Clemens Place Apartments
16 Owen St
Hartford, CT 06105
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Jelani Cobb
3 weeks ago
Recently moved out after three years here. Building was very well maintained. Leasing office staff was courteous and professional. I called to report ice on the stairs one winter and within 10 minutes there was someone there removing it. No complaints. Great deal for the price.
Ryan Tangney
12 months ago
I cant even begin to describe how terrible this place is. Your car WILL be vandalized in their parking lots, make sure youvadd that to your monthly rent. Anything you wish not to get stolen should never stay in the car. The apartments arent nearly as nice as the pictures show. Iv had over 1200 in damages and stolen property in the last 8 months, half the damages coming from their own tenants they allow theur kids to ride bikes and play baseball in the lot. The property owner couldnt care less about you or any problems you have. The office people are generally nice but moat are mean. They even lost all of my rental paperwork and i had to go back in twice! I would wish this place on my worst enemy and i hope someone finds a way to show them what they are doing is not ok. I invite you to contact me persoanlly and i will tell you everything they have done and wronged me doing. This place is aweful. DONT SIGN ... RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN
Kristin Burgess
a year ago
I moved into Clemens Place in 2012. Admittedly, I picked the place because it was one of the few places that showed up online in Hartford, I was tired of trying to find an apartment in Hartford and I was delirious from having just taken the bar exam. I just renewed my lease for the third time. The neighborhood is pretty good. The West End is probably the best neighborhood in Hartford and the safest after Downtown. Bars, a small grocery store, pharmacy, good restaurants, fast food and my bank are within walking distance. U Conn Law School and Elizabeth Park are also nearby. I work downtown and regularly hop on the bus which stops right on Farmington Avenue and is pretty reliable (for a bus). The rent is reasonable considering heat and hot water, off street parking and a fitness center are included. The fitness center is one of the best I've seen as far as options (it isn't new and shiny, but it's functional). Multiple cardio machines, a full set of dumbbells and two racks with barbells (squat rack, multiple benches, etc.). Not a whole lot of weight machines if you prefer those, but I don't use them. I have seen some strange things going on in the parking lot (twice I've seen a car with a missing front wheel), but am honestly unsure of what the story is with that. I have called the super a few times and have always gotten a prompt response -- even when I was causing the problem (e.g., I didn't realize that I needed to turn on a switch to work the dishwashing machine). I haven't seen any rodents. Maybe they come out after my bedtime? Ha! I have recommended the place. Generally, it meets my needs and I'd say it's a good value for someone who wants one stop shopping.
Heather Allen
a year ago
I have been living here for a couple of years now and love how close I am to everything. The office staff is extremely helpful especially when I have any unforeseen issues going on in my apartment or in general. Overall, the best place to live in Hartford for the price and location.
Jalicea Jea
a month ago
Clemens place could get in trouble. That's all I have to say ....besides this place is hell.
Eric Rios
9 months ago
Nasty Bed bugs everywhere in the buildings Management is probably the biggest joke ever...
jenan alrababa
2 years ago
It's not so bad, Ive seen worse. Its the trashy but not so trashy apartment.. Its OWKAY.
Stacey DeLeonardo
a year ago
Beautiful place and great staff!!!
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