Citation Club
4801 S Citation Dr
Delray Beach, FL 33445
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Uday Kiran
2 months ago
Community is very clean and nice. Like it. Request staff to be more polite and answer to customers please. You can do better!!. thanks.
Alicia Nicolas
7 months ago
Our rent went up $200 per month when our lease was up! We moved to a newer community. Even though we were never home they charge you for wear and tear on the carpet based on how long you were there, so don't expect much of your deposit back.
Chris Sherman
11 months ago
The Citation Club is awesome! All of the staff there is friendly and helpful, maintenance is responsive and the property is kept clean and updated. Highly recommend them!!!
Loretta Abrams
a year ago
After 10 years still happy as the day we moved in. The staff is wonderful and the grounds immaculate. Any problems, we have had only a few minor ones have been addressed quickly and coureously. Would highly recommend this community
Adi Pandey
2 years ago
I have to agree with a below review that girls in the front office are wretched. The two young girls - the black one is super cunning (Bianca ? as far as I remember), no regard for future possible resident and talks like she is doing a favor. Yeah, seriously. Super Arrogant. The white college girl is friendly and sexy and a slick talker. No wonder she is the one who comes over to explain the deal. But again as if she is pushed to do her job and she told me the rent different than what was online. I felt that they were trying to hide something. Too much fee for sure.There are some more communities in the area. Check them out before you lease with this crap. I did not take the lease here. I took my lease at San Marco. Very nice community.
Alex Williams
3 years ago
The worst place I ever lived. They will lie to get every penny from you. And you will never see your deposit. I travel for work and was almost never there but despite this they found ways to deduct every cent from $1000 deposit. I would never recommend this place to anyone. And the rent increases by over $200 a month once the one year is over. People were constantly moving in and out because very few stay for any length of time with those price hikes. The girls in the front office are wretched when you ask for any assistance as well.
dk boo
3 years ago
While the maintenance is excellent, you may want to think twice before moving here if you plan on staying any length of time. These apartments are upscale but the rent increase are substantial every time. This will be my second time around with them. I did not plan on moving but I will be. Trust me you can find a far superior apartment for $1500 you are going to wind up paying for a 2 bedroom when you go to renew your lease!
Asher Hammerman
2 years ago
Horrible management. People hear your concerns like you're doing them a favor. Small and cramped gym for the amount of people that reside there. Poor resident relations across the boards. Unsanitary and neglected dog park makes for a hazard for both dog and owner. Nazi like rules enforced in a Nazi like manner. Makes you yearn for a efficient management company like ones in New York. Anonymous Google Users that have given this complex high ratings are probably employed by Citation Club or Riverstone. BEWARE!
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