Twin Creek Apartments
1111 James Donlon Blvd
Antioch, CA 94509
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Marquita Kennedy
a month ago
The Teammembers at Twin Creeks are stellar! Thanks for your attention to detail with making sure I am pleased every step of the way with my new location, listening to me and not over selling what should be a natural choice for quality at a nice price. Your assistance with my desires for a great location to live on the property and exceeding my expectations! Go Team! And a extra special thanks to Jessica and her direct supervisor ( her name is right there..... Sorry can't remember, she's still a great young lady and her style of leadership is clearly evident as the smooth sailing of operations is on point at Twin Creeks 2016 ).
Brittany Foster
4 months ago
Water bugs in the apartment I had 6 mangers in 11 months during my 11 month lease don't get fooled by the nice scenery way to expensive and not very unprofessional
Samer Al Haddadin
a year ago
The staff are nice and professional but they don't follow up with concerns! The community looks nice however the apartments are really old and it's obvious! I would only recommend them for the nice and friendly staff!
Nick Gonzalez
a year ago
i went in today trying to look at and rent an apartment and i was completely ignored i stood there for about 10 to 15 minutes while the people who worked there sat in their office and completely ignored me. very unhappy
Jenny Black
2 years ago
I really enjoyed living here - unfortunately for me I had to relocate closer to work but I would recommend the complex to anyone in the area. Its a very safe - quiet complex and the management staff is always very friendly-professional and helpful which is an anomoly for rental complexs of this size. I read past reviews and those, from my experience ,seem to have been resolved with Marcus who took over right about the time I began my lease so I never had any issues whatsoever. I gave four out of five simply because the one thing that I would like to say would be "better" is the garbage service. That's more a complaint for them directly - the concept is nice but it was just hard for me with my schedule to navigate this. Most likely would be fine for anyone with normal working hours. :)
Angellyca Moore
3 years ago
PLEASE READ! I have lived here for almost 2 years I thought it looked nice but its not and I blame management! ROACHES EVERY WHERE! Ihad pest control come out 4 times and I am not a dirty person and still cant get rid of them and they are the BIG ROACHES TOO! Besides that I wake up in the middle of the night too loud music outside and people breaking into cars.My car was broken into they did nothing you think they would gate the apartment complex or have security but no because they dont care.Garbage is $40 a month and they dont have garbage dumpsters if they miss your garbage and they only pick up weekdays only but no holidays. Maintenance is a joke my screen to my window still is not fixed or my garbage disposal.There is so much to complain about I just want innocent people to be aware of what there getting to I might as well live the ghetto.Cant wait till the lease is over IM GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE!
Luis duran
2 years ago
was a former tenant from twin creeks, and it’s basically a place that you want to stay away from, you get all sorts of new charges, no to mention that they sell to you the water at a very high price, since you have no water miter even if you are on vacations, you get to pay the same amount even if you are not in the house, bassically all tenants are being charge for the water used on the pool & water pond where fish are, not to mention the garbage service imposed by the office they charge you 45 for the valet garbage service, which they should, t be charging for garbage, if you forget garbage can outside of apartment you get a penalty for 25 dollars, any ways, the only good thing about that place it’s just the park on the side, kitchen to small, management uncap able of solving issues on premises’, my ac system never worked for the 3 years i lived in this place they couldn,t fix it and suggested me to buy a windows ac system, that is sucks, go to the office with a complain if you get lucky they will get it solved within a week or two, manager says it’s the average time for thing to get solved, winch I personally think it’s to much,,, lots of roaches, infested with mice winch are the only animal you can have in the apartment out of charge, cause they can get rid of them otherwise you will get charge for it, check all reviews, and don’t fall for it, pretty much what most of the Negative reviews tell you here, is right no more or less, I would,t rent or recommend it to anybody, Thank you!!! when it comes to reviews, manager says it doesn’t affect them, that is what I was told by him, and I thing he is totally wrong cause through as tenants they get their pay checks, but it seems he doesn’t care, hopefully management will correct his attitude, cause through this kind of don’t care behavior, attitude people is moving away..
3 years ago
I’ve living here for over 2 years although I do not recommend this place to anybody roaches all over place, not to mention mice, those are the only pet included in your property and come free of charge, and they can’t get rid of, cut garbage service, if you forget your garbage can outside apartment you get a penalty for 25 dollars each time, I worked hole day no time to pull garbage out so I’m paying for a service that I don’t need but it is mandatory And like someone said in the review, and it is very thru they keep adding charges, Don’t believed get an apartment so that you can see shitti service, people just comes and goes, because of that... get an apartment and see for yourself, but don’t say you weren’t warn of all of this So over all, for the price you can get a better place in Oakley or Brentwood which by the way ‘crime and theft it is becoming already an everyday thing, got the windshield of my car broken cause of that... thank you!!!
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