Sun Prairie Apartments
5901 Vista Dr
West Des Moines, IA 50266
60th St / Vista Dr, WDM
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David Parrott
reviewed 2 months ago
I've lived at sun prairie for the last 8 months and found you get what you pay for. It is fairly cheap (as compared to apt. complexes of equal quality in DSM), but still a good place to live for a starting family, recent grad, or college student. A few things I dislike, 1) The rooms can be cold at times during the winter, and there is a bit of a draft when it gets really cold and windy out side (when it gets below negative 15 or so). 2) When I first moved in to my apartment, there were a few things which were broken. The microwave didn't work, and the mail box didn't open. BUT.. A few of the good things include, 1) The maintenance! It is very fast, they generally follow through with requests within the first day. 2) Snow removal is very fast, generally within 12-24 hours, everything is clear. 3) The office staff is very nice, and they always answer the phone right away when you call. They are very patient, and helpful. 4) Parking! There is a lot of it, there are probably 4 spaces for every tenant. The lot is never full. To sum it up, generally everything is in good working order, there is hot water, cold A/C in the summer, good heat in the winter. There are no bugs, and it is a pretty nice living environment. No crazy parties, or people who are obnoxiously loud at unreasonable hours. I would give the apartment complex as a whole a 3.6 as a whole, but figured I would round up to 4, just for kicks. Hope you found this review helpful, David
Dona Das
reviewed 3 months ago
Oh i just loved staying here. The apartment was lovely and the maintenance is also quite good. It was my first apartment in US and I would suggest this place for anyone who wants to live in a good place with an affordable price.
Cassie Harbaugh
reviewed 9 months ago
I think the main concern is the kids. People with children that live here let them run around and maintain no control. The kids litter garbage all over the halls, smear food and color on the hallway walls and constantly run up and down the halls at all hours. I even caught some having a water balloon fight inside and when I reported it and maintenance confronted the kids (still in the hallway with the water balloons) the kids told them water leaked from a wash machine and he belived them and didn't do anything about it. The college apartment building I lived in was much cleaner than these buildings. Community laundry is bad enough, but the outdated dryers constantly break down and there's always something wrong with the card reader machine. It's supposed to be a no smoking property, but anyone with a nose can tell it's very obvious that rule is not enforced. We also had problems with our smoke alarms going off randomly, even in the middle of the night. When we called maintenance about it they just kept replacing the batteries, which did not resolve the issue because the smoke detectors were brand new. If you do not have an all or 4-wheel drive vehicle be prepared for problems getting in and out of the drives in the winter. In an apartment down the hall it was very obvious there was drugs being done in there. Someone must have reported them because management came with the police. They were not able to do anything since there was not a 24 hour notice to enter the place. I realize this is not Sun Prairie's fault, but it's the type of environment you don't want to live in. It would be nice to have secured entrances so random people and kids weren't constantly running in and out. I believe in "you get what you pay for", but rent has gone up over $100/month since I've lived here and they won't update or replace anything in the unit. There's no central air, only a window unit. A couple positives is the location is great and safe. When we do submit a maintenance request they have always responded very quickly. The management is friendly and attentive, but not very effective about improving things. Overall I would not recommend this, don't walk away (unless you have children and don't like to watch them).
Teddy Graham
reviewed a year ago
My mantra regarding Sun Prairie used to be, "you get what you pay for"... unfortunately, anymore, even that appears to be a stretch. In the last 6 months, our rent has increased by $100/mo- leading me to believe that in fact, we are now getting far less than we pay for. What used to make Sun Prairie bearable was the very large amount of space we were getting for a very reasonable price. With the continuous rent hikes, however, a nicer, newer apartment in WDM is looking much more attractive. To be fair, Sun Prairie is not a terrible place to live, and the location cannot be beat. If, however, you like to be warned before your water is shut off, or if you like maintenance to respond to a request within a month, or if you enjoy having considerate, respectful neighbors, then you may just want to look elsewhere. In all honesty, I think Sun Prairie is so big that apathy is seen as the best policy- and that applies to both staff and tenants. Their only true saving grace is the wonderful lady working at the front desk. I know her friendly demeanor regularly quells my rage, and I can only imagine how many other tenants would say the same!
Darren Elings
reviewed a year ago
Extremely annoyed how they bring people into your home to show with a 5 min phone call for a warning. I have a 2 year old and it would be nice to at least get a 24 hr notice. Apparently they are able to do this once you tell them you are not renewing your lease. The couple who was viewing the apartment wouldn't even enter into our bedrooms because of how awkward it was. This was rude and extremely uncomfortable.
Amit Vadhera
reviewed 2 years ago
It is hard for me to rate Sun Prairie Apts as bad as mangement especially office staff is really niceand helpful BUT for some issues they have been very ineffective. People play music so loud, despite several requests to managaement, no difference. All the requests to management seems to be in vain. If you are lucky enough you can find an apartment where neighbors are considerate enough. There is constant loud music played by neighbors - day or night. It is to the point, have to call management multiple times in past few months at 1 am , 3am in the morning. Evening are hard as you constanly hear loud music played by neigbors. Things just do not change - getting good night sleep is a luxury. Have to wake up in the middle of night 2-3 times a week. Even the evenings are hard to have a peaceful, quiet time - plan to move for sure once my current lease finishes. In nutshell you are not even guranteed to have comfort of good night sleep . Management is friendly and nice but seems ineffective when comes to handling scenarios like this. I know another family that lives in the complex and has to face similar sitution.
Sam Zachary
reviewed 3 years ago
I love Sun Prarie. Despite what others say its quiet and nicely kept. There are no bed bugs as previously stated. Management has been beyond helpful especially with the recent fire which they gave people gift cards and food and the management and staff worked over time to help the people involved. Keeping in mind that most nasty comments are probably problems the tenants themselves have created because i have had nothing but a great experience there. Apartments are nice and the staff has always been helpful to me and the price for everything you get is unbelievable. I would highly recommend this apartment to my family and friends.
U Jansky
reviewed 2 years ago
It is a decent place to live for the money and good access to interstate. Overall, I have had a positive experience.
Shirly Rippey
reviewed 2 years ago
These apartments are some of the best apartments I have lived in. I will stay here till i decide to get a house.
A Google User
reviewed a year ago
Been here for a while..good school district if your on the west side of 60th. Nice to have multiple pools so everyone is not crammed into one, but the management is inconsistent. Some kids get in trouble for evry little thing they do, while other get away with anything. Same with some tenants, supppsed to be smoke free but some still smoking on decks and leaving trash on porch. But with reasonable rent and income based apartments you will get the trashy people with it.
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