The Marq at Ridgegate
10270 Commonwealth St
Lone Tree, CO 80124
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Frank D
a month ago
Place is under new management. No longer handled by FEIN. I was going to move out a few months ago, but the new management said "Give us a chance, we are different." Since I really didn't want to go through the activity of moving, I decided to stay. Big mistake. New management are nice people, but the property is no better than it used to be. It is a nice property that through neglect has turned into a dumpy place to live. Their maintenance staff has no respect for your personal living space, so expect them to come and go without notice. Unfortunately there are not really good laws in Colorado protecting renters from landlord entry, so not much I can do about it.
Mike Worden
11 months ago
Terrible experience. We will be moving out as soon as our lease is up. Biggest complaint is that the management staff lied to us on several occasions . First lie came as we signed the lease. They told us the pool/hot tub would be fixed in a week or so (turned out it had been out for months due to lack of maintenance and they had no plans to fix it). Pool/hot tub heater was out for most of our stay here, including most of this summer. Other minor lies related to turnaround times, forcing me to come down repeatedly to get simple things like a key fob. I would expect this level of service/maintenance for a low-end complex, but given the rent I hoped for better.
Christopher Copen
a year ago
Very disappointed in their treatment of longtime residents. The local and corporate management have absolutely no regard for the individual tenants. I would strongly recommend looking at any property NOT managed by Fein.
Aimee Meester
a year ago
The property looks beautiful on the surface but after living within the Miramont at Ridgegate in Colorado, I would never recommend these properties. The management team and leasing office staff has changed several times over so every time that you speak to someone you get different answers and a different story. Now, after reports of carbon monoxide and the alarms for carbon monoxide in the building going off for over two weeks they will not let us out of our lease, even though our two small children can't be in the apartment. Very disappointed and will be seeking legal action.
A Google User
4 years ago
Miramont is a nice apartment complex. Most of the staff are extremely nice and quick to respond to any problems. Maintenance is amazing! I've never lived in an apartment where they are so quick to fix anything! It is nice to have guests over, there is plenty of areas to entertain, the area is always clean and my guests love it here, minus the dog mess (which is quite annoying that people are too lazy to clean up after their pets). The key fobs are a pain in the rear as they sometimes don't work, the garage doors to parking don't open at times, but again they are always working away to fix these problems. The noise is moderate, living in an apartment it is expected and the staff is quick to stop any loud noises though rare. My only major complaint are the hidden fees in signing a lease, like the extra rent to live on south facing sides or increase by level, and the "24 hour" decision they give you to sign up or you lose out on a lease special, just seems very slimy. High admin fees and pet fees, key fees it gets a little ridiculous. But I guess you get what you are paying for as the grounds are always nice, things always work, and it seems that everyone here really enjoys the place! FYI moving in is no easy task! the turning hallways and low ceiling parking garage made that quite a challenge make sure you have carts and dollys!
A Google User
3 years ago
Resident - Dec. 2011 Very noisy apartments, you can hear everything from flushing toilets, dishwasher, washer/dryer, everything. The people above us stomp around constantly, as do the kids that live there. No consideration given to residents that live below. Very pricy apartments for what you get. Staff is nice but not very helpful if you have any issues.
A Google User
3 years ago
Very nice apartments... but extremely noisy