The Ellington
21010 NW 7th Ave
Miami, FL 33169
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pharin walker
a month ago
I currently live in these apartments Pros: - Square Foot (biggest in the area for the price) - Laundry room on every floor - Trash shoot on every floor - Two elevators per building - Nice pool, pavilion and BBQ station - Gated community Cons: - Guard gate isn't always working property (most of the time it is a weather issue) - Laundry rooms are dated but does get the job done - Elevators don't always work properly but Staff gets them fixed in a decent turn around time. - Parking may be an issue, they do tow cars without a guest or resident pass - Gym isn't 24hrs or fully equipped *I will be renewing my lease for 10 months. -PW
Joseph Kimble
in the last week
These apartment have ROACHES for days. My 1 year and 3 year have learned to kill bugs while they in the tub, eating dinner, using the bathroom, playing with toys or just relaxing. You go to the rental office and they act like they don't know these buildings are full of roaches. Please don't move here unless you really don't have anywhere else to move.
Ferlinda Mertil
2 weeks ago
This place is the worst place to rent. I TRULEY DONT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.. It is a Waste of your money.
Malibu Cooks
3 months ago
Its dirty n have rats and roaches..please dont move here pleeaase..
Joe Smith
a month ago
This is a very bad place to live the office people are very rude, they will tow your guests car even if they stay 3 minutes after curfew smh this building needs to be shut down
Silent Reflexz
4 months ago
Pretty sure Roaches got their own apartment..... dirty and expensive. smh
cerettes lumene
9 months ago
I'm currently living there now I do have to agree with everybody reviews this Apartment is the worst place to live rent is high, they seem to charge the residents for water they are always towing someones car, the security guards are not doing their jobs properly,the security gates seems to be broken almost everyday they have a huge tennis court that has no use there, the pool area seems to be occupied all the time by other people in the building there's not one time me and my kids were able to walk over to the pool area and get into the pool without having so much people in there the parking space sucks at night and yes management sucks there they are rude as hell this place deserves 0 stars I would not recommend nobody to live there.I honestly believe that they are doing scams there in the rent office hope one day they get shut down.
Joseph Payne
a year ago
The elevators are always broken. They charge you for 24 hour security, when the security is never here. It suppose to be a gated community. But the gate isn't never closed, so anybody can drive right in.The rent office is working together with a towing company. When you wake up in the morning somebody is always missing their vehicle. Or if you get out trying to unload your vehicle after shopping. The tow truck will sneak up and steal your car. The Ellingtons is a bad place to live cause when you have a problem. And you go to the rent office. The women in there don't know how to speak to nobody especially the older white lady.
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