Landmark at Magnolia Glen
2135 Centennial Dr
Hoover, AL 35216
Lorna Rd & Centennial Drive
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Norin Brightblade
reviewed in the last week
From day one the leasing office staff has been very professional and prompt. James has helped me with everything I have asked him about. Any issues I have brought to his attention were promptly taken care of with his direct supervision. My studio is beyond perfect for my lifestyle; in both price and size. This complex is in a transition from worse to better, and you can tell it. You can also tell that the staff is well on there way to get these things under control. I personally look forward to watching it get better during my stay here!
David Hinton
reviewed 2 weeks ago
I was getting out of the military so I could not tour the place before I rented it. Wish I had moved my family under a bridge and saved the trouble. Moved in, there were broken windows, dry rotted window frames, and bugs still laying around. The painters had spray painted the vent ducting closed. The doors from the previous tenets were all kicked in and hack jobbed back together. The apartment behind us has kids breaking out the empty apartment windows and doing drugs inside, you can clearly see them but they do not care. There is 18 parking spots outside, with 32 cars parked in there. They are on the grass and everything, you get here and get a spot and need to leave later... you have to go door to door to get people to move.. if they will. The office people are moderately nice. mostly lip service. they do not care and it really shows after the hot air they blow at you. Best thing about living here are the bird droppings!
Judy Le
reviewed 3 weeks ago
It is unfortunate that these nice apartments are so poorly maintained and managed. I recently moved here in March---I was shown a beautiful apartment and after I submitted the application, they called to tell me that there was something wrong with the apartment, but the had another one available in the same location with the exact same floor plan. I agreed (which was my mistake for not taking another tour, but lesson learned), and was placed in an apartment in the exact floor plan but not the same condition. The associate who moved me in did not do a walk through with me, and when I informed the apartment manager of that, she told me that she would get back to me....still waiting. I moved into an apartment that was not move-in ready. There were dead roaches every of the closet doors was off its hinge, the apartment was not painted (I know that because there are some children's scribbles all over the doors and walls), the carpets were not replaced or changed (and they are disgusting), the apartment itself is dingy and dirty. If you step outside onto my patio, you will find discarded toys and stray cats. The maintenance here is terrible. They "fix" things in a timely manner, but they don't do it correctly. My dryer wasn't working with the dryer connections, and after the maintenance man was certain that it was my dryer and not the outlet---I had someone else come look at it and replace the broken dryer outlet. The dumpsters are always overflowing; I'm unsure if it's because they don't empty the dumpster often enough or because there is some shady business going on, but the dumpsters always have bags and bags and bags of trash overflowing from it with mattresses and furniture and the like (I hear from another tenant that this is because they're always evicting people). Along with that, we have doggie stations located throughout the complex for you to discard your doggie bags when you clean up after your pet. I moved in March, six months later, the disposals haven't been changed. People are now just putting their bags on the ground since it can no longer fit in the station. I wrote and called the office about it, thinking that this is a commonly missed area because we're in the back of the complex..they apologized, but have not emptied the container. There were 3 apartments robbed about a month ago; one of them was in my building. Directly across from her apartment was an empty apartment that didn't have a lock on in and squatters were living there. Shady things like this occur all over the complex and attract a lot of crime. The tenants who were robbed were allowed out of their lease...I wish I were so lucky to be allowed out of my lease, but that seems unlikely unless something equally terrible occurs. My true concern is how unsympathetic and unconcerned the apartment manager (who is new) is when I brought up these issues to her. They're only concerned with processing your rent...which isn't available until the 1st of the month, and is past due by the 4th. If you try to pay your rent before the first, the system doesn't show you how much you owe in rent or water. You have exactly 3 days to pay what you owe.
angel pearson
reviewed 4 months ago
Worst apartment complex. Don't bother renting here. They don't even bother to keep up general building maintenance and exterior cleaning( the buildings and walkways are hideously grimy and they make no effort to pressure wash or clean buildings). On top of this ill treatment is the fact that you may think you're getting a good deal with rent, but you're going to pay hundreds more in gas and power, even though the hot water only stays hot for about ten minutes. They've fired most of the maintenance, and are only concerned with getting people into these old apartments so that they can build more and run those down. Basically, this place is a project housing by another name.
reviewed in the last week
I am resident here since 7 years ago, the change that they have been doing lately has been wanderful they have a new nice and friendly staf, the apartments are the best you can find around. So I can suggest you to come here and be a new resident and take advantage of the specials they are running.
