Brandywine Apartments
1550 Trent Blvd
Lexington, KY 40515
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Julianna Nitz
3 months ago
I lived at Brandywine for 2 years and enjoyed my time there. The grounds and pool areas are clean and well maintained, and I always received quick responses to any questions I had from the leasing office. Leinbach properties is a stickler for rules and they abide by their lease agreements. This is difficult for some tenants to adjust to, but I appreciated knowing exactly where they stood on different issues. You won't get away with anything at this place, but it's also reassuring to know that your landlord won't bend the rules either. I think they offer reasonable yet competitive rates for the neighborhood and have really worked hard to create more block-party style social events for their residents. I would (and have in the past) recommend the apartment complex to friends. They are pet friendly, smoking-intolerant, and fair to all their residents.
Lisa Taye
2 months ago
In the beginning I was skeptical about moving to Brandywine Apartments, however, I never had any problems. The complex has always been clean and well taken care of. I haven't had any problems with the neighborhood or other residents. Management has always been friendly and prompt in taking care of any issues. I truly enjoyed the year I've lived here!
Leigh Miller
3 months ago
Absolute worst place to live. They tried to charge me $300 for babysitting my parents dog for a week. he only pooped inside on his pads because he was young. Yet, I was still in trouble for having a dog under the age of one here, and someone blamed me for not picking up his poop outside but he doesn't even go outside!!! they don't allow you to have a pet under the age of 1 here, so you can't ever raise a puppy. You will be charged $50 for pet waste whether they believe you or not. Yet, people above me chain smoke off the balcony but never get in trouble. and the staff is so rude and inconsiderate. I'm afraid to take my trash to the dumb at night since I live alone, and they try to charge me for having my trash on the porch over night. They AC always breaks and the maintenance workers are very rude. You are not allowed to smoke inside OR OUTSIDE. You can't even smoke in your car or the parking lot. So I can't ever have certain friends or relatives visit because of this issue. The hot water only runs for about 45 seconds and then your showers are ice cold. The laundry facility is so far away and inconvenient to where I live, and costs about $5 each time I need to wash my clothes. My carpet was so nasty when I moved in so I bought my own shampooer to clean it. It's almost $3,000 to end my lease early so I'm stuck here for 6 more months. I am miserable. Don't move to Brandywine!!!!!
Tasha Fauxe
4 months ago
The longer I live here, the worse it gets. My water heater broke--they replaced it with a smaller one. So know my hot water runs out fast--I can fill the tube half way before it goes cold and I have to rush through my showers. They have now replaced the lighting fixtures--sure they look nice, but they barely produce any light! be prepared to buy lots of your own lighting. Furthermore, the heating and cooling bills are high due to the very out dated windows--Everything goes out the door!!! If they want to make energy efficient updates, then they should start with their windows!!! In addition... the longer you stay the more they hike up your rent with no incentives. And if you would like to move you must give 60 days notices, which makes it difficult to find a new place because most establishment run on a 30 day notice to move in. So, it kind of feels like a trap. But you can be the judge, I am only one opinion. On the up side. The pool is nice and there is a park and running track near by!
Megan Damrell
7 months ago
This is the best place I have rented so far. I've only been here four months but I love it and the people are so nice.
Leanne Hadley
a year ago
I have now lived here a year and I have to say that I love it here. I had read the reviews of others and was a little nervous, but the grounds and pool are so nice and the management is so responsive whenever I need anything. For example, I have had to ask for maintenance three times in the past year and they have fixed the problem within 2 hours. I called today (a Sunday morning) and the man came to fix the issue in 10 minutes time. The only thing I wished they had here are wood floors because I love wood floors... but other than that, I would not change a thing here. I like it here and thought I would write a review.
Josh Pettit
a year ago
Do not go here.... THIEVES! I wrote my cousin down when I moved in so she would receive a $300 referral fee. Leinbach refuses to pay it because her apartment was under her dad's name... terrible business. Can't wait to move out!!
Taylor Dixon
a year ago
I've lived in several places in Lexington this place takes the cake for the worst place I've ever lived. If you enjoy your vehicle being broken into and a horrible staff this is the place for you.
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