Waters Edge Apartments
10901 NW 40th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351
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denise roche
a month ago
Love our place and view of the lake. But there are to many disrespectful people here. We park our motorcycle sideways in one spot and park in front of it. But others think they can park there also and coming less than an inch of hitting it. It's very rude. They need a sign parking and guest parking for very little parking they have. Lazy people also don't put their garbage bags in dumpster they leave it on the ground for animals to get into it. Looking to move when lease is up. The staff is nice. But I don't see anything happening. They tell me they will work on it. I've called the police twice for the parking in front of my motorcycle. I will pay the towing next time it happens. I'm so fed up with it. Work long days and to come home to this.
Dana Gold
3 months ago
I did A LOT of research before choosing on a place to live. I moved in late Oct, 2015. After a mix up of me paying a deposit and them notifying me 3 wks before move in the previous tenant was no longer moving out... and me freaking out... last minute they secured a place for me. It was on the water and the same price so I could finally breathe (after wasting a few hundred dollars filling out applications elsewhere just in case something didn't go through. Since I moved in: the unit was not clean at all the first time I walked into the apartment. True, $500 isn't a big deposit, but they should at least inspect the unit to make sure it's clean. *I couldn't sleep in the apartment the first night because even though the unit was empty for a few weeks before moving in, they had to "fix" something in the bathroom that smelled REALLY BAD and gave me a terrible headache from the chemicals/fumes, so I got a hotel the first night. *AC has broke about 5 times resulting in 2 floods. 1 flood in the closet from the AC leaking, 1 flood in the master bedroom after a portable AC was temporarily put in my room after a part needed to be ordered, and I guess they were supposed to put something out the window to leak out the water and they didn't. This has killed my electric bill from the AC working so hard to cool down the unit. *The dryer has had to be fixed about 3 x and it still takes me about 3 x to run the dryer in order for a small load of clothes to be completely dry; this has killed my electric bill. *The sink was backed up upon move in and I wasn't able to use it, this was fixed right away though. I wrote an email to the office to see what they can do about the AC breaking about 5 times since 10/23 and the high electric bills from dryer & AC unit - I'm starting to think maybe I chose the wrong place to call home. This place has cost me $150 in 2 different hotel stays; 1 when I first moved in and 1 night when the AC broke and I just couldn't handle the heat. An average of $180 electric bills due to dryer & AC. 5 ruined pairs of shoes from the closet leaking water from the AC (about $300). $250 in extra application fees since my unit was not secured even after paying initial money. On the bright side, maintenance is nice and so are office staff.. but nice means nothing when it comes to comfort of living. We had a rough start; I will update this to advise if they end up doing anything for all the inconvenience/extra money spent.
Mar Brags
8 months ago
Roaches little and big everywere. I was very exited about the place, its very nice looking inside with a very pleasant view. But as soon as we moved in we found roaches of all sizes in the kitchen, cosets, even the ceiling! It took 6 months for the pest problem to go away completely. Very disgusted as they should have solved that proble before we even moved in.
Rudy Correa-Camilo
a year ago
Waters Edge Apartments is a fantastic place to live in. Beautiful scenery, most importantly clean, you'll find efficiency with all their staff members and as a plus great customer service. This is definitely a quiet community, near great places such as shopping malls, THE GREAT WELLEBY PARK (if you enjoy running walking, soccer, barbeque, etc.) safe with a nice array of mid-class working people around you. Great Pool, tennis court and a small exercise room.
orion turner
4 months ago
I like it my nana live there n a lot of fishing spots
Victor Delgado
2 years ago
Amazing the property manager Wendy Solano works hard to provide a safe neighborhood that I feel good to live in. Keep it up.
Fe-lisa Ricketts
11 months ago
There's bad roachs and frogs
Fa Ked
2 years ago
Not into writing a neg review - Already looking to move.
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