Cameron Robinson
reviewed a month ago
The leasing office was always very professional and super nice! Any maintenance requests were handled promptly! My studio was very fitting for my solitary lifestyle. The neighbors were quiet in my building and very respectful of one another.
Ami Measel
reviewed 2 months ago
Terrible place to live! I've had EVERY TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE here in the past 4 years! From roaches crawling on me in my sleep, to mold growing in my apartment AND numerous floods and leaks that have NEVER BEEN FIXED!! We are living in filth and are currently stuck with no other options ATM!!!! I will post pics, if possible! It's NASTY! DONT MOVE/live here!!!
Disgusted Tenant
reviewed 5 months ago
HATED IT! I tried to overlook the bad reviews as they seemed biased because of certain incidents, however, our experience has been AWFUL. Our studio apt was poorly renovated, the kitchen sink worked for two days, stopped draining. I did not want maintenance in my apt because they do not wear uniforms and it would be easy to make a mistake. The apt was absolutely infested with roaches of multiple species. They crawled into bed with us and onto the stove while i cooked and you could not set your food down on the table and walk away. This continued even after the apt complex had our unit sprayed. The staff for new tenants are polite and helpful. Unfortunately, they recently moved the office for current residents (the location of which was not on the website, map, facebook, or email, and there was no sign showing where to drive) and they are forcing people to pay their rent online, however if you use a debit card, THEY CHARGE $35 CONVIENCE FEE EVERY MONTH. that's a whole tank of gas in my car. WHY??? I don't get charged that kind of fee for shopping online anywhere else? this is the 21st century the staff were very unsympathetic to us (who must drive to the library to use internet.) They are bullying people into their process of being a tenant as apposed to trying to be helpful in all ways to the people they should be working to please. They are such a large company the helpful smile and versatile office personnel are a thing of ancient history here.... DO NOT RENT HERE!
Phi Ly
reviewed 6 months ago
Absolutely worst apartment complex in Hoover. Poor customer service, poor maintenance services, and the manager is not friendly at all. Can't wait to leave. Glad I only signed on for 7 months. Also only has 3 day grace period, which they were closed for one of them and still charged 100 extra dollars. Most other places allow 5 days, especially around the holidays and not everyone get's paid on time. But instead of just waiting until the weekend was over, (it was Sunday., they couldn't deposit the money anyway...), they put up a red letter on your door and request an extra 100 dollars for not paying on time... Another issue is poor circuitry. The power often kicks off if you aren't careful of what you plug in and the breaker is not in my apartment, it is actually connected next door. One time, they couldn't turn on my power for an entire weekend, and finally they told me they couldn't without entering another tenant's apartment.... (two days without A/C during the hot Summer...) So I had to wait til my neighbor got home and he ended up switching my power on. From there on, I just had to knock on my neighbors door because maintenance WILL NOT be able to do anything for you. Another issue you will face is stray cats. Often I'll walk outside my apartment and cat feces and vomit will be all over the stairs or pathway of our building. (Ironically our building was "Building of the Month" for December, yet nobody from the complex bothered cleaning up the beer cans or animal vomit from our parking lot). Spiders are another thing that this complex can't get rid of. In front of our building, the bushes are COVERED in spider webs. This wouldn't seem like such a big deal, except the spiders crawl into our cars and windowsills and cover those in spider webs too... It is a seriously annoying issue that we tenants should not have to face. Decent pest control is in our contract... The last issue I face is simply that it has been SO COLD lately, and they are not providing a habitable living environment. I put a maintenance request to have my heater fixed... Yet nobody has come by. Hopefully they get their act together soon, I believe the manager's name is D. Skinner, very impolite and has no professional demeanor (he came in wearing tight pants and a skullcap). He was rude, refused to understand, and had a cocky attitude. There was a lobby full of disgruntled tenants, and he failed to appease ANY of us. Overall, I would NOT recommend this place to anyone unless they are DESPERATE for a relatively cheap apartment around Hoover. They offer very little as far as commodities and their customer service is beyond poor.
Carlos Peak
reviewed 3 months ago
This house is very beautiful were going to move n a new house I find know what neighborhood but we went yesterday day I didn't pay attention in e seen the house it,s beautiful to my name is Carlos
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