The Crossing at Barry Road
7831 NW Roanridge Rd
Kansas City, MO 64151
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Matthew Howell
a month ago
Revising my previous rating to 3 stars solely because of maintenance. Every single maintenance employee is dishonest and lazy. The higher up on the maintenance chain you go, the emptier the promises get. Any repair takes at least a week to get a response and that's only if you incessantly call to remind them that nothing has been done. I've been lied to (my face) more times than I can count. Considering how excellent everything else is at the crossing, it's shocking how pathetic the maintenance department is. 0 out of 5 stars for maintenance. If anything improves, I'll update my rating when it happens or when I move out in 2017. 5 out of 5 stars for the wonderful staff in the front office. Always friendly and helpful. 5 out of 5 stars for the grounds/property. Always pretty and clean. 5 out of 5 for location. Close to any store you need and an extremely safe area. However, I WOULD NOT recommend The Crossing at Barry Road Apts to anyone solely due to the maintenance issue.
Tasha Miller
2 months ago
The crossing has a safe feeling! There have been reports of cars being broken into at times- but that is something that can and will happen almost anywhere at some point and time! I have to drive almost 30 minutes to get to work but I feel that living in a place where I can sleep feeling safe makes the drive worth it! There is a security system by the front door and a panic button on a cord in my bedroom. I saw some people complaining about goose poop on the property but again- I think the little lakes and the geese are a beautiful and peaceful addition 😂😉. The poop is a small price to pay for getting to enjoy all the beauty and nature. It can be hard to find places to park that are close to your apartment, but even if you have to walk a short distance there will always be a spot for your vehicle. My apartment was incredibly clean and freshly painted before I moved in! That was something that was very important to me when apartment searching and I have not been disappointed. They had also just placed brand new carpet. There is some building/construction going on across the street that is quite noisy but other than that it's typically quiet and I can never hear my neighbors. I'm a light sleeper so this was something I had been looking for in reviews when I was apartment searching. I haven't had to deal much with the staff but as far as I'm concerned they've been very friendly! They don't budge when it comes to fees or monthly rent. I had issues with my bank one month and didn't realize my automatic payment wasn't made and was charged a late fee. I can understand why they need to be so strict though with the there being so many apartments and residents. There has to be order! I adore this place. Giving it a 5 !
Debi Richir
4 months ago
The new management at the Crossing has made offers to help address some of the issues that the complex is having. Promises have been made we hope they will be followed through. Previous post: Wow, can tell the property was sold a couple of years ago. Property is slowly deteriorating. After 10 years as a resident, we can testify to this. Most of our friends who have lived here 5+ years are leaving. Lots of new, and updated places opening up in the area. We keep getting the rent increases yet still have to have overflowing out-of service dumpsters every weekend. Office staff needs lots of customer service training or maybe corporate support to get work orders completed in a reasonable time. Their communication between each other, maintenance, and residents is pitiful. As others have mentioned, don't seem too bright... One told us we didn't get Google Fiber because it would cost millions of dollars. They need to check their facts, Google changed policies a year ago (and advertised it) and are covering the installation costs for apartments now, get your facts straight people. Now we have heard there are an increase in break-ins and big turn over with maintenance because of unaccounted for master keys, great :( Good luck to the new staff with trying to change the perceived declining impression of the property.
Angelica Maxwell
3 weeks ago
If I could give a 0 I would. I was moved into a place that was not move-in ready. The closet shelving was coming out of the wall and I couldn't finishing moving in until they fixed it which took several days. The flooring in the bathroom was damaged and I was told before I moved in it would be fixed... It wasn't. Icing on the cake of this experience, I moved out and put in my notice... Well, they "lost it" which in turn made me had to "extend" my stay. This place is overpriced for the lack of space and hospitality. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!
Mallory Jansen
2 months ago
Everyone in the office is SO nice and more than willing to help in any way! we had a couple issues with leaks and other everyday things you can expect but they handled all of them in a timely and professional manor!
Kay Khorram
7 months ago
I have lived here two years and I love my apartment. The floor plan is one of the best! The office staff have always been friendly, helpful, and upbeat. The grounds, with the little "lakes" are very pretty and inviting. It is a large complex, so keeping up with the never ending issues of painting, etc, is an understandable challenge. I believe efforts are made, and the amenities here are abundant. In regards to the trash bins-I personally think there are some non-residents who frequent the area to dump their trash. I just renewed my lease for another year, and was happy to do so.
Nathan Petrie
5 months ago
I have lived at The Crossing for a few months now and I have been very happy with the complex. It is a large complex so I generally cut the maintenance some slack, but I also haven't had any major issues. The only issue I've had with maintenance is they said my laundry room door would be painted to match since it was a slightly off color white, but I haven't heard anything since moving in. I'm not too worried about it though. I can let stuff like that slide as long as when something major happens, they are on top of their game. Fingers crossed. The complex itself is great. I have a golden retriever puppy and we have a wide variety of landscapes to explore whether that be the lake, the nearby woods, or the plethora of sidewalks around. I'm hoping the dog park receives some attention this spring. It could use a new layer of mulch and some obstacles. Currently it is just a mulch rectangle with a fence around it. I'm not complaining, it could be better utilized space though. $75/month for a garage that doesn't even have a 110v outlet? Come on you guys. The least you could do is let me run a shop light or buffer. I can't even charge my car battery. That's just stupid. My utilities are very reasonable. My second floor apartment is very well insulated, I went 3 weeks in January without turning on the heat. The inside temp never dropped below 65. That is a commonly overlooked quality of a complex and shouldn't be. My electric bill for a two bedroom apartment in January was barely over $100. The gym could use some improvements and expansion. If there is more than two people working out is awkwardly small. It's free though, so you decide if it's worth the complaint. Yeah the rent is mildly high but given the area and quality of complex, it isn't outrageous. My experience has been worth the rent and I have no motivation to leave the complex. It is close to EVERYTHING and you can be on I-29 in 30 seconds. I wish the trash situation was handled differently. I don't like having to ruck my trash to one of the two dumpsters in the entire complex. It's pretty normal to see people driving with trash bags on their cars because it's the best way to get it to the dumpster given the size of the complex. That is splitting hairs though. It's just mildly inconvenient. Washers and dryers weren't provided, but they offer rentals. Just buy a used set. For the price of two months rental you could pay for a used washer and dryer and the only person you can blame for it breaking is yourself. All in all, I have been very happy with my decision to live at The Crossing. The other tenants aren't problematic and I've never once been inconvenienced or annoyed by another tenant. That is saying something. We can't wait for the two pool areas to open up because they look like awesome areas.
Mary Balano
5 months ago
The apartments are great, great location, and quiet community. However all the management cares about is money. When I signed my lease I asked for 2 accent painted walls that were to of been done when I moved in. When I moved in, not only were they not done, but my dryer was broken, and my dishwasher was in pieces on the floor. Despite all this, they demanded the money for the walls and added late charges. Great apartment, money hungry management.
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