The Burlington
1180 Cushing Cir
St Paul, MN 55108
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Daniel Burgoyne
5 months ago
I lived here for 2 years and can safely say that this is a terrible establishment. Firstly, they are very expensive. My monthly bill was almost $1800 for a 2 bedroom apartment by the time I moved out after all the fees for the *extras* were added in. Secondly, you need to be careful which unit you get. In my case I had to deal with close to 2 months of construction in my apartment because the walls let rain water in and caused the floor to rot. Finally, they do not care about their tenants. Even though I paid my expensive bill on time every month and caused zero problems what-so-ever they still kept my entire deposit and billed me an extra couple hundred upon move out to replace carpet. As a bonus, a rather loud freight train comes rolling through literally every 15 minutes. Please reconsider where you want to call home.
10 months ago
Not a good experience: -insist on seeing the actual apt you are interested in renting, do NOT let them show you the model and convince you that it is representative of all the units-it is not! My apt had all original appliances and the bathroom was right out of 1983. -immediately upon moving in, I had to request maintenance; the shower had absolutely no water pressure, when the shower stopper was pulled up, it took a full 30 seconds for water to start spraying out of the shower head!! The dishwasher is useless without decent water pressure and I would assume that the same would be true for a washing machine-the maintenance claimed it was due to a water filter, which was changed, but that did nothing to increase the water pressure. -car break-ins are still occurring on a weekly basis, parking lot or garage parking, and my storage locker and all others in the same area were broken into, the hinges were completely removed from the far as we've been told, none of these incidents has been reported to police. -Lastly, if peace & quiet is on your "must-have" list, keep looking; between the freight trains that pass on a regular basis and the countless dogs barking (inside and outside), you won't have a moments peace! There's got to be something better than this!
Michelle H
9 months ago
This place is loud. No, seriously loud. I can hear my neighbors above me, the washing machines next door, cars driving through the garage, and what seems like every single dog in the complex barking. That doesn't even include the constant construction and yard maintenance around the buildings or the many freight trains that go by.
Caleb Nicholson
2 years ago
I've lived at the Burlington's for a year and it was a great experience. It's a well maintained facility, the leasing staff are awesome, and the maintenance team respond within 24 hours or less. Its also in a convenient location as there is a restaurant next door and within 30 minutes you can be pretty much anywhere in the entire metro area. I left the Burlington's to study abroad and when I came back they were my first choice for a new apartment. Thankfully they had an opening.
Sean B
a year ago
We moved into the Burlington a couple months ago. We pay almost $1400 a month for our nice 2 bed 2 bath apartment including water, trash, washer and dryer, and everything except electricity and parking which is an additional $70. To keep our cat it's an additional $30 a month also. Our situation was that my wife and I we were moving back home from Montana and needed to rent an apartment quick for our jobs. The Burlington was recommended to us by my aunt who had lived there decades ago, so my wife toured the apartment and we went for it. This turned out to be a pretty bad decision. The apartment itself is nice, but the area is seemingly crime ridden...and there's the freight trains that barrel through every half hour less than a block away from the apartment building that shakes everything in our unit, (they're not afraid of using their horns late at night either). Given, we rented a unit right by the tracks and the facility is large- but there's no way that every unit in the complex does not hear that freight train horn when it goes off and I guarantee it shakes at least half of the units when it passes. I say the area is seemingly crime ridden because: our door has deep etching in it near the lock from the outside where someone obviously tried to break in; in our first week there we received an email letting us know someone had their car broken into in the garage where they pay $70 a month to park their car; I had to call the cops about a month ago when a drunk individual was stammering around trying to open people's doors including my own and singing loudly before he passed out outside my door. The area to the south of the apartment, University Ave., is a hell hole in terms of crime. My wife had to call the cops about a month ago when she was driving home from work and saw two people in a violent fight at a bus stop there. I went to Hamline for college, (just south of the apartment building), and a few times a year there would be muggings on campus. The apartment advertises itself as a luxury facility with a carefree lifestyle... nope. This would be all manageable as part of city living if the administration was flexible. Within week one of living there I noticed these problems and asked to speak to management to have our rent reduced or at least take off our cat fee or something to accommodate our new train-depot style of living. All I got was a flat no. And the individual I spoke to even claimed she lived across the hall from us and she couldn't hear the trains and that they didn't shake her apartment; everything there was a lie. Recently, after two full months of living here, the community manager sent us a letter welcoming us. I took the opportunity to respond and to voice my complaints again hoping to have a more reasonable rent as I wasn't a fan of earthquake tremors, air horns, and having to guess if my car would be there every morning when I woke up to go to work- and she also responded with a flat no and that the person whose car was stolen from had their laptop and electronics sitting out in the open, like she was trying to justify it. Sorry, I'm sure that person who paid $70 a month for a spot in the underground garage probably doesn't appreciate the "it's their fault" attitude of the apartment's administration. All in all an apartment complex for train enthusiasts, NRA people who salivate at the chance to shoot at an intruder, and folks who like to spend way more money than they actually should be spending for the value of something. I had to give the apartment 2/5 for its maintenance staff, though. We've had nothing but good experiences with them.
Stefanie Long
5 years ago
I stayed at the Burlington for about 6 months, and I thought that it was a decent place to live. There's nothing special about it. The office staff was very friendly. If you have a dog, expect to be put in the back building that is farthest from everything. Not a whole lot in the way of poop stations. My apartment was ugly. In the living room, there was a huge air exchange panel that was impossible to obscure...extremely unsightly. The apartment was very expensive...I was paying close to $1000 for a one-bedroom with a washer and dryer and a garage space. Unfortunately, the Twin Cities lacks for apartments that allow dogs, and the ones that do are over-priced. I really liked the underground parking, that was nice. The location of the complex was nice...a quick drive to just about anything you might need or want to do. I always felt safe there, and there were no break-ins while I was living there, to my knowledge.
A Google User
3 years ago
One major complaint about this place is the rash of car break-ins (even in the garages!) that have no action taken on them. When you tell management about it, the response is, "There's nothing we can do. Just don't keep anything in sight in your car that someone would want." This is not acceptable. A friend's car got broken into when parking in Bandana Square, and there's even break-ins right in front of the apartment. There are options to combat this issue, but for whatever reason, are not being acted upon. Other than that, it's a great place to live!
A Google User
5 years ago
My wife and I lived there from 1996-99. Overall not a bad place, but it seemed to depend very much on how much the in-house management liked you. It was reasonably maintained, the car garages were heated (something that's nice to have when its 25 below outside), and pools were clean in summer. Heating is central heating plant style common in Minnesota. We made a lot of friends there, and it was a great place for us to get accustomed to Minnesota winters. I don't recall exactly what we paid in rent in 1996, I think it was around $850 a month for a two bedroom. I imagine rents have gone up much since then.
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