Village Place Apartments
2111 Brandywine Rd
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
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Christina Hilaire
a month ago
I would not recommend this place to move in. The management team that was there when I first moved in was very nice then a new management team took over about 2 years ago. One of the consultants named Natasha is a very nice lady. She knows how to talk to people. But the General manager named Leslie is very rude. My experience at the place was "alright "until I had a burglary 4 months ago!!! yes a burglary!! you would not believe it!! It happened during the day.All my electronics , passport, social card, were stolen. When we report it, they did not seem to care. And Unfortunately they have no cameras in front of the buildings. They take time to fix everything. We had water damage two times which affected the carpet. They had to send someone to come dry the carpet and fix the problem. But why would they take money ($465)out of the deposit to replace the carpet in the apartment .Who does that??? I was really pissed about that. If you really have no choice to move to this place, make sure you have renter's insurance ( it is a must!! ),cameras and alarm system inside of the apartment ( that would be if you can). They won't care much if anything happens . Good luck!
Lauren Miller
8 months ago
I wouldn't move in here if i were you. The apartments are okay but not worth what they're charging. We moved out to move in to a bigger place and we had photo proof of how the apartment was clean and they told us they had to hire a cleaning crew to clean the apartment, and took it out of our deposit, which...isnt that what they're supposed to do by law anyway? You get hotel rooms cleaned between residents, why wouldnt you do that with apartments? The management here is awful and fraudulent. Also we contacted the front office multiple times because our apartment had enormous carpenter ants and they did nothing about it. And my car was broken into and wheb i submitted the police report, they told me it wasnt their problem and the gate wasn't there to provide security. WHY IS IT THERE THEN? ITS BROKEN 99% OF THE TIME ANYWAY. Save your money and look for some place else where the management is kind.
Motaz Qamar
10 months ago
not safe , my car was stolen twice from here and the office told me that the gate we have is not for security ; glad im leaving . the nickel and dime for everything and a lot of construction happens here in the complex . the appliances in the apartments looks new but it is very low quality it breaks all the time
A Google User
5 years ago
Its a great place to be ,and for those that dont like the place, remember that is what u make out of it not what happens around you, those negative feed I think they bs has to be those that like takjng advantage of poeple .
A Google User
5 years ago
I don't live here but my friend does. Of course I thought about moving there but obviously changed my mind after awhile. The stairs have gone through having cards thrown all over to chicken bones, you can imagine. My friend has had roach problems. No matter how much she attempted to clean it. I've also heard of her friends in different apartments in the same complex have been broken into a multiple times.
Yazmin Marrero
a year ago
Village place look 's really Greati
ed hernandez
3 months ago
Dumbway Loudpakk
11 months ago
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