Chapel Ridge of Blue Springs
414 SW Moreland School Rd
Blue Springs, MO 64014
7 Google user reviews
Mada Reliford
3 weeks ago
They look very nice but trying to set up an appointment for a tour is hell they never answer and never return phone calls 😢 I really like to see what they have to offer me and the kid
Candace Standley
5 months ago
I would never recommend anyone to move here!! They are poorly ran, they do nothing about any of the complaints. They screw you on your deposit because they wanna keep your money. They never answer the phone and they are hardly ever in the office. When you request something to be fixed it doesn't get fixed for months! They need new management!!
A Google User
6 years ago
I have lived in this apartment complex for two years. I have not had any problems with the management that were not resolved quickly. The only problem which I have had was maintenance not showing up timely. This was fixed immediately after I called the apartment manager. My neighbors are very quiet. The grounds are beautiful. The apartments have lots of space and best of all washer/dryer hook up. There is also coin laundry available. The location is great because you are 10 minutes from I-70 and Walmart. There are 2 pharmacies up the street. Regarding registration it only took me 3 weeks, but I was well prepared with all the documentation ready to go ahead of time. Hope this review helps.
A Google User
6 years ago
This weenie came out this morning from building 15 in just his boxers and stated he was mangement with the property and that threatened to file a noise complaint for tootin my horn a couple times. He didn't provide proof and he demanded not asked or he would file a complaint. I said ok and didn't say anything else. After he walked back inside I waited a minute or 2 and gave a quick toot again for the person I was waiting on. After 2 more minutes I see in my mirror this weiner coming out and approaching as I was pulling out. I was only there 5 minutes and no longer. Get a life ya moron! Im only there 5 minutes during daylight hours with a toot not laying on the horn or blasting music with loud bass for an hour or causing tenants constant headaches To come out and talk to me is one thing, but to say you have authority in your undewear and run your mouth is a complete joke! Who would listen to the president if he stood in front of the nation in just his shorts...NOBODY! He would look the fool!.See ya tomorrow punk!
Endiah Meade
6 months ago
Anne Marie Houston
11 months ago
Alexis Marriott
a year ago