Clemens Place Apartments
16 Owen St
Hartford, CT 06105
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Jonathan Cheng
2 weeks ago
The gym here is a joke. Tenants don't have enough respect for their facilities to put weights away. Management doesn't provide sanitary wipes to wipe down equipment. Another problem is the dumpsters are always open. Tenants leave them open every time resulting in foul smells when passing to get to my car. My apartment however was fairly decent. No rodents or infestations BUT the pilots to the stove were not lit so there was gas in the entire apartment. I was not aware of this for quite a while and it was only fixed when I complained to management. No apology was made. Management is nice but the tenants who live here really destroy the place. But regardless of that, this part of Hartford isn't that safe.
Hype Howard
4 weeks ago
Eagle rock management in conn. Clemens place is run like a dump. It looks great for face value on the outside. They don't assess the vermin problem of rats that have been running through the walls since Oct 2015 when first reported. It is now may 2016 and yet I still hear mice scratching through the walls or running above my bedroom. My neighbor has had to change her furniture 2 times and remove her daughter due to fear of her daughter being bitten. I addressed the front office and the office staff stated to me "oh it's not that bad. It's apartment life" I've lived here 4 mos and this has been the most miserable experience I've ever had in a living situation. Management ignores their tenants, and charge insane amounts for nothing. Can't use tennis courts the grounds are cracked not leveled. I will be moving as soon as the legalities are worked out...NEVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE ONLY ABOUT THEIR MONEY NOT THEIR RENTERS..NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY "SEEM" THEY DON'T CARE BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN THE DIRTY building apartments. Oh by the way the office staff who are always rude when you complain about anything live on the grounds and their building is immaculate..funny thing is how that works out.
Hannah Gebhard
4 weeks ago
My apartment is crawling with Bed Bugs. I moved in about a week ago and brought the furniture I had been living on for the past 10 years with me to the day I moved in. I woke up two days ago with red bumps in lines on my legs and arms. Instantly knew it was bed bugs, took pictures and even went to urgent care to confirm. They couldn't get an exterminator here until a full 24 hours after I had reported it too them. The Exterminator came this morning and Checked everything saying that I didnt have bed bugs. To be safe i went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get one of those Vinyl covers for the mattress and low and behold when I picked up the mattress i found nothing other than a bed bug. I am very disappointed with the filth i moved into and the treatment I have gotten from the management.
Piyush Varma
a month ago
This place is infested with bed bugs. All my friends who live there got it from their dirty rooms. My friend moved in here and a week after got infested with bed bugs. It was gross. They treated it but blamed them. The buildings are dirty, everything is old and broken down in the apartments. Beware!
Wayne Johnson
2 months ago
I lived here back in the 1980s. I woke up one morning to find a stranger on my 3rd floor balcony of my 16 Owens Street apartment who said he was there to work on the building and was sent by management. I checked with management the next day only to find that no such workers were working on the building and none should have been on my balcony. This whole complex has a SEVERE cockroach problem as do most places in Hartford. I have spoken to other people who live or have lived in Hartford and they have all said that cockroaches are a major problem with anyone living in that city. It is just the way of life there. I was mugged 4 times while in Hartford. Twice, I was held up for my car in separate "car jackings". In all of the attempts, luckily, I was able to get away unharmed. Save your sanity and your money and find a better, cleaner, safer, and less expensive place outside of the Hartford area in which to live.
Jelani Cobb
4 months ago
Recently moved out after three years here. Building was very well maintained. Leasing office staff was courteous and professional. I called to report ice on the stairs one winter and within 10 minutes there was someone there removing it. No complaints. Great deal for the price.
shaun ward
2 months ago
Not all of Hartford have pest infestation. But this place does. Everyone in 18 denison have German cockroaches... Not because everyone is nasty but because Clemens place never want to fix or do anything about it. Then they threaten ppl to pay them. They also blame the ppl of being nasty. The whole building have mold and water leakage. Playground is trash.the Building elevator, on sisson near corner store still not fix since early 2000's. Windows are old and broken since 90's.
Kevin LaRose
3 months ago
Greetings. I just graduated from uHart with a Masters in music from the Hartt School. While attending the school I rented a 1-bedroom apartment at 29 Denison St. The facilities are nice, the shuttle to campus was convenient, and the Maintenance and Security staffs were very helpful and professional. However, I cannot say the same for the Administration. They didn't listen to my concerns as a resident, but maybe they'll listen to this review. Clemens Place advertises a quiet hours policy that they do not enforce. My downstairs neighbor kept me awake at any and all hours of the day and night with a stereo system blasting movies. I complained to as many representatives from management as I could for almost two years and was assured that enough reports from Security would lead to eviction, however, only a few notifications were sent to this tenant. The resident lived in a subsidized apartment and my guess is that Clemens Place did not want to lose this easy money. I realize they are a business, but it's these empty promises that are my biggest disappointment. I made two mistakes: moving to Clemens Place and staying for a second year. Don't be like me. You're better than that.
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