Landmark at Magnolia Glen
2135 Centennial Dr
Hoover, AL 35216
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Roderick Edwards
7 months ago
I have been living in the community since February and I am not impressed at all with my experience there. There is always trash in the parking lot. The trash compactor has more trash on the ground instead of in the actual bin. The leasing consultants are not professional and they will never return your calls even if you leave a thousand messages. Maintenance never completes any work orders, and their excuse is they never received any work order. I have submitted work orders online, on the phone, and in person in the rent office and no one has came to complete a work order to this date. I moved in on February 27th, and they said they had to fix a leak in one of the sinks in the bathroom. As of April 30th, I still have dirty pipes sitting on the floor that have yet to be connected to my sink. The breezeway is always trashy. When you talk to the people in the office about your many concerns, they say they don't have time to address the small problems. Overall horrible experience!!! When you request to speak to a manager, they say they will deliver the message to them. I have yet to talk to anyone about my many concerns. I will not be renewing my lease and I definitely would not recommend this property to anyone!!! Stay away!!!
Seth Eden
8 months ago
They have more cockroaches and bed bugs than drywall and carpet! I've been moving all of my cloths, bedding, food and kitchen food-prep items out of my unit every day, then back in for the evening so that each day I can spray with bug bombs and try to kill some of these bugs! Even with all that work I still see bed bugs and cockroaches daily! Their populations recover from the bug bomb in less than 12 hours! The back of my neck looks like hamburger from all the bug bites! I just got a new fresh bite on my finger that is swelling up, and that was after I started using the bug bombs daily! I have to cover my body in Icy-Hot every night because it's the only thing the bed bugs don't like the smell of, and even that isn't full proof! This apartment complex is so over priced considering the condition its in. The office NEVER answers the phone! I called them over 50 times one day just to see what it would take to get them to pick up the phone, eventually they started picking it up and hanging up immediately without saying anything! Maintenance staff can be hit and miss. The drains clog up all the time, and the landscaping doesn't exist! Basically just mounds of dirt every place! All the trees have roots sticking up out of the ground and the sidewalks are covered in trash! The way they trim their trees is like they want the trees to die and grow in ugly ways! It's disgusting! Call it a tree torture chamber! I have called the Alabama Department of Public Health and informed them of the cockroach and bed bug infestation! We will see what they do about it! I feel like I'm living in a carapace and it smells like one too! I have to leave the fan running with the door open all evening to just get some fresh air into this place so I can breath at night, even with that I still need to put Icy-Hot under my nose to mask the smell! It might be cleaner living in a White Castle dumpster! Probably smell better too!
Brandon Terrell
5 months ago
Very unprofessional. There is a severe bug problem. Maintenance does not wear or a uniform or even show up. The office has a glaring turnover problem. They don't even answer the phone when you call. They say that there is an option to pay your rent online but the site is never working. Just don't waste your time here.
Laura Lucas
6 months ago
In the TWO years I have lived here I have seen it go downhill. I cannot even get in touch with the office OR maintenance. My dishwasher has been broken for 2 months, leaking water and they don't even care, even after submitting 5 requests. I am trying to move ASAP!!!!! I am at work before they open, and they are closed before I get home at night. Maybe they need to WORK harder to provide their residents with the things they are required in their lease to provide!!!!!!!!!!!! But alas, they will never see this and it won't make a difference. If you have a choice, DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh Smith
a year ago
I can't speak poorly enough to my experience at Magnolia Glen. It took me more than a month dealing with the office staff to even lease an apartment, because they will not return your calls, and most of the time won't even answer the phone. The inside of my apartment was clean because the person who had moved out that day had cleaned it (thank the Lord), but everywhere outside is a mess. Spiderwebs everywhere, flickering lights, shrubs growing through the fence of my porch. And they won't answer the phone for me to schedule maintenance! 2 weeks into my stay my car was broken into, which is no surprise. The parking lot is very dimly lit, and there is no security provided by the complex. MY FIRST NIGHT IN MY APARTMENT I WOKE UP TO A SCORPION IN MY BED. DO YOU NEED ANOTHER REASON TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE? Water for my 1 bedroom is $60+ per month, and you have a different window to pay rent every month. Looking to trap you in some $100 fees! Stay anywhere else, even if it means renting a hotel room for 6 months.
