Harbour Gates
2001 Harbour Gates Dr
Annapolis, MD 21401
A. A. M. C Jennifer Rd
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Johnny Heart
reviewed 9 months ago
Air conditioning unit went out five times within a month and a half. Two of those times happened within 24 hours of maintenance coming out to fix it. At one point, the low was 90, I informed them when I called that the AC was broken, we live on the top level and I have a two year old and a babysitter in the apartment at this time. They told me someone would be out by the end of the business day. I called at 8:30am. I returned home at 8:15pm. Called the 24 hour maintenance number and they magically made it out to us at around 10:00pm. Not worth the trouble, nor the sarcasm from the managers, nor the unsettling "creepiness" of the maintenance men.
A Google User
reviewed 5 years ago
I looked at quite a few places before I moved to Annapolis, and this was the best place for the price. The location is ideal: close to Rte 50, the mall, the hospital, my work and even relatively close to downtown. The rooms are a good size, but the kitchen is very small in comparison. Occasionally, I will hear the people upstairs but that is something I have always dealt with living in apartment complexes. I will say the windows aren't very insulated, so it is a good idea to take some extra measures to keep the electric bill down in the winter. So far, the staff have been really friendly and helpful. All packages that you get are delivered to the office, so you don't have to risk something being taken off your doorstep. Unfortunately, if you work during the office hours, then you have to wait until the weekend to get your mail. I haven't had any issues with parking and there are always extra spaces if my friends come to visit. This apt complex is also cat and dog friendly, but they don't allow caged pets which was surprising to me.
A Google User
reviewed 4 years ago
Unfortunately one of the nicer apartments in the area. Will find a way to screw you out of your security deposit when you leave. Don't believe anything the front desk tells you, get everything in writing, because when you move out they will charge you an outrageous amount to paint or fix whatever you may have modified under the false belief that it was Ok to do so.
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago