Woodfield Apartments
6111 Woodfield Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49548
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Shannon Pinkster
5 months ago
My husband and I have lived here for almost a year, and unfortunately it hasn't been a good experience. When we moved in, bedbugs had already taken up residence! We know we didn't bring them with us because our previous location had checked all units for signs of them just before we moved. Dealing with bedbugs meant 3 visits from the exterminator, which was a stressful process to prepare for. Within a month of getting the bedbugs taken care of, we find out that a unit in our building had cockroaches, which meant all units received visits from the exterminator, twice. Again, not fun. We also had cigarette smokers and pot smokers in our building, and the smell was constantly wafting up into our apartment - yuck! I would give Woodfield fewer stars, but the staff in the office have been really great to us, answering all of our questions as we go through the process of breaking the lease to move to a new place. If we hadn't experienced these issues, I'm sure that we would be signing on for another year.
Kassidy Kelley
a year ago
9/9/2015 I've lived in woodfield for about 3 months now. & I've been finding cockroach after cockroach. Maintenance still HAS NOT put a notice in my door or called back about this issue. My sink drips, & my toilet valve is broken. That has yet to be fixed as well. This was such a horrible decision to live here for many other reasons as well & DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. I plan on moving out and breaking my lease the first day I am able to do so.
Yadira Guerra
6 months ago
I recently moved in and have not had any problems! No roaches no mice. Love it so far.
Genesis Quinones
a year ago
I recently applied for an apartment and I was working with Shawn Crites. She told me I was approved and that the ONLY way an apartment would be offered to me is if I was on the VIP list for $100.00 any one could understand my confusion being as how VIP is supposed to be selective. If you have to get on the VIP list to get an apartment, then how is it exclusive to vip? I EMAILED SHAWN CRITES asking her to please elaborate and received a nasty email about how many times she's addressed this with me, after I had to send 2 follow up emails for a response. Honestly, my boyfriend and I really wanted to be close to his parents house, so we choose this place, but after the poor customer service I received, I definitely will not be moving in. If the staff can talk to you this way before you even move in, then I can only imagine what they are like after you sign a lease. NO THANK YOU! Shawn Crites, please work on your professionalism.
Annie You
a month ago
There are a lot of bugs hiding under the carpets managerment are not showing up with our appointments Hope people won't have to experience it in Woodfield apartments 6111 Woodfield drive SE grand rapid mi 49548
Mitch Baker
11 months ago
When they say there's cock roaches it's a lie. It's gorg!
Eric Fryer
3 years ago
Lower income apartments housing lower income people. In the three years I've lived here, we've had a break-in, someone on the second floor smokes pot, someone on the third floor smoke in the hallway, we've had SERIAL ARSON, and the staff here is awful. The staff failed to notify me when my rent increased and then talked down to me as if it were my fault that I was short on rent. The property manager of this site did not work with me in renewing my lease when I deployed to AFGHANISTAN and made me pay the increased month to month rent. Maintenance is terrible; you can call and request that something be fixed and then it will take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for someone to stop out and the enter your apartment without your permission while you're gone to fix it. Not the worst apartments in GR. Overall the apartments look pretty nice inside and out, but not nice enough to want to stay for more than a year.
jess veldheer
3 years ago
that was by far the worst place to live drug dealers as your neighbors hood rats everyday you see cops showing up because someone beat up their wife/girlfriend, got caught selling or buying, vandalism, assault,shootings but if you ask the people who rent out the apt. its the safest place and the pond makes all the crack heads so nice to be around and don't worry about your car when i lived there my truck was keyed and they stole the gas from my tank and threw the cap in the pond and in the same night they broke into four other cars and nothing was done about it i called the cops and they dint do jack this place needs to be turned into a prison cause everyone i came across here was a law breaking pothead or crackhead my neighbor was aloud to live there even after being convicted for GTA breaking and entering and a drug dealer
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