Rebecca Anderson
12 months ago
This is truly the worst place I have ever lived. They showed me a beautiful apt. I was given a beat up , run down location. The amount I agreed to pay was increased without my consent. I was moving for work, all of my stuff in a UHAUL. What could I do? Their maintenance staff is ridiculously slow. They've put VACANT signs in my mail box twice making it impossible to receive my mail. They have sent back my packages & never told me I had them. I have left multiple messages with the office in the past & it takes forever to get a response. I have multiple doctor bills for headaches & have just learned my gas is hooked up incorrectly & that could be the potential reason for such. I have lived here 6 months & still have a missing burner for my stove. The turnover in this office makes it difficult to follow up on anything & easy for them to Pass The Buck every time anyone complains. I moved here for work reasons. It was supposed to be an improvement in life. I can't wait until I can afford to move again.
Christi Newman
a year ago
Because of the staff's complete incompetency and total apathy, my husband and I are pretty much homeless. We went to look at the model apartment and decided to move there based on the fact that we could move out after we bought a home. The staff seemed caring and helpful. After we agreed and signed a reservation agreement, the staff never answered the phone, never called us back and when they did talk to us, they would say one thing, and then either do the opposite or tell us the opposite the next time we asked. A week before we were to move, we found out that they were changing our apartments due to a water leak. The day before we were to move, we went up there to look at the apartment, but it wasn't ready and they wouldn't let us in. After we sat there forever, they let us in and we found no lights at all in the apt. The next day, we packed up to move and called and the apartment wasn't ready as of 1 p.m. that day, move in day, and they wouldn't let the utility people in, even though they assured us they would. We were then told that the policy is you can't get the keys until after 5 p.m. the day you pay your first rent. Who moves at 5 p.m. at night, especially when the office closes at 7?! We went up there to finally tell them we weren't moving. When we got there, the staff, one who wrote a glowing Google review of the apt by the way, yelled at us, called us liars and asked us to leave. I've never been treated with such disrespect in my life. This is how you treat a customer, a client? In the end, we're happy we didn't move in there. Through work, I've met people who live there and say it's an awful place, things are always broken and it's not a safe place to live. So, I plead with you, please don't even consider this place! We decided it's better for us to be homeless than actually live there.
Adnan hussain
a year ago
I was the resident of Apt 4322 from 1st Sep 2013 till Nov 3rd 2014 and actually took over the lease from my friend in 2013 who also lived there for an year . I decided to move out by the end of my lease in August '14 but forgot to turn in My 60 days notice on 1st July so called in by the end of july and request that what if one of my friend and his wife wants to take over my lease by the end of lease agreement which is 30th August . He was willing to turn in Application and pay for background check and turn in all the required paperwork but the only problem was they want me to be there "physically" in the leasing office at the time of transfer which i can't be able to do as I was with my pregnant wife in Georgia and she wasn't be able to travel as per her Dr's recommendation I requested the Manager what if i signed the paper and get it "Notarized" from designated Notary public and send it to leasing office they denied as its against their "Policy" even offer to give my friend " Power of Attorney" so that he can sign on my Behalf they so "No" even tho is Perfectly legal way and will not harm them in any way All the offers of Video chat ,Skype were denied too . I talked to several people in the office even some Manager in "Corporate Office" who wants me to send her Medical records and Letters from Dr so that she can "Think" about my request but never bothers to call me back or reply to my texts or calls again and one of the "Assistant Manager" at the leasing office threaten me with "Eviction Notice" and Immediately terminating my lease as i'm voilating the lease agreement by not living there ( Even tho I'm always paying rent on time and none of the neighbors have complains against me ) only because I'm arguing with them to consider my request .I end up submitting my 60 days notice and pay $150 Dollars more in rent after August and move out on 3rd November and Now Its been 18 days I'm trying to update my new address so that they can send me back my "Deposit Refund Check" several calls to leasing office only results in taking my no and promise that some one from corporate Accounts call me back .Uptill now there is No "Ackknowledgment" from Anywhere that they have my new Address and I dont even know When Am I going to get my Deposit Money back . They should Consider their "Stuck up Rules" and "Red tape Techniques" as we are not living in 70's any more and It actually cost them more in paying cleaning/maintenance crew to get my Apt ready for New tenant instead of letting my friend get the lease transfered on his name and get the Apt as it is and they also lost the prospective future Tenant. I dont recommend any one ever to move to this Apt only because of management i never had any issues with maintenance/safety/Neighborhood. Note: Some Maintenance Guy Entered into My Apt without any notice or Knocking at the Door on 5th October 2014 as he's been told By Management at leasing office that Apt 4322 is vacant . I filed complain for it and they do Apologize by putting your Guy's in a harms way is not a good Idea as any one can consider them as intruder and do harm them.
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