Wesley Plantation Apartments
3575 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
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Ashley Shields
a month ago
I have had such an amazing experience with Liz! She has helped me so much. Any maintenance problems or anything I have an issue with she has taken care of it. And rather quickly too! I moved here in October and don't plan on going anywhere for awhile!! Go on and ask for Liz! She's great!!!! Great apartment!!! Love it!
Edward Dung
in the last week
I've lived in GA for the past 9 years since I moved to the US and I must say, this is the best Apt. I have ever lived in. Price is a little too high though but the lease consultants are awesome specifically Liz since I get to talk to her more often. I will also give credit to Elizabeth. Thanks ladies for being nice and professional. It goes a long way.
a week ago
I've lived in Wesley Plantation for almost 1 year. I absolutely love living here! The community has a really great neighborhood feel - very quiet, family friendly, and lots of trees, shade, landscaping. I love my apartment because the floor plan is huge compared to the way they build new apartments these days , and the price is very affordable. Everything in my unit is brand new - appliances, carpet, paint, kitchen and bathroom floor, so it's basically like a new apartment anyway. My neighbors are great - very nice, and very quiet! :) And the leasing staff, Liz and Elizabeth are super-nice and have gone out of their way several times to help me out. They always remember me and ask how things are going. I've had a couple small maintenance requests and they took care of them same day. Lastly, the LOCATION of this complex is the best. It's easy to get in/out of and is centrally located close to anything you would need. I would definitely check them out if you are looking to save some money and live in a great location.
Emily Jones
a month ago
Lived here almost a year getting ready to renew. Office and maintenance has been great. Good central location. Nice neighborhood and well kept property. Good neighbors. I love my home!
Xavier Simon
a month ago
I want to take a moment to thank Michelle, and Liz at the leasing office! These women are awesome and they have always gone out of there to help me with any issues I have. I can call or e-mail Michelle and I get a response back. I do realize as in any situation that maintenance may not always come when I want them but they do get the job done and if I am not happy I contact Liz or Michelle and these ladies make things happen. I find them honest, caring and reliable. To be honest Wesley Plantation may have its faults but Michelle, and her team makes it up by being so super sweet and taking the time to make you feel that your issue is important. I know they get a lot of grief but come one everyone we all work and trust me our jobs don't always move like we want them. I know the rent is a little high but to me it's worth because the ladies always make me feel at ease about any situation. They really do move as fast as they can. I really try to keep an open mind and trust me I've been upset a few times but when I talk it over with them things always work out. Trust me they ladies do care and they will help you but also remember this, you get more flies with honey than you do with vinger. I love this place and truly appreciate the great job everyone has done to make my living space a great one.
Hilton Polen
2 months ago
DONT MOVE HERE, i repeat dont move here. I REPEAT AGAIN DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. It's not worth that much they charge they never come fix anything when everything breaks they just patch it up and then it breaks again. It's just not worth it I hate that I got to stay here I don't want to pay the rent at all. My heat only works when its on 80 and above. Just dont waste your time. Look at everybody review.
Anonymous User
3 months ago
Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had in an apartment community. The staff are deceitful, and fabricate excuses instead of just admitting that they messed up. The maintenance staff spends more effort to milk the clock than they actually do working on issues. IF they respond, they will more than likely "Band-Aid" the problem compared to fixing it, requiring the entire process of getting something actually repaired to start over. The staff does not care about you once they get you into a contract and will literally blow you off if they are working on a possible new deal. The price of an apartment is astronomical considering the condition of the units. The best advise that I can give is to tear the entire place down and make a parking lot.
Eric Burrus
2 months ago
First and foremost, I am not a raging uncivil person. Wesley Plantation Apartments in Duluth GA are by far the worst apartments I have ever had the displeasure of living in. Although the front office is nice to you when you walk in, they are manipulative uncooperative people as soon as you walk out. I had to break my lease 6 months early because of all the unresolved issues I was having. The maintenance team will blame you for things that were wrong out of the gate. Example, when I moved in, the fridge was not working. I asked to have it replaced, instead they send out maintenance 6 times without ever fixing it. Upon threatening to move out, they brought me a new one that freezer did not work. If you are trying to save money, this is not the place to go. They just now hit me up for "Stipulated fees" upon my move out. I worked out of town for the majority of the week and used the apartment maybe 1 month out of 6 and I accumulated $1,000 in damages. They are nothing but filthy scum at these apartments.
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