Sun Prairie Apartments
5901 Vista Dr
West Des Moines, IA 50266
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Breanna Hopson
a month ago
Terrible place to live. The walls are VERY thin, I can hear the kids in the morning getting on the school bus when I'm sleeping. I can hear kids that play in the hallway. I can hear every footstep from the people living above me. The pipes are also very bad, there is a high pitched screeching noise that goes off if the faucet isn't running. A pipe actually did burst in the hallway(luckily it wasn't in our room).If you give a noise complaint, they don't do anything about it. We had an ant problem. There parking lot is terrible, there are no yellow lines so you can imagine how messy the parking lot is. Very disappointed with choosing to live here. I will give a bad review to anybody thinking of this place.
rich Jennings
3 months ago
I gave 2 stars for location, the day I moved in they lied to my face saying "we hardly ever raise the rent", in fact they raise it every chance they get. Also the maintenance sucks. Their favorite thing to say is that heat and water are free, we'll their reason they gave me for jacking my rent was that the cost for water and heating went up for them so they raised rent across the complex. The do not enforce the rules in the laundry rooms and while we are on that there is 3 washers and 3 dryers for the building, correction 2 washers since one has been broken for 4 months despite several complaints. The buildings are cheaply constructed and the apartments are mediocre at best. Trust me look elsewhere, I do however agree with the statement the lady at the front desk is the best employee they have.
Austin Jorgensen
4 months ago
Only problem was a stipulation where they were going to charge us for a late key fee, but that was waved. Most of their amenities are free and the management is of good standard. I recommend living here with the good reputation, pond senery, and quick access to interstate.
Dona Das
7 months ago
Oh, I just loved staying here. The apartment was lovely and the maintenance is also quite good. It was my first apartment in US and it had the view of the swimming pool. I would suggest this place for anyone who wants to live in a good place in an affordable price.
Michele Bohmke
a month ago
My cousin was recently pickpocketed while helping someone out in the parking lot. Not dropping by after dark.
Gwendolyn Wakefield
a month ago
Fast reply and action to maintenance orders and very diligent with keeping the landscape clean and safe
Cay W
a year ago
My two roommates and myself moved out over a year ago. When we moved out we left behind a couple random things that we couldn't take with us, knowing there'd be a $25 an hour trash haul out fee as specified. Well we got notice in the mail about a week or so later saying it was $150 for trash haul out expenses (after our deposit and cleaning fees, we are told we owed a little over $100 overall). How could it have taken them 6 hours to haul out a tv, boxspring, and a couple random trash bags? Well they had on the note if we had a dispute to contact them, so I wrote them a letter, sent it off, and never heard anything since. Well a few days ago, all 3 of us got a letter in the mail saying we needed to pay what was owed or contact them within a certain amount of days or we'd get sent to collections and yada yada yada. What happened that it took them 3 years to get back in touch after our dispute we sent them? We go to the office today to talk with them about why it took them so long to rebuttle our dispute, and how it could've taken them 6 hours to haul out those few things. They tell us that it's a 'per person' charge. "It took 2 people 3 hours total to haul that stuff out". Where does it say it's a per person charge? We double checked the lease and anywhere we had signed, and no where does it state it's a per person charge. It just says it's an hourly fee overall of $25. Anything we said went in one ear and out the other it seemed. Also the maintenance manager was being very rude and unprofessional, making rude comments that were entirely unnecessary. We are going to have a meeting with the vice president to clear up why we're having to pay extra for something that isn't stated anywhere in writing that we had signed, about their 'per person' fee. Needless to say, the majority of the staff there is very rude, and disrespectful. Even when we lived there they acted very similar. I would not recommend this place to anyone, and if you're living there now, I feel bad for what you're dealing with at that complex. Get out while you can.
David Parrott
2 years ago
I've lived at sun prairie for the last 8 months and found you get what you pay for. It is fairly cheap (as compared to apt. complexes of equal quality in DSM), but still a good place to live for a starting family, recent grad, or college student. A few things I dislike, 1) The rooms can be cold at times during the winter, and there is a bit of a draft when it gets really cold and windy out side (when it gets below negative 15 or so). 2) When I first moved in to my apartment, there were a few things which were broken. The microwave didn't work, and the mail box didn't open. BUT.. A few of the good things include, 1) The maintenance! It is very fast, they generally follow through with requests within the first day. 2) Snow removal is very fast, generally within 12-24 hours, everything is clear. 3) The office staff is very nice, and they always answer the phone right away when you call. They are very patient, and helpful. 4) Parking! There is a lot of it, there are probably 4 spaces for every tenant. The lot is never full. To sum it up, generally everything is in good working order, there is hot water, cold A/C in the summer, good heat in the winter. There are no bugs, and it is a pretty nice living environment. No crazy parties, or people who are obnoxiously loud at unreasonable hours. I would give the apartment complex as a whole a 3.6 as a whole, but figured I would round up to 4, just for kicks. Hope you found this review helpful, David
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