Sweetwater Cove Apartments
5430 Ginger Cove Dr
Tampa, FL 33634
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Diannette NR.F
a month ago
Worst apartments in Tampa Florida. I have been a resident here for a year. The whole time I've had Air conditioning issues. The old maintenance supervisors solution was to give it a bust every month. It took for the ac to stop working today and my place to be at 90 degrees for them to fix it. And it hasn't been fixed. The put a portable unit in the bedroom to cool a 2 bedrooms apartment. Q and Cathy in the office are extremely rude and unhelpful. They say they are newly renovated apartments but all they did was paint and paint the old 1970 cabinets white.The whole place floods when it rains. They don't have any working screen doors. And they charge an extra 12 dollars for pest control monthly but in a year pest control has come on it twice.
Trina Renee
a month ago
I have lived here for almost two months now. My interactions with the office staff have been friendly with no issues. I don't have any issues parking at all. I have only reported one issue when I moved in that was fixed within 3 days. My only suggestion is that they move all of the thermostats to the living room instead of having them in the hall. The thermostat reads the temperature in the hallway which is obviously cooler than the rest of the house due to faux hardwood floors. They are doing some cosmetic updates to the property and I hope to see more interior updates. The space is huge for the price...I pay $991 for my 2/2 with W\D hookup and I'm overall happy with it. I've seen the bad reviews and I'm sorry their experience wasn't good. It just goes to show that everyone has different experiences everywhere you go. I would recommend this place to a friend that's looking for space in a pretty quiet area. Oh, one other downside...the traffic is horrid on Memorial. Trying to get out in the mornings takes like 15 minutes! This is not the fault of the complex though they can't do anything about the traffic. I mention it so that if you're looking to move here, you won't be blindsided by the time it takes to turn into the complex.
Tyrone McCoy
a month ago
I would give it zero stars if I could. First off the apartments are old and nasty, look like they have been in the same condition since the 70s. I was new to Tampa and needed a place close to my job or I would have never moved here. Every time I put in a maintenance request it takes weeks to be addressed (standing water, clogged garbage disposal, mildew smell in carpets with lots of stains, AC not working, bugs, etc). The lock to my front door was tampered with (I heard a prior resident had keys and was breaking into ppls apartments with a key, POLICE WERE CALLED) and requested to have my lock fixed twice and was told a work order was placed. 2 months later it wasn't fixed. My neighbors have threatened me with violence when I ask them to keep noise down at 630am and management did nothing. Yet the same neighbors lied and sd I was smoking in my apartment and security came to me 4 times immediately, before noting they were false calls because they never smell smoke when they show up. I tried very hard to get help resolving this volatile situation with management and they ignore me every time. I guess they will respond when violence occurs in a place where most ppl have guns in their apartments. (another neighbor threatened to shoot ppl for stealing cigarette buds from his patio). The only good thing I can say is they accept my delivery packages when I am not home....Lastly, the 5 star review from Jonah with no comments is fake. Jonah was the employee who rented me my apartment and he told me he never lived here. So clearly they will make false reviews on top of neglecting tenant requests. Move anywhere but here!!!!!
Mikey Germanotta
5 months ago
So let me tell you a little about Sweetwater Cove. I've lived here for almost 5 years and this place continually goes downhill every year. I've seen the management and employees change more times than I can count. This place is a dump. I pay almost $900 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. My ac breaks at least once a month. When you're in FL you know what hell that is being without it and you're home is 95 degrees inside. Apparently Q that works here thinks that the "fair housing act" is a good enough reason to ignore suffering and force someone to stay in their apartment in those conditions. She also will talk over you and down to you like you're garbage. The code enforcement is a joke, bugs are everywhere, and the maintenance people will come in any time they please even if you don't answer the door and are in a towel naked. Honestly this is the worst I've ever been treated and now they're raising the already high rent by $45. They need to be held accountable. Do not move here.
Kassidy Carter
5 months ago
I lived here for 4 years. When we first moved it we really like it there. The last year or two have been the worst and its one of the reasons we moved. The Parking is a nightmare. The Bugs are horrible. One day when it was raining we ended up having 15 mole crickets in our apartment because they were coming in from under the door. We also had issues with our carpets getting wet. We told the office about it they had maintenance come in and look they could not figure out what was going on. it was to the point we had mold on the carpets. We were told a mold guy would come in look at everything. Then they would change the carpets out, That never happen. We still had mold. When we moved we found a huge mold spot under the bed. We were charged for them to clean the carpets. they took it out of our deposit. We were told the Carpets will be changed because they were not when we moved in and hello they have Mold on them..... They were not changed so who ever is staying in that apartment will have moldy carpets. This place really fell apart when the new management moved in.
Angelique Mazzella
a month ago
Love all the new changes! The manatees were the best part of my visit!
Christina Allen
a year ago
I lived there for a year ....at first not too bad. They responded to service requests in a timely manner but then it turned into them always dismissing the problem: my fridge was freezing the milk(solid...picture rock hard gallon of milk) they said higher the temp in the fridge then my milk was rotting, lower the temp, but then it freezes, don't use the spot it is freezing in ... seriously. Or the dishwasher would leave what looked like dirt in my dishes, run bleach through it still happening, run this dishwasher cleaner through it ... still happening ... and no response. then the screen to the balcony wouldn't close and kept falling off track...there solution don't use it! Then the actual slider wasn't closing all the way bc the floor was uneven first tech that "fixed it" made it so it took real muscle power to open and close it, it was literally a battle to get it opened or closed and there was still a gap between the door and frame when it was closed. The second tech was great and fixed it (one of the very few issues that was fixed). The biggest unresolved issue... we paid extra for an apartment with a washer and dryer hook up ... the dryer stopped drying clothes so I bought a new dry for 400(wasted money) dollars brand new. Same problem! ... So then I think there is an issue with the vent. They come out and clean it, it works for a couple weeks ... then again it starts taking 2 to 3 time to get it dry... they put in a new vent...great for about a week I reported it again and this time I did my research the vents they had put in were not up code and were not sufficient to vent as needed I showed them the guidelines on how to make the new vent up to code so it would work properly I did all the foot work for them and they still didn't fix it. If those issues weren't enough to make me go batty the fact that they will let anyone rent there doesn't help either between drunks and the addicts it makes for interesting nights ... especially when they are fighting naked outside and the cops need to called all the while it can be heard loud and clear from the windows of my kids rooms ... yep I was done and we ended up moving out a month early and during moving while we weren't there the maintenance men stole my broom my vacuum and beautiful curtain rod (but left the curtains and the hooks to hang it?). Still have yet to turn in the keys and we have until the first to get all our things...they had no business even being in there let alone deciding that our stuff was up for grabs!
do it matter
a year ago
The location is one of the best things about living at Sweetwater Cove, also knowing that the office staff are great ppl.. Any concerns or issues I had they were speedy to my request. I enjoyed living at this property.. 2 thumbs up..
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