The Crossing at Barry Road
7831 NW Roanridge Rd
Kansas City, MO 64151
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Brent Bechtel
a week ago
Had a 13 month lease here in 2014-15. I really liked it quite honestly. It was a little more expensive than other places of similar size; but not outrageous. My one bedroom was very spacious and well put together. I never had any big problem with bugs/pests, noise, neighbors, or crime. Parking is off the street and you rarely have to walk far to get to your car. Service and staff were friendly and helpful most of the time. I had a couple minor repairs that never got done (e.g. the weather lining on the front door came off about three weeks before I moved). They also didn't try to jerk me around and hit me with incidental fees when I moved out. I gave the apartment a thorough cleaning, had a walk through, and that was that; I just made sure they remembered the repair orders they never got to and they didn't bring them up at all. The area around the complex is great! Good restaurants in Zona, along Barry Rd, and down on 64th street headed to Parkville. There is a great quiet neighborhood to run/bike/walk in behind the complex. Plus you have quick access to the Airport, <15 mins. The two main reasons I didn't renew my lease were no Google Fiber (and the fiber lines run right in front of the complex along Roanridge Rd) and it was too far away from everything else in the KC Metro area. So if you have a lot to do in the southern part of the metro, expect driving the better part of an hour to get anywhere.
Derek Chatman
5 months ago
This place is great. The rent is a little high, but the people are so nice, great area, great location, my dog loves it, maintenance is by far the best I've ever had, and the staff is so friendly and helpful!
Jane Doe
5 months ago
The rent is entirely too high!! Yes they are nice apartments and at a prime location of the Northland, but to have 2 bdrm apartments at $1300?? That's ridiculous! That's what some people pay for their mortgage, and some people don't even pay that much. The so called "free" classes that they offer aren't really free-they're built into the rent so you'd better participate-you're paying for them. I don't mind paying for quality apartment living, but to charge $1000+ in Kansas City that's not downtown for something you don't own is ludicrous. I checked on the price of these apartments a few months back and they were as low as $800. If you can charge $800, then there's no need to charge $1300 for the same exact floor plan. They make up this ridiculous formula to determine rent, which of course changes almost everyday, of supply and demand, location of the apartment blah blah blah. So silly. I'll pass.
7 months ago
I liked it a lot. Very well kept grounds, nice location. Never had a problem with theft or bad neighbors. Great with maintenance the couple times we needed it. We had a newly updated apartment so that helped. The only issue I had was a nasty pothole on one of the main roads in the winter that took a couple weeks to fix. It seems like KC in general is terrible with fixing pot holes though. Would definitely move-in here again if I moved back to KC.
Natalia Jimenez
5 months ago
I have been a resident of the crossing since 4/2014 and I will not be renewing my lease. I have been woken up weekly by my upstairs neighbors playing drums and chanting at 4am - 5am in the morning. I have called their patrol and had no answer. I have in turn had to call the police instead at least 5 times. If you have a package come through the mail you'd better get it certified because the front office may or may not have it. they don't even keep a log of packages that come in and you don't have to identify yourself to pick something up. Hmmmm... I have had a couple of packages come up missing and them not have a clue. My apartment was given to me undone and dirty. I had to steam clean a carpet that clearly needed to be replaced upon arriving and a ton of stinking black dog hair came up and the carpet color changed to a lighter shade. that's how dirty it was! :P In my opinion it is not worth the high rent they advertise. 3 neighbors in my building have moved because of the decline in quality and I will be doing the same. Might as well get my money' worth somewhere else. So disappointing...
Heather Richardson
a year ago
Fair list of Pros and Cons: Pros: Great landscaping Pretty area Near to shopping, food Easy access to highway Mailboxes at units They attempt to foster community with breakfasts and get-togethers If you'e the type to use them, the pools and weight room are good. They clear snow pretty quickly Friendly and available in the office Weren't nit-picky--we left the apartment clean and they didn't charge us extra Appliances were nice enough Loved the his-and-hers sinks in the bathroom Huge closet Liked the light-colored trim Liked that we could have an accent wall painted I honestly couldn't really hear the neighbors except in the bathroom, and the huge dog on the balcony below Unlike the last place I lived, their maintenance guys would give advance notice, and actually knock for awhile before coming in. That was nice, after living somewhere once where I would get walked in on while napping or in the bathroom. Washer and dryer in unit Spacious--the vaulted ceilings on the third floor were nice. Really liked the french windows Cons: Not enough outdoor lighting--my husband's truck was broken into and the window shattered because he parked in a section without much lighting. Which leads me to: Awful parking. Maybe some units weren't as full, or something, but you were lucky to park near your building if you got home from work after 5:30pm, and had to park some buildings away, or at least in dimly-lit sections. It's a bummer when you live on the third floor and have tons of groceries to carry up. The coffee in the clubhouse is awful. Not a big deal, but gross. The office staff is friendly, but they are absolutely horrible at communicating with one another. We could call and ask them to relay that we had called,to someone else who wasn't in at the time, and never heard back. This was on multiple occasions. I got the impression they were professional and friendly but not very bright..? We asked for the toilet to be repaired because it had a leak around where there should have been a rubber seal. We had them out four times because it kept leaking, and they just weren't sealing it well enough. By the time we left, we were just sick of having them out to fix it, and left it unresolved They informed us they would replace the ratty blinds after we moved in. A year and a half later, they were still the same. Dog poop. The neighbors did not care, apparently, if their dogs left presents near the entrance to the complex, or along the parking lot grass. Ew. Some of their blind corners around the parking lot are problematic. Especially when people drive too fast. No tile just inside the door. It goes from outside to carpet immediately, which meant tracking in a lot of stuff on the shoes, and no place to leave shoes by the door. No outgoing mail slots. That was a HUGE bummer for me. Not even a dropbox on a nearby street either. Overall, I think this was a good choice in the Northland, with good access, nice enough area, good living spaces. I think it was extremely expensive, so if you aren't the type to use pools and weight rooms and yoga classes and cooking classes, you'e still paying for them with your high rent. Find somewhere else that doesn't have that many amenities, so you don't also have to pay for them if you won't use them. I was glad to leave, though, because of their parking problems especially, and their high price and lack of communication in the office and maintenance problems. But on the short term, not a bad place to live.
Mel Emer
11 months ago
Used to be really nice and very well taken care of, but management has changed. Rent keeps going up and service keeps going down. However, they do still have resident activities, which is a nice perk over most apartment complexes.
A Google User
a year ago
Awful. The staff is rude, unfriendly and the rooms aren't nearly as nice as they appear on their website. The only plus to living here is the maintenance staff - they are always quick to respond and happy to help. Other from that, this is by far the worst place I've ever lived.
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