Sweetwater Cove Apartments
5430 Ginger Cove Dr
Tampa, FL 33634
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Shakira Mckenzie
a week ago
Not a bad place to live. However, they should consider updating the appliances. I am in a 2 bedroom 2 bath and the square footage is great for the price. I do wish they would consider making this a gated community and increasing the security. Nothing too bad but could be better.
Shantica H
2 months ago
It's crazy to hear these things about this place. I used live here when I was younger it was a cool place to grow up. Now that I have a family of my own I was considering moving back but with the negative views I a definitely having second thoughts. Doesn't sound like the community it once was.
silvia page
a year ago
My family experience at the beginning was fine, they came a took care maintenance on time and we had no problem with them. In January 2014 we paid partial rent and they accepted it then we was going to pay the remainder but they gave us an eviction notice by the 15th. We went to court we gave the all late fees and the balance. We then got help to pay on February but they did not accept the money they preferred to evict us. They are deceitful and uncaring. And now we are living in a motel. Don't rent from them they will evict people for not reason also I was told they want to raise the rent it is not worth the prices they want. DON'T RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE DON'T BE FOOLED.
Zach Winnie
11 months ago
I've lived at Sweetwater Cove for a few months now and I've had nothing but a good experience. I have never had an issue with management -- they have always been helpful and kind. Any maintenance issues have been minor and fixed promptly. I own a dog and have never had a problem walking her around the property -- it is always kept up well (and I pick up after her 100%). There is plenty of parking in front of my building. There hasn't been any problems with noise -- most of the people in my building (and generally the whole property) are families with kids. I've never seen any termites or cockroaches -- before we moved in they fumigated all of the buildings. They even had water bottles in the fridge and free dog waste bags for us when we were moving in. I've lived in many apartment complexes and Sweetwater Cove has been near the top of the list for satisfaction.
Hamza Ali
a year ago
bad termite problem
A Google User
3 years ago
Cant wait to move out of here..these apt r infested with roaches and termites!!! The management staff sucks....ive requested for maintaince two mnths ago n up untill now nothing!!! Cnt believe im payen rent to live in a infested place n get no type of respect as a tennant.
A Google User
4 years ago
me and my roommates have only lived here a little over a month. we have SO MANY maintenance issues. it took them a month to come and fix,SOME of them. doors are crooked, toilet seats are broken, ac is spewing water everywhere, faucets leaking, missing door (yeah thats right,missing door. they said that the den doesnt normally come with a door and that the showroom does.so they wont give us a door for the den.) the rent is SUPER cheap. so we just deal. havent been to the pools yet. people that work at the office are super nice though. parking is good too. be carefeul of where your windows are,bc our rooms are FILLED with lights at night.
A Google User
4 years ago
The property is not well taken care of. There is dog crap EVERYWHERE you step. Parking is an absolute NIGHTMARE. There is litter all over the place. I am often afraid to take my dog out before making sure there are no cigarette butts, wrappers with food or chocolate on them around. My A/C has been broken for 2 weeks, and no one in the maintenance crew has done anything to fix it aside from promising a new filter 3 days ago. Management couldn't care less about tenants. They have never come to spray, even though they say they will every month, so I am always battling odd bugs near my windows and doors. My door was KICKED IN within the first WEEK of living here and they STILL HAVEN'T FIXED IT! This place is an absolutely terrible place to live.
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