Clemens Place Apartments
16 Owen St
Hartford, CT 06105
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Kristin Burgess
a month ago
I moved into Clemens Place in 2012. Admittedly, I picked the place because it was one of the few places that showed up online in Hartford, I was tired of trying to find an apartment in Hartford and I was delirious from having just taken the bar exam. I just renewed my lease for the third time. The neighborhood is pretty good. The West End is probably the best neighborhood in Hartford and the safest after Downtown. Bars, a small grocery store, pharmacy, good restaurants, fast food and my bank are within walking distance. U Conn Law School and Elizabeth Park are also nearby. I work downtown and regularly hop on the bus which stops right on Farmington Avenue and is pretty reliable (for a bus). The rent is reasonable considering heat and hot water, off street parking and a fitness center are included. The fitness center is one of the best I've seen as far as options (it isn't new and shiny, but it's functional). Multiple cardio machines, a full set of dumbbells and two racks with barbells (squat rack, multiple benches, etc.). Not a whole lot of weight machines if you prefer those, but I don't use them. I have seen some strange things going on in the parking lot (twice I've seen a car with a missing front wheel), but am honestly unsure of what the story is with that. I have called the super a few times and have always gotten a prompt response -- even when I was causing the problem (e.g., I didn't realize that I needed to turn on a switch to work the dishwashing machine). I haven't seen any rodents. Maybe they come out after my bedtime? Ha! I have recommended the place. Generally, it meets my needs and I'd say it's a good value for someone who wants one stop shopping.
Heather Allen
a month ago
I have been living here for a couple of years now and love how close I am to everything. The office staff is extremely helpful especially when I have any unforeseen issues going on in my apartment or in general. Overall, the best place to live in Hartford for the price and location.
Stacey DeLeonardo
7 months ago
Beautiful place and great staff!!!
Chris Barone
8 months ago
You can do better, that is my advice for anyone looking to move here.
jenan alrababa
a year ago
It's not so bad, Ive seen worse. Its the trashy but not so trashy apartment.. Its OWKAY.
A Google User
3 years ago
Some of these folks are either mentally ill, or work for another area apartment complex. Clemens place is easily the best in the area, not counting some of the $$$$ places on Woodland, of course. I've been here about 7 years and will soon be signing for another. The office staff do fine, and maintenance is right on top of things, but some people are just impossible to please. Those are gonna be the ones on here writing bizarre complaints. Don't want mice and bugs in your apartment? Try cleaning it once in a while. News flash, you live in a city. If you leave your GPS on the dash, sooner or later, someone IS going to break your car window and steal it. Nothing security can do about stupidity. Let me quote one of the bad reviews: "Ah and if your blinds get broken or the toilet get stuck and they find something... u have to pay for be fixed~!" Seriously? You object to being held responsible for your own actions? I'm glad they make you pay - it means they aren't raising rents for everyone, just because you broke your blinds or flushed a.. uhh, whatever they found.
A Google User
3 years ago
Clemence Place is THE WORST is TRASH!!! I first lived in one building and I was pregnant when i get stuck in the elevator, they prefered to eliminate the elevator than fixed it. Always the elevator was dirty, with garbage on floor and smelly. The washers machine didnt work at the final somebody broke a window to my car. I was moved to another Clemence Place building, now I pay a loooot of money for the apartment, wheN something is broken and the mantainance come to fix i have to argue with them (yes because they think the thinngs last forever) and I pay 25$ dollar montly for parking (the one its not assigned) and everytime I come from work I do not have space , because visitors (and also mantainance people) come to park in the spots, I call the security, I have to argue with the security ( because his point is , because parking is not assigned I do not have an specific spot so I can't complaint) and after he yelled at me by phone (because they are tooooo lazy to leave the small office at Owen st) he hang to me and never come... When is winter, they do not want clean your snow... parking full of snow and you will keep falling in the ice. They do not allow dogs, because you have to adopt one of they mascot, THE HUGE RATS , the rats look like dogs . You see the bums (homeless) looking into the trash and they enter and out like if they live in the building. My bell looks that have a magnet because every friking people who come to visit the building have to attach the finger on my bell!... Ah and if your blinds get broken or the toilet get stuck and they find something... u have to pay for be fixed~!OH GOD! WHAT A PARADISE IS CLEMENCE PLACE!!!
A Google User
5 years ago
I signed my lease before reading the reviews here. When I finally saw them, I thought to myself "Oh my God! What have I done?" After living here a year, I can tell you that my experience has aboslutely nothing in common with the horror stories I have read here. For starters, I have not seen one rat (which is a good thing...I'd probably have a heart attack if I did!). I also have had plenty of heat in the winter. In fact, my friends often complain that I keep my apartment too hot when they come over! I've had a few maintenance issues pop-up, which is only to be expected, and they were all resolved the next day. This included giving me a new air conditioner, a new vanity, etc. all of which they did promptly and without a hassle. I live on an upper floor and have never heard any noise from my downstairs neighbors and only occassionally from my next door neighbors. In fact, the only problem I have is with the snow removal, which leaves a little to be desired. When I called to complain about it, the women in Resident Services was not helpful, got very defensive, and hung up on me....but she's an anomaly. I'm not sure why they keep her on staff, as I know other people have had problems with her as well.....The rest of the staff, however, is great! I guess I would also have to say, in all candidness, that parking can be an issue....not so much for the residents (there's always enough spaces) but for your visitors. Good luck with that! In short, I have, in fact, just renewed my lease for another year and was thrilled to do so! It's not a bad place to live overall!
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