The Crossing at Barry Road
7831 NW Roanridge Rd
Kansas City, MO 64151
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Debi Richir
a month ago
The new management at the Crossing has made offers to help address some of the issues that the complex is having. Promises have been made we hope they will be followed through. Previous post: Wow, can tell the property was sold a couple of years ago. Property is slowly deteriorating. After 10 years as a resident, we can testify to this. Most of our friends who have lived here 5+ years are leaving. Lots of new, and updated places opening up in the area. We keep getting the rent increases yet still have to have overflowing out-of service dumpsters every weekend. Office staff needs lots of customer service training or maybe corporate support to get work orders completed in a reasonable time. Their communication between each other, maintenance, and residents is pitiful. As others have mentioned, don't seem too bright... One told us we didn't get Google Fiber because it would cost millions of dollars. They need to check their facts, Google changed policies a year ago (and advertised it) and are covering the installation costs for apartments now, get your facts straight people. Now we have heard there are an increase in break-ins and big turn over with maintenance because of unaccounted for master keys, great :( Good luck to the new staff with trying to change the perceived declining impression of the property.
Kay Khorram
4 months ago
I have lived here two years and I love my apartment. The floor plan is one of the best! The office staff have always been friendly, helpful, and upbeat. The grounds, with the little "lakes" are very pretty and inviting. It is a large complex, so keeping up with the never ending issues of painting, etc, is an understandable challenge. I believe efforts are made, and the amenities here are abundant. In regards to the trash bins-I personally think there are some non-residents who frequent the area to dump their trash. I just renewed my lease for another year, and was happy to do so.
Nathan Petrie
2 months ago
I have lived at The Crossing for a few months now and I have been very happy with the complex. It is a large complex so I generally cut the maintenance some slack, but I also haven't had any major issues. The only issue I've had with maintenance is they said my laundry room door would be painted to match since it was a slightly off color white, but I haven't heard anything since moving in. I'm not too worried about it though. I can let stuff like that slide as long as when something major happens, they are on top of their game. Fingers crossed. The complex itself is great. I have a golden retriever puppy and we have a wide variety of landscapes to explore whether that be the lake, the nearby woods, or the plethora of sidewalks around. I'm hoping the dog park receives some attention this spring. It could use a new layer of mulch and some obstacles. Currently it is just a mulch rectangle with a fence around it. I'm not complaining, it could be better utilized space though. $75/month for a garage that doesn't even have a 110v outlet? Come on you guys. The least you could do is let me run a shop light or buffer. I can't even charge my car battery. That's just stupid. My utilities are very reasonable. My second floor apartment is very well insulated, I went 3 weeks in January without turning on the heat. The inside temp never dropped below 65. That is a commonly overlooked quality of a complex and shouldn't be. My electric bill for a two bedroom apartment in January was barely over $100. The gym could use some improvements and expansion. If there is more than two people working out is awkwardly small. It's free though, so you decide if it's worth the complaint. Yeah the rent is mildly high but given the area and quality of complex, it isn't outrageous. My experience has been worth the rent and I have no motivation to leave the complex. It is close to EVERYTHING and you can be on I-29 in 30 seconds. I wish the trash situation was handled differently. I don't like having to ruck my trash to one of the two dumpsters in the entire complex. It's pretty normal to see people driving with trash bags on their cars because it's the best way to get it to the dumpster given the size of the complex. That is splitting hairs though. It's just mildly inconvenient. Washers and dryers weren't provided, but they offer rentals. Just buy a used set. For the price of two months rental you could pay for a used washer and dryer and the only person you can blame for it breaking is yourself. All in all, I have been very happy with my decision to live at The Crossing. The other tenants aren't problematic and I've never once been inconvenienced or annoyed by another tenant. That is saying something. We can't wait for the two pool areas to open up because they look like awesome areas.
Lisa Clemmons
3 months ago
I rented a garage after living here several months, took my paper work back into leasing office not realizing they would lose it. At the time i returned the paper work for garage, they gave me the code and remote garage opener for garage 96. I assumed since i recieved access to the garage all was good. however after 2 months , i recieved a message on my phone asking if i was using garage 96. i returned there call, speaking to one of their staff member and informed them yes i was using this garage. they told me "ok". i was using the garage to store furniture, tools , personal items and much more. no more then a few days after speaking to them, I went into garage one evening to get a tool i needed for work, and found that all my stuff was gone. after notifying leasing office , they started off saying they didnt know where my stuff was but then remember they had instructed maintenance to clean it out. They mistaken garage for someone elses , then they claimed they had no paperwork to indicate the garage belong to me. i could have proven by my copy of the rental form, but i had it in the garage so they threw it awawy. they admitted to doing wrong but is being very diffficult to work with. after a day they found my sofa sectional and recliner, but my tools that cost thousands and 1970 baseball cards plus many personal and unreplaceable items are gone. i can not even express how frustrating and disappointed i am with the management here. I hope present and future residence have a better experience here then what I have. i could go on and on about all this and many things that has disappointed me but instead i hope this review can help others. Chris B.
Michelle Lober
4 months ago
We have lived here for about a year now. The property is beautiful and the floor plans are about the best that I have seen where space utilization is optimized. We have had a few major hiccups in communicating with the staff and maintenance. I am hoping that this was all just due to bad timing + turn over + retraining new staff. From what I can see, the staff is working hard to turn things back around and provide the great customer service we became accustomed to during the first several months that we lived here.
Joshua Cain
3 months ago
They charge rent like an upscale apartment but the maintenance is awful. Pot holes right outside of stairwells. Paint pealing off balconies. Not even getting into the maintenance staff. It took them about 6 visits to my apartment to fix a rusty leaking pipe. Not because that's how long it actually took but because they kept forgetting to order the pipe. I have two windows I've requested fixed three times. They are held shut by tape I put on myself. Still not fixed. There is a birds nest jammed in the exhaust port of my dryer that I've asked to be fixed three times. Now on to safety. I had my car broken into. Understandable, it happens everywhere. But I was told by several neighbors it had happened to them as well and they reported it. A month went by of other people's cars being broken into before they sent out a notice to the residents. I know they can't stop criminals but at least they could let residents know it's happening. Good luck taking your pet or kids anywhere on the property. It's literally covered in goose poop. Parking: don't even try it after 6pm. All and all it gets one star for charging rent like it's an upscale apartment but running it like a slum.
Mary Balano
2 months ago
The apartments are great, great location, and quiet community. However all the management cares about is money. When I signed my lease I asked for 2 accent painted walls that were to of been done when I moved in. When I moved in, not only were they not done, but my dryer was broken, and my dishwasher was in pieces on the floor. Despite all this, they demanded the money for the walls and added late charges. Great apartment, money hungry management.
Kiera Stacker
9 months ago
We have enjoyed our experience here at the Crossing at Barry Road. The staff was eager to help us get into an apartment fast and make sure that we were taken care of. The maintenance staff is helpful and if we have had any type of problem, it's been taken care of the same day. The location is perfect, it's 5 minutes away from Zona Rosa. We have not personally taken advantage of the activities that they offer such as the cooking classes, meet and greets or free personal trainers however it is awesome that they offer these as most apartments don't. The two swimming pools are nice and the neighbors are friendly. We feel safe and secure in our apartment and it is really nice. The rooms and closets are spacious and the outside storage on the balcony is an awesome bonus!
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