IMT Newport Colony
1166 Pointe Newport Terrace
Casselberry, FL 32707
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Amanda Lehman
2 weeks ago
My roommate and I moved in this Spring and have had no complaints so far. Our apartment is quiet and cozy and feels like home. The staff and maintenance crew are highly professional, punctual, and very friendly. We had terrific customer service from Grant Gibson in the office who helped us find our apartment. We love being walking distance from the gym, pool, pond w/ walking trail, and the Kewanee trail (perfect for jogs, walks and bike rides). I definitely hope to stay here for a few years.
Elizabeth Miner
3 weeks ago
I've lived at these apartments for over a year and it's been a pretty good experience. It's a quieter neighborhood/apartment complex which is a nice change from others. The office staff is always extremely kind, even when doing their marketing for renewals (which I've had other places be a little rude to get this part of their job done). They're great about holding packages and will go out of their way to help you if it's needed. I have really enjoyed living in this beautiful woodsy looking complex.
Anthony Torres
a month ago
Love this place! I just recently leased with Brishell, she was absolutely amazing and the rest of her staff was just as sweet and pleasant to deal with. I love my apartment and the location, the grounds are very well maintained and I can’t wait to relax by the pool this summer; Its gorgeous by the way !! :-) Something else that I love about this place is the setup of my two bedroom- its perfect for me and my roommate since the bedrooms are on the opposite side of each other.. Happy to say this is “ My Home”
Jennifer H
a month ago
My boyfriend lives here and I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. The pool areas are well maintained and make me feel like I'm on vacation. The office staff is very friendly and maintenance is always quick. I can't wait until my current lease is up and I can make this my home!
Gabe Rod
a month ago
This property is very nice leasing agents are great brishell was wonderful she explained alot of details between the available apartments was very helpful the location is also great i like the property comes with alot to offer i definitely would recommend newport colony.
Ahmad Fouad
a month ago
I love the place It is wonderful. The people at the office are very friendly and helpful. The maintenance are always on time. I just renew my lease with Brishell and she was very helpful and she's always there to help when needed.
Dylan Bruno
3 months ago
Some of these negative reviews are hilarious to me, in that they seem to be coming from people who seem to have extremely toxic personalities and would be an absolute HELL to deal with, regardless of how well you serve them. RACISM? REALLY? Maybe you were just a slob! I've lived here in Newport Colony for almost 4 years now, right when the property was sold to IMT. My husband and I had seen the leasing office PRIOR to the transition and let me tell you, you would NOT have wanted to live here when there was a creepy clown doll lamenting across an old chaise lounge, overlooking the entire leasing office. I love what they've done with the community, and while I was at first remiss to have my old rose colored exterior walls painted over with brown, I have come to appreciate the change. My experiences with the office staff have been nothing but friendly. I've only ever had to complain about a neighbor's yappy little lapdog out on the porch for hours on end, and that's certainly no fault of the apartment staff. Any time I have placed a repair request, the maintenance staff has always been incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to resolve my issues. There have been a few instances in which the problem wasn't immediately resolved, but I don't expect a handful of nice gents working in maintenance at an apartment complex to be bottomless repositories of user manuals and repair solutions for any and all appliances. Sometimes it takes trial and error, but the situation is always taken care of! I have just renewed my lease! I still live here and I plan to live here until I buy a house, because THAT is the only thing that I would consider before uprooting myself from this lovely apartment, the quiet, pleasant community, and the fantastic apartment staff and maintenance team. Thank you for everything that you do!
Kay stahley
6 months ago
Nothing but great things to say about living here! Been here 3 years! I will be renewing my lease for another year! Great pool! Great location! Great customer service from Stacy & Mike! Great maintenance team! Highly recommend you checking this place out!
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