Portsmith Apartment Homes
12121 Admiralty Way
Everett, WA 98204
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Candice Bushman
9 months ago
Pro and Cons Pro: facility and apartments look nice Cons: - no parking: they don't regulate the number of vehicles per apartment and despite the lease saying garages are for cars, many of them are used for storage. By 6pm people start parking on the fire lanes, in front of garbage bins and in front of garages/other parking spots. When leaving in the morning, it's like playing Mario kart- having to dodge all the vehicles. If you have a lot of cars and need storage, the non-regulation of these things may be more of a pro than con. - ceiling is thin, what you can hear from your upstairs neighbor: slamming the front door, dishwasher, grinding coffee (which our neighbor likes to do this between 4:30-6am), the occasional slamming of cupboards, stomping of person and their pets, vacuuming, the exhaust fan in the bathroom, washer, dryer and the shower (including the noisy water flowing through the pipes). - overflowing garbage: they really need two people to work on this, so the guy that handles it doesn't have to work on weekends, trying to catch up - lack of security: we have found a homeless people on our porch (which is outside the bedroom window). Once, when using the gym, a homeless man and woman used the facility bathroom to clean themselves up...the situation was handled only when they left. - rent is steep: if you renew your lease, it will increase. After dealing with the previous mentioned cons, $1200 a month for a one bedroom, is not worth it.
Andy Plum
9 months ago
If you are Hispanic or any ethnic background, turn around and run! You will be treated unfairly not only by the Caucasian neighbors but by the office staff as well. While moving into the new apartment, we had finished loading furniture and took a break to talk to a family member in the car. It was the middle of the afternoon. We were then confronted by a Caucasian neighbor with a gun accusing us of loitering. That same neighbor and his Caucasian girlfriend jump and stomp during the night so much that my 4 year old daughter is scared to sleep in her room because she believes monsters live on top of her room. We get woken up all throughout the night because of their noise. But when my daughter watches cartoons on a Saturday afternoon, they make a noise complaint. So the Portsmith apartment staff tell me that even though quiet hours are between 8:00A.M and 10:00P.M we still are not allowed to "disturb our neighbors" even though they are complaining during non-quiet hours. So now we turn the tv down so low that we've adjusted the furniture less than 5 feet away from it so we could hear. The neighbors still complained. Every one of their complaints occur during early afternoon, "non-quiet hours." Now my daughter has had pneumonia for almost 4 weeks and is getting worse. She hardly gets any sleep because the neighbors are so loud, especially during official quiet hours. I've been calling the office day after day reporting the noise during the night but at no response. I even called during the afternoon once since my daughter has been sick asking them to let the neighbors know they are being too loud for us. The exact response I got from a Portsmith employee was, "there's really not anything we could do during non-quiet hours." It's very clear we are not being treated equal. They tell us to be quiet during non quiet hours but won't enforce the same rule on the Caucasian neighbors. Plus they do not enforce upon them any quiet during quiet hours. I am a Hispanic woman and I have also served in the US Army. Now I work at the Boing Paine field doing the same work I was doing in the military. I've worked hard to get where I'm at and I have never been treated so unfairly. Even after serving this great country, I'm still treated like I do not belong in a nice neighborhood. If you are a successful person of any beautiful color and think your years of hard work have paid off and can finally relax in a decent neighborhood, the challenges will continue. Although I thought society was further along in this day and age.
Troy Arnold
a year ago
Very nice place . I have decided to move here.I am starting a two year degree in Everett this winter.Has everything we need,and then some
Dara Schmeck
a year ago
Incompetent staff provided inaccurate information, costing me significantly. Incompetent staff forgot to submit maintenance requests. Dumpsters perpetually overflowing. Pet owners do not clean up after their animals; staff indifferent to eyewitness reports. Cats use playground as litter box. Impossible to find parking, even assigned spot is inconvenient to unit, and spaces are ridiculously narrow. Worst apartment experience ever.
Sean Brant
2 years ago
In the time i was here (just over a year) my car got dings from other tenants, if you didn't get covered parking or a garage it appears to be impossible to get one of the two after they initially ask you (i asked at least once a month, probably closer to three times per month the first 5 months i was there) and if you work after 7pm it's practically impossible to find a parking spot anywhere in the complex, especially during the summer. The gym and pools were closed for about a month, maybe two between the two amenities (the pool due to the public health board shutting it down) and the fitness room for remodeling for at least a month and all they did was clean the carpet and get a new machine. What they do have going for them is a usually nice staff, fairly prompt maintenance team, and a good but loud yard crew. Not that its their fault but many of the dog owners do not pick up after them selves, i stepped in it three times, all at night, twice out was on the sidewalk, not even in the grass until the last one. Kind of on the expensive side too.
gun s
3 years ago
Loved living here. Moved because they raised the pricing to 1250+ for a 2 bedroom. Staff is friendly, and helpful. The amenities are nice. Lived here 2+ years and was sad to go. A little noisy and NO parking at all other than your assigned spot. Everything is good quality and insulated great. Walk in closets and double shower heads, endless storage space. Definitely recommend. Worth the price. Moving back after this lease. 2010-2013
Brenna Barnes
a year ago
I have also been hit by other residents and guests alike. Great employees, terrible parking, nice amenities, bad neighborhood, but far enough back it's no big deal. I have lived here twice, I like it a lot!
Kay Kay
3 years ago
Nice and spacious apartments but neighbors will lie on you and you can hear your neighbors arguments making it uncomfortable to leave the windows open. Plus if your not a smoker it sucks; you smell cigarette smoke in your apartment because they don't walk away from the buildings to smoke!
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