Cambridge Park Apartments
5800 Hamilton St
Sacramento, CA 95842
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Da Rock
a year ago
Have visited moms & my friend here on several occasions. Complex appears good. Manager and maintenance staff are visible \available to assist tenants. Really enjoy how the grounds are kept up. Seems kinda of quiet even though kids are always visible & playing outside.I would consider leaving here.
Roman Sentsov
5 months ago
Rude service, really old equipment.
Dakiem Ellis
2 years ago
After reading some of these reviews, I am wondering if they are written by staff here. This has been my worst experience living at a place. When I went for my visit, I was incredibly impressed with the interior of the apartment; extremely spacious kitchens, mine had brand new carpet and the fireplace was a nice touch. However, when I moved in, they decided to change the apartment I would be moving into because they promised it to someone else, which meant my parking space was way farther than it should have been. As I was doing my initial walk through, I noticed there was a small hole in the toilet that caused water to spill out of the bowl and onto the floor. It took 3 calls and an email to get them to come out to tell me there was nothing wrong, and another 3 calls and me having to be there to point out the problem. This is the experience I have had with all the maintenance requests I've had over the past 2 years. They finally cleaned the gutters after 2 winters of having a steady stream dripping right over the staircase. The sprinklers along every path are way too strong and cover the entire path. I am a bit under 6 ft tall and the water hits me in the head. My car was constantly covered in hard water stains from the sprinklers until I stuck a rock on the sprinkler, since they wouldn't come down and fix it. They have security drive through every night and lock the laundry rooms. The hours are posted until 10 PM, but frequently the rooms are locked before 9:15. I called the security on one such occasion when my clothes were locked in the room and they said they wouldn't be able to get back until 2 AM. The front gate constantly has issues. First, they weren't able to put my number into the system, which was OK at first, but at some point the system crashed, and the code I was able to use didn't work, and for some reason they didn't program a new one. That meant I had to run to the gate with my remote clicker anytime I had a guest. Speaking of the remote, I had to get 3 because they would stop working, even with a new battery. This means I spent a lot of time outside the gate waiting for someone else to open the gate so I could get in. Neighbors here suck. There's a lot of kids around, which is fine normally. But they kick around soccer balls and constantly hit others' cars. Their parents don't seem to care. It doesn't help that management took down the fence around the concrete court that was designed for this purpose. One of the neighbors I lived above smokes in the bathroom, and it travels into my bathroom through the vent. I have asthma which is aggravated by cigarette smoke and explained this to the neighbor, who said she didn't care. Management of course did nothing. This place seems much better than it is when you move in. They are really happy to get you on the hook, but as soon as they have you they ignore you, which is probably why so many people just hold rent and move out.
Amanda clark
4 weeks ago
worst apartment i have ever lived in!
Laya Stuff
3 months ago
It's haunted I lived there and the window opened by it self 😨😨😨
KEISHA McPherson
8 months ago
A Google User
7 years ago
When I first moved into this place it was okay. Being in a gated community at the end of a dead end street meant there wasn't a lot of traffic. Kids could play outside and ride their bikes all over the place. When the apartment complex next door got an enema all the S#!T spilled over into our community. Top that off with the ever changing management situation and you've got a recipe for disaster. Management mandated that no children ride bikes in the complex as well as many other superfluous edicts. the place has fallen into disrepair and decay. the gate is left open an all the unwanted rabble from the surrounding ghetto pass through at will. I would not recommend anyone move into this place unless they really had to.
A Google User
6 years ago
I haven't even moved yet and I already regret choosing to move here. If I could get my deposit back, I would most certainly not move in. They were supposed to have my apartment ready by a certain date, and they didn't have it ready because they were doing everything last minute instead of having everything done on time. The red headed lady that works there was extremely rude to me, and she raised her voice several times without having to do so. They made me buy an incorrect money order for $25 for having the apartment done a day in advance, but it wasn't even finished so now I have to cash it in and change the amount. I asked for the day off today to be able to move in, so I also lost my days money off of work. They did not care about any of this and told me to just come back tomorrow case solved. The woman working there also walked off into another room in the middle of our conversation while making rude remarks. Once they get your money, they don't act nicely anymore. I hate this place. I don't recommend it one bit.
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