Ho Ho Kam Villas
2900 W Highland St
Chandler, AZ 85224
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zachary ferra
a week ago
Awesome place to live. Excellent grounds, very nice office, very quiet neighbors.
Kathryn Stryker
7 months ago
Tried to come in and see what they had available for rent. The lady in the office was helping other people and didn't even acknowledge us. We stood around for 15 mins then left. Poor customer service.
Seth C.
3 years ago
CONS Yes, the grounds are well kept and quite attractive. Yes, the staff is very friendly. However, when our window screens kept falling out and I reported the problem to maintenance, I was told how to fix them myself with double sided tape and luck. When our upstairs neighbors chose to play their music at ridiculous volumes at all times of the day and night, our complaints weren't addressed. In fact, the fourth time we called to report our neighbors, the manager herself asked if we had called to complain before. If you like peace and quiet, look elsewhere. The appliances are sub par and out dated. Be prepared for plumbing issues, too. PROS Hohokam made it very easy for us to move cross country to Arizona. They were very accommodating. Also, when we were out of state for a week at Christmas, one of the office staff fed and looked after our cats for us at no charge. These personal touches were so very much appreciated.
Matthew Lindbloom
8 months ago
The area seems well kept
Ace Bandito
2 years ago
I only went to get information about the complex. Ann alone made me want to move in. She knows her residents which was pretty awesome. The area is quiet considering it's by the frontage road. The grounds are well kept.
Alejandro Munoz
a year ago
Nice place to live and safe!
Robert Tinta
a month ago
Mary Ann McKee
a year ago
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