The Marq at Ridgegate
10270 Commonwealth St
Lone Tree, CO 80124
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Loree P
2 months ago
From Dec 2015-May 2016 there were 10 break-ins & 1 motorcycle stolen from the parking garage of the Marq at Ridgegate. Most of the robberies have no signs of forced entry & the burglars are even kind enough to lock the door when they leave. Our apartment was robbed on May 13. Management says that security is of the utmost importance, yet they do not ask your neighbors or send out an email asking if anyone saw anything that day around that time & they don’t turn video footage over to the police. When the detective working our case got tired of asking for the footage, he went to the Marq office. It had been 3 weeks since the robbery & over half of the footage had already been written over. Management did not even know how to retrieve what footage was still available. Ours was the 8th robbery since Dec. They should have been well versed in how to retrieve footage. During this visit, management admitted that a large number of the security cameras do not work & there was no footage of some areas. If you do decide to make The Marq your home, make sure your jewelry is insured & don't leave any cash lying around because those are the things that are stolen. Management did let us out of our lease, comped us the platinum move out package, and refunded our sure deposit.
josh hastings
7 months ago
Please dont move here!! There are so many better options even at half this price (prison is way cheaper and better accommodations). Sadly what we once thought was a beautiful property quickly showed its true face which is nothing but horrendous. A few problems that management hasnt ever seemed concerned about; ants crawling in from the walls, a/c being out for 5 days in august with management refusing to call in outside help even though maintenance looked bewildered while scratching head, staff not caring enough to return a call after a complaint until 3 weeks after it was made, maintenance responding to no hot water for three days on a Friday and then saying theyd be right back and not returning until monday afternoon, multiple break-ins although touted as a secure building several doors do not lock which management was aware of but took 7 months to correct, fire alarms going off weekly for undisclosed reasons often in the middle of the night, sewage coming up through the kitchen sink while no one was even in the kitchen and no one willing to respond for more than 3 days....the list goes on and on...Please do yourself a favor and steer clear. Old management was on a break, new management is on permanent vacation.
Kali Cascarano
a year ago
Amazing location - close to Lone Tree Rec Center, parks, Super Target, Sprouts, I-25. Easy access, good parking and the office staff has been great thus far. The outside of building is well kept and the inside amenities are wonderful. Nice pool and club area, free coffee. We have not had issues with response time on maintenance or fixes (there have been a few since we moved in 30 days ago). THE NOISE is horrible. Just horrible. I would never live here again based on that. We are on first floor and I can hear everything the unit above us is doing...and the worse part is that they are up a lot in the middle of the night and it wakes us. I can hear them get into bed, I can hear a male going to the bathroom, I can hear them walk, etc. For the cost of the unit, I would have expected better sound proofing. If you are concerned about noise, make sure to get a unit on 4th floor. Also - animals are allowed, which is great. However the property is quite smelly, especially where there are rocks and the sun beats down - the dog urine smell is disgusting. We hold our breath when going in and out of the exterior door. They do provide a waste basket for dog poop and disposable bags, which is a nice feature. However, the smell is not pleasant. Seems like they need to wash rocks or at least replace rock landscaping each year.
Frank D
a year ago
Place is under new management. No longer handled by FEIN. I was going to move out a few months ago, but the new management said "Give us a chance, we are different." Since I really didn't want to go through the activity of moving, I decided to stay. Big mistake. New management are nice people, but the property is no better than it used to be. It is a nice property that through neglect has turned into a dumpy place to live. Their maintenance staff has no respect for your personal living space, so expect them to come and go without notice. Unfortunately there are not really good laws in Colorado protecting renters from landlord entry, so not much I can do about it.
Karri Pence
a year ago
I love living at The Marq! The staff have been very polite and helpful everytime I've needed anything. When I had a maintenance issue, it has been fixed right away.
Rob Martinez
3 months ago
Looking to move here. Have had a good experience so far.
Mike Worden
2 years ago
Terrible experience. We will be moving out as soon as our lease is up. Biggest complaint is that the management staff lied to us on several occasions . First lie came as we signed the lease. They told us the pool/hot tub would be fixed in a week or so (turned out it had been out for months due to lack of maintenance and they had no plans to fix it). Pool/hot tub heater was out for most of our stay here, including most of this summer. Other minor lies related to turnaround times, forcing me to come down repeatedly to get simple things like a key fob. I would expect this level of service/maintenance for a low-end complex, but given the rent I hoped for better.
Christopher Copen
2 years ago
Very disappointed in their treatment of longtime residents. The local and corporate management have absolutely no regard for the individual tenants. I would strongly recommend looking at any property NOT managed by Fein.
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