thru my law suit imma fight this to the end its not over hamptons
victor diaz
4 months ago
currently live here and cant wait to move. bad neighborhood, and the people in the office are not helpful to say the least.
Hope Abrams
a year ago
I just move in and I put my trust in God not man Amen. And it bad everywhere in nice neighborhood and bad neighborhood so I stay to myself I'm not too sociable at all as long as nobody play with me I'm good
antonio aragon
a year ago
Cant wait till the lease is up. Roaches everywhere. The people in the office don't care about anything but making their money. Dryer broke 2x in a month. washer and dryer are broken currently. Stove caught on fire. Supposly maintenance fix the kitchen light, I put on my own light bulbs and blew out 3 bulbs. Drugs everywhere in the Hamptons. My car got broken into 2x in a month. Terrible
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