Mandalay On Pacific Apartments
7525 Pierce Plaza
Omaha, NE 68124
9 Google user reviews
Shyam Dheeraj
2 months ago
Nice apts
Prakash Singh
4 years ago
Less interruption, Wonderful managers. No body from management will interfere in your personal life. They are very much Cooperative. Paul the maintenance guy is Awesome. I had garage so never had issue with parking. Rooms are spacious and maintenance is good.
Stacey Buxton
4 years ago
I was just wondering is this where that young couple on meth lived whom frozed to death....
Yan Ji
7 months ago
The landlord always charge extra money for no reason
Benit Bahena
3 years ago
Too expensive, not worth it at all
A Google User
5 years ago
The apartments are beautiful and the location is amazing. However, the people who run this place should not be in charge. At all. They do not follow up on anything you need fixed, so do it yourself or do not rent here. They will charge you when you move out for the things you have repeatedly called about to have fixed that they never did fix. They are very nosey. They will ask you questions about the neighbors that they should be investigating themselves. That's over the line. They also come and "record appliance serial numbers" in the last half of the year. It seems that they should already have this information; I don't think neighbors are doing yearly oven swaps across the hallways or anything... I think they actually do it so they can look around your place, so I highly recommend you being home when that is done. The electric really scares me to the point that we didn't feel safe leaving things plugged in when we weren't home. There are light switches to nowhere so I don't know if there are raw wires in the wall just being turned on and off or what. They also do not maintain or regulate your fireplace. Be very careful if you use it because the chimney can catch on fire. Also make sure the flue is open, of course. You may not have a flue, which makes it VERY hard to keep the apartment warm in the winter. We never did get a new flue from them. They said they were getting one, but we never saw that. One of the neighbors would fall asleep with a too-large log halfway out of his fireplace sometimes and it would make the entire building smell like campfire. If you are desperate for an apartment that allows dogs, keep looking because there are one or two other apartments in a close area that allow pets as well. Good luck apartment shopping; don't stop here.
A Google User
5 years ago
This complex has the worst parking ever! If you don't have a garage good luck getting a spot close to your building after 5pm.
Shashank Kuchibhotla
a month ago
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