Paces Crossing
4300 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA 30093
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Christian Summerour
a month ago
This place is horrible REPEAT HORRIBLE. There is only one person in the office that can help you out and it sure ain't the manager. Maintenance takes forever for anything you need fixed. My car was stolen out of the so-called gated community, cameras are non existent. Just a overall bad place to stay. RUN AWAY FAR AWAY FROM HERE.
Keikei Read
10 months ago
They have no appreciation for good residents. The gate is always open, the pool opens very late every year and if you are in the pool and need to use the bathroom they tell you to go to your apartment to use it because I ts locked and the reason being is that teenagers are having sex there also pool table is Part of the amenities But guess what ????? You can't go in there and play pool because it's always locked for the same reasons. Also half of the equipment in the gym don't work and the mail area is always trashy. Let's not forget abt the Break-ins to cars and apartments. I can go for days but im going to leave it at this.
Mz territorial
a year ago
This complex is cool, up-to-date, and better than most in 30092. They care and really make it work for your convenience. I tried more than once to move here and when I finally got in Cynthia and Bonita took care of me. Love it...fabulous.... Great place to live coming from NC!
Tee Battle
a year ago
Paces Crossing is what I really call home. They make my stay oh so pleasant and really know how to make you feel at home. I am not sure about the other reviews but I'm proud to call this place home.
Camille Okunola
2 years ago
My experience here has not good. I am writiing because this is the last straw. I am locked out ot of the community and I have lived here paying rent for over a year. I will not renew my lease. First of all they have left the gate open for over a couple of months and then when they decide to close it they put a sign up that week. They close every day on the week day at 5:30 so if we can not come by to pick up the card on the week day because of work you would think they would be open on a saturday. No they are not open on a saturday so residens can not get to their places and they have made it very difficult for people to get their gate cards. Many people have to park there cars at the front entrance and walk to their apartments. Because management has changed several times, three since I have lived here and I've only been here a year, customer service could use a lot of work.
Janelle Starks
3 years ago
Sooooo i go to look at there 2 bedroom apt, and of course they look lush, so i was told if i wanted the place i had to give them 5o dollar application fee and then a 175 administrative fee. i was kind of scared to give up that kind of money so i asked if i would get the money back if i didn't get the apartment the lady Temple or tempest or whatever her name said i could. i gave her the money orders and waited for her to call me with the out come, Monday rolled around i heard nothing so i went in to see i was told that she had not put it in yet. so i waited till Tuesday she put it in but now tells me i need two months rent for a deposit along with the full months rent so now im like i cant afford this i want my money back.then she tells me she will try to talk to her manager ...... nothing till i go in on Friday. the property manager is super rude in the other room where i can hear her. Now im told the administrative fee is non refundable. what?????? that's not what i was told. Then i remembered she insisted i give two blank money orders ( im not familiar with renting here in ga so i do). call money gram up they cashed it the day i gave it to sister called to ask there policy on administrative fees they laughed at her and told her it was non refundable. when i would call to see how my application was doing they would talk to me as if i was a bother or if i was a child. the property manager is rude i heard her talking crap about me when i was in the building. they are unprofessional and nasty if this is what its like and i haven't moved in i can only imagine what a 15 month lease would be like (yeah they do 15 month leases). take my advice don't give up that administrative fee till you know your moving in i learned out the hard way. 225 dollars gone and nothing to show for it..... rip off!!!!!!!!!! Ohh and I goggled the apt after I started having problems and found that there was a murder there last year and earlier this yr a boy claimed he was chased through the complex by a masked man with a knife much for those gates!
Sonja Ford
3 years ago
I have been a resident at Paces Crossing for eight months. Since I signed the 15 month lease this place has been hell. First, I called the cable provider, Direct Path,to get my cable cut on. I was informed that they would have to perform a “soft credit check”to verify if I would owe initial start- up fees. Well, the fees summed up to $150 for initial instillation, cable receiver lease, and service fee. Mind you this is just for basic Direct TV cable package($60 a month). I called around to Comcast,AT&T, Xfinity, and Dish but they informed me that they were blocked from servicing my complex. So they have monopolized contract where their residents can only receive service from DirectPath and will have to pay outrageous start-up fees before receiving service. (The same fees apply for internet). Second, they had a change of management a few months ago. The completely got rid of the maintenance staff that was actually satisfactory. I receive a letter on my door every week about maintenance checks which result in random people entering my apartment and performing loud repairs/construction throughout the day. Third, the gate is accessible to anyone who has the generic code. In addition to that, they informed me that they ran out of gate cards for residents and I would have to use the generic code to gain access myself. Fourth, the valet trash is an additional $30 fee on top of the $20 garbage and waste fee charged by the county. The valet trash is awful because stray cats in the complex rip your trash bags as soon as you set it out. Also the valet trash comes when they want to. There have been days that have gone by and my trash was never picked up. Lastly, this by far is the last straw. I woke up this morning to my driver’s side mirror completely ripped off my car! I don’t have enemies so there’s no reason other than vandalism. Another car did not hit it…it was physically knocked off. I called the management to inform them that I did not feel safe and wanted to end my lease. I was told that my lease contract “did not ensure the safety of the resident and/or property”. They told me that it was not a justifiable cause to end the lease without fees. This is the worst complex that I have EVER lived in. I would not recommend residency here even for my worst enemy. Please STAY AWAY!
A Google User
5 years ago
Paces Crossing is all messed up. They have high crime rate, they do not fix up what you need fixed until you call them 100 times then they claim nothing is wrong. They let some of the best maintence men leave, and they change management to often and anything that went on with one will not be taken care of by the new one. Not to mention the rental price is rediculous
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