Brandywine Apartments
1550 Trent Blvd
Lexington, KY 40515
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Tasha Fauxe
3 weeks ago
The longer I live here, the worse it gets. My water heater broke--they replaced it with a smaller one. So know my hot water runs out fast--I can fill the tube half way before it goes cold and I have to rush through my showers. They have now replaced the lighting fixtures--sure they look nice, but they barely produce any light! be prepared to buy lots of your own lighting. Furthermore, the heating and cooling bills are high due to the very out dated windows--Everything goes out the door!!! If they want to make energy efficient updates, then they should start with their windows!!! In addition... the longer you stay the more they hike up your rent with no incentives. And if you would like to move you must give 60 days notices, which makes it difficult to find a new place because most establishment run on a 30 day notice to move in. So, it kind of feels like a trap. But you can be the judge, I am only one opinion. On the up side. The pool is nice and there is a park and running track near by!
Megan Damrell
3 months ago
This is the best place I have rented so far. I've only been here four months but I love it and the people are so nice.
Leanne Hadley
10 months ago
I have now lived here a year and I have to say that I love it here. I had read the reviews of others and was a little nervous, but the grounds and pool are so nice and the management is so responsive whenever I need anything. For example, I have had to ask for maintenance three times in the past year and they have fixed the problem within 2 hours. I called today (a Sunday morning) and the man came to fix the issue in 10 minutes time. The only thing I wished they had here are wood floors because I love wood floors... but other than that, I would not change a thing here. I like it here and thought I would write a review.
Josh Pettit
10 months ago
Do not go here.... THIEVES! I wrote my cousin down when I moved in so she would receive a $300 referral fee. Leinbach refuses to pay it because her apartment was under her dad's name... terrible business. Can't wait to move out!!
Taylor Dixon
10 months ago
I've lived in several places in Lexington this place takes the cake for the worst place I've ever lived. If you enjoy your vehicle being broken into and a horrible staff this is the place for you.
Linesk Mors
a year ago
In my opinion there is only one good thing about Brandywine: the location. There is a Kroger and a quaint little shopping area directly behind the complex, which is handy. As for the apartments themselves, DO NOT GET ROPED IN. The leasing office is nice and the landscaping is pretty, giving the impression of quality. But the apartments themselves are old and unremarkable. The appliances are ancient, and while they are finally getting around to replacing them, they're also raising rent by $40, even for people who have been living here for years. Ha! The carpet was dingy when I moved in and the whole space just looks dated. They don't allow smoking anymore. They told me I couldn't even smoke in my car in the parking lot. Pets are allowed but the pet deposit is outrageous ($300). I was blamed for pet messes multiple times when I always picked up after my dog outside. If someone wrongly blames you for a pet mess, you can be charged for $50, regardless of whether or not you are at fault. There is also a huge pigeon problem, though admittedly I do think pigeons are kind of cute. Rent is due on the third, which is frustrating since most other complexes give you until the fifth. I imagine this is intentional, however, because they will destroy you with late fees. I would always get notes on my door, faithfully, almost every other day saying that the fat ass check I wrote still wasn't enough, that they still need 20 bucks, etc etc. The staff, in my experience, has always been very condescending. Before Brandywine I stayed at Raintree, and while the apartments there were dated as well, the price of rent reflected that fact, and you didn't have to pay until the fifth. It wasn't glamorous, but it at least felt fair, and if you broke lease you just had to pay a fee. It wasn't a huge ordeal to leave. Meanwhile, at Brandywine, if you break lease you have to pay for the remaining months in full or they will take your ass to collections, and you also have to give a 60 day notice before getting out. Anyway, it was my own stupid decision to stay at Brandywine in the first place, but I deeply regret it. I'm just trying to give a heads up to anyone else out there; Brandywine has the same generic cookie-cutter apartments as most other complexes, but they are priced like a luxury resort. There are places of equal quality that are much cheaper and less of a hassle. I'm glad I got out!
Josh Cashion
2 years ago
ok place to live, but don't break your lease! they will come after you! they'll promise that they'll try to rent your place out, but they won't. i lived there for 6 years, paid my rent on time, never complained. when i told them i got a job in another town and had to move, they told me i owed them 5 months rent for breaking my lease. they didn't care that i couldn't afford to pay, i just had to. they sold my lease to a collection agency without trying to rent my place out. they got their money and now collections is trying to get it from me. if you do lease from them, read the fine print or better yet, bring a lawyer with you.
connie cravens
5 months ago
Grounds layout is too much walking to and from your apartment in inclement weather
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