Preston Mill Apartments
140 Jefferson Pkwy
Newnan, GA 30263
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Sarah Burgess
2 months ago
i was looking into maybe renting here because my second family has such good things, but then i saw a letter from management regarding the kids using chalk on the sidewalk as they play. really?!?!. its chalk and kids, it shows that you have a safe community that parents feel comfortable letting their kidskids outside. well on to the next one...
Mitsubishi King
a month ago
Just moved in, it's my first week. So far so good. Havent been able to utilise the gym yet.. they close before I get off work so that's a disappointment. Sad to see all the negativity about management. The leasing agent I talked to was very helpful. I do admit I have a slight issue when seeing cars drive in through the exit while walking my dog.. Its disturbing even.. the point of a gated community is to well, be gated. And also, I've stepped in dog droppings every time I walk into the dog park. 😥 A cleaning staff is needed for that.. but I'll update throughout my stay!
Elizabeth Copeland
5 months ago
I have lived here for almost a year now and can say nothing but good things about my experience. Every time I have a concern with my apartment the office staff is extremely pleasant and it is fixed readily. I also travel for work and it is nice to live in a community that I do not have to worry about the security of my home while I am gone. I will be re-signing my lease when it comes around this fall.
Jake Hand
a month ago
Nice apartments. Easy to drive through.
kenya berfect
6 months ago
I moved in on pro-rated rent. The first week in the apartment keep smelling a smoke aroma. Which later was mold and mildew behind the bathroom wall and the wall behind the refrigerator. The apartment was declared inhabitable. My family was placed in a nearby hotel for a week. The apartment that was later shown had an air conditioner leak in the living room, 2nd bedroom that has also leaked in the 2nd bedroom closet. The apartment manager was rude using curse words in front of my children. It has been lies after lies. Do all lives matter. I could not believe this woman used vulgar language in front of children.
Nathan Nazworth
7 months ago
Great place but management staff need to be nicer and friendlier.
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago
HATED IT!!! Office staff is horrible!!! Drug deals in parking lot, people doing drugs on patios, cops always being called for different things. You can hear your neighbors because the walls are so thin. Things in apartment always breaking and never getting fixed. I would not suggest this place to anyone!!!
Ricardo Medrano
2 months ago
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