The Ellington
21010 NW 7th Ave
Miami, FL 33169
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cerettes lumene
3 months ago
I'm currently living there now I do have to agree with everybody reviews this Apartment is the worst place to live rent is high, they seem to charge the residents for water they are always towing someones car, the security guards are not doing their jobs properly,the security gates seems to be broken almost everyday they have a huge tennis court that has no use there, the pool area seems to be occupied all the time by other people in the building there's not one time me and my kids were able to walk over to the pool area and get into the pool without having so much people in there the parking space sucks at night and yes management sucks there they are rude as hell this place deserves 0 stars I would not recommend nobody to live there.I honestly believe that they are doing scams there in the rent office hope one day they get shut down.
Joseph Payne
6 months ago
The elevators are always broken. They charge you for 24 hour security, when the security is never here. It suppose to be a gated community. But the gate isn't never closed, so anybody can drive right in.The rent office is working together with a towing company. When you wake up in the morning somebody is always missing their vehicle. Or if you get out trying to unload your vehicle after shopping. The tow truck will sneak up and steal your car. The Ellingtons is a bad place to live cause when you have a problem. And you go to the rent office. The women in there don't know how to speak to nobody especially the older white lady.
Neshera Nasir
a year ago
I had to click on 1 star because I could not post this if I didn't but this place deserves nothing!! This place NEEDS to be SHUT DOWN. They are a fraud apartment complex. I REGRET EVER LIVING here. I beg anyone who is planning on moving here to please pick a homeless shelter but not this place the property managers are rude and vulgar. It is dirty, ROACHES everywhere no matter how many times a exterminator comes, the gate is broken everyday so you pay so much money for security for no reason, the security guard do not get paid enough to even care. There is all ways cops called because of all the crime that happens in these buildings, my car go broken into and someone got brutally hurt next door to me, cops always told me I shouldn't live there and pay so much money for such a unsafe place, once you are out they charge you for false damages and bills and never show proof of it. they ruined 8 months on my life please please if someone can shut them down or get to the owner to let them know how horrible the MANAGMENT is please do.
K. Kenney
a year ago
This place is awful. I wrote a page an a half email to the management company with no response. The apartment was invested with roaches the entire time I lived there. I had to buy my own roach traps and boric acid, which didn't solve the issue. The pool was constantly green or dirty. The office told me it was because it rained. It is so loud in the complex all the time, you have to get ear plugs to sleep. The carpet was falling apart and filled with dust, to the point I had breathing issue. I was told by management I needed to pay $200 to get it replaced, and move all of my own furniture. After all of these issues, and finally getting a chance to move out, I was charged $200 for not notifying them within 60 days. If there was a lesser star than one, I would give it to this place. The only positive, is that the apartments are large.
Meka Meek
2 years ago
1 star is too much for this complex, if there was an option for a negative star I would definetly choose that one. This place is all about money and cares nothing about their residents. If you have children DO NOT move here, this place is not kid friendly. No playground, just a huge tennis court that no one uses. The pool is never clean, the water is green most of the time. The outside will fool you completely, the inside is terrible. The elevators are very old and half work. People get stuck in the elevators, sometimes for over 20 minutes. The actual apartments are big, but the walls are paper thin, you could hear your neighbor's full conversations. Just like the other reviews, the maintenance staff almost never responds to work orders, not that its their fault, its the women in the leasing office being irresponsible, they write your request on a yellow sticky pad and most of the time forgets to input it in the computer. You have to call them back atleast two times for someone to respond. Speaking of irresponsible, you pay your rent on time and in full, they make ongoing mistakes of putting rude notes on your door that you owe money. You speak to them about their mistake, they do apologize, but seem to make that mistake again. If you decide to move to this hell hole as a renter, make sure you don't move into bldg 2. Bldg 2 has unit owners and renters. They have completely taken up majority of the parking for the unit owners. So all the renters have to park very far from the door. I've lived at this place over 3 years and the rent goes up each year. This place is definetly over priced for the area and service. I can't wait until my lease is over, I will be getting the hell out of that place and I can honestly say I would never look back. This is the worst complex I've ever rented at. I HATE THIS PLACE!!!
Corey Myers
a year ago
I am currently a resident here and. I completely regret even looking to move here. The only good thing about living here is nothing roaches have taken over the 3rd apt building and if you need something fixed in your apt you will need to notify them 8 times before someone decides to take action...TRUST ME YOU WILL BE WASTING MONEY
Alexander Henry
2 years ago
Live here I like it!!
A Google User
3 years ago
Be Aware Renters: the place looks promising but after moving in you will regret the move! The place is very old and need of maintenance. Only pro the apartments are very huge comparing to other aparment rentals. Also, be aware of the management/staff they pretend to be nice. Then they suddenly change after getting your money and not wanting to make repairs. Simply be careful especially after moving out. They WILL make up false claims and try to deduct or keep your security deposit refund. In addition I agree the wrong people moving in and lives there.
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