Sweetwater Cove Apartments
5430 Ginger Cove Dr
Tampa, FL 33634
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Kelly MacMillan
in the last week
Do NOT move in here!!!!!!!! This is long but worth reading: First of all, when we came for a tour, and an employee "accidentally" showed us the most expensive refurbished apartment by the pool instead of the apartment we were originally asking about. Then, we did not receive a lease to read over until the day we had to sign it, when we were traveling to Tampa on move in day. Even then we did not get to read the entire lease before signing it, which is extremely sketchy. For example, we were not able to read that there might be asbestos or lead in the apartment before signing a year lease here. When we moved into the apartment it had spider webs and smelled like cigarette smoke. The apartments could be nice if the management office wasn't such a mess. It has taken maintenance 5 months to fix issues that I was told were going to be addressed on move in day. When maintenance finally does finally show up, they barge in unannounced, usually pretty early in the morning. The power in the hallways is constantly being turned off, which is hazardous. The hallways in my building have also smelled like cat pee for a long time and maintenance refuses to do anything about it. I have also noticed a decent amount of roaches and spiders in my apartment, even though pest control comes in once every few months. It is very clear that the management office is extremely disorganized, and they really don't care what happens to you. One day I had a meeting scheduled in my apartment with the property manager at 1:30 regarding repairs, and she did not show up or give me a cancellation notice. After calling the office 3 times and no answer, I walked to the office to remind her and she finally showed up to my apartment around 3:00. While the office is clearly lazy about repairs, they are extremely quick to put an eviction warning on your door if you don't have the right kind of chair on your patio. They have ridiculous rules such as no bamboo on the patio or else you will get evicted. Not only that, but there has been multiple incidents with theft on the grounds. I have also had multiple incidents with loud and inconsiderate neighbors as well. I can not wait until my lease is up so we can move out.
laurie medina
a month ago
So far we have been treated very well with our out of state move. So far so good and I want to thank Scott and Kristin. Can't wait to move in Feb. thank you all for your help!!
Davis Motomiya
4 months ago
DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!! DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!! DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!! I've only been living here a few months and it's horrible! I used to live here a few years ago when it was under another property management company and it was great and that is why I had decided to move back in. When I moved back in a few months ago, they were just starting to change to another company and they suck I must say! They fired all of the great people they had working here and the new staff doesn't have a clue of what customer service is! I put in a request to check my AC unit 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting. They came in about a week ago claiming that my master bedroom toilet was leaking to the apartment below us, so they shut off the water and was supposed to come and fix it the next day, and it's been over a week and I still haven't able to use that toilet! I called to complain, they said they would send someone and they never showed up. When I signed my lease, they stated, and so does the lease, that the water & sewer were included in the rent, charged at a low flat rate, but suddenly, without any notice, they decided to bill me separately for the water & sewer service and so now I am paying more for the apartment then what they had promised and stipulated in the lease agreement. I sent an email to their headquarters corporate office but they never replied or called me. I am currently seeking legal advice. DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!!
4 months ago
I am in my fourth year at Sweetwater Cove. Everything was great until Harbour Management Group took over. Since then, the place has really fallen apart. I would recommend against choosing this complex. Management can and will enter your apartment frequently for any reason. They'll notify you afterwards. You will be baited in with low rent which will increase by ~20-30% after your first lease term expires. Rent must be paid online and there is a surcharge. You cannot pay with a personal check. Hot water is limited. I personally get about 5 minutes in the morning. Laundry facilities are out of order. As many as 5 of 10 machines are out of order at any given time. There is always a crowd of people doing laundry. If you are considering moving here, I strongly recommend against. I am a reasonable person who tries to avoid conflict, but this is impossible under the new management.
Diannette NR.F
7 months ago
Worst apartments in Tampa Florida. I have been a resident here for a year. The whole time I've had Air conditioning issues. The old maintenance supervisors solution was to give it a bust every month. It took for the ac to stop working today and my place to be at 90 degrees for them to fix it. And it hasn't been fixed. The put a portable unit in the bedroom to cool a 2 bedrooms apartment. Q and Cathy in the office are extremely rude and unhelpful. They say they are newly renovated apartments but all they did was paint and paint the old 1970 cabinets white.The whole place floods when it rains. They don't have any working screen doors. And they charge an extra 12 dollars for pest control monthly but in a year pest control has come on it twice.
Feliciano Gomez
a month ago
Don't move here!!! Maintenance people ain't doing there jobs right with fixing the problem. Laundry mat located in the middle of the complex don't work. Wasted a lot to just dry. They need to start fixing things the right way instead of just saying or acting like its fix. Worst place ever . !!!
Wilma Kimbrough
5 months ago
I have lived here for 8 months and I love it! The Staff is awesome, polite, and very attentive. Sometimes it takes a few days to get to you but that's because they are sooo busy but they always get it done. Maintenance is on top of it as well. Like any apt you may have some type of insect issue but they are all over the problem.
Trina Renee
7 months ago
I have lived here for almost two months now. My interactions with the office staff have been friendly with no issues. I don't have any issues parking at all. I have only reported one issue when I moved in that was fixed within 3 days. My only suggestion is that they move all of the thermostats to the living room instead of having them in the hall. The thermostat reads the temperature in the hallway which is obviously cooler than the rest of the house due to faux hardwood floors. They are doing some cosmetic updates to the property and I hope to see more interior updates. The space is huge for the price...I pay $991 for my 2/2 with W\D hookup and I'm overall happy with it. I've seen the bad reviews and I'm sorry their experience wasn't good. It just goes to show that everyone has different experiences everywhere you go. I would recommend this place to a friend that's looking for space in a pretty quiet area. Oh, one other downside...the traffic is horrid on Memorial. Trying to get out in the mornings takes like 15 minutes! This is not the fault of the complex though they can't do anything about the traffic. I mention it so that if you're looking to move here, you won't be blindsided by the time it takes to turn into the complex.
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