Eagles Walk Apartment Homes
7500 Eagle Walk Rd
Rosedale, MD 21237
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Randy Deinlein
a month ago
New renovations look good but are poor quality. I don't have any problems with the granite (I think) counter tops, but the faucet feels like junk and is made of mostly plastic (except the handle). I'm pretty such a lot of people will be breaking these. The new showers are just terrible. The shower walls are of the poorest quality. They removed tiles that were on the walls to place a crappy laminate that bows in when pushed on. The corners really bow in ripping the caulk. They didn't even replace the scratched up tub. The new pipes they put in the shower have drastically reduced the water pressure allowed at the shower head, even though the residents pay the water bills. The new kitchen cabinets are okay. I really like the oven. The price and location of the apartments make it worth it, but I think they have wasted money on the renovations. The new refrigerators are bigger which is nice.
in the last week
Whatever you do absolutely positively DO NOT MOVE HERE. This place is an absolute hellhole of disfunction, poor management and old poorly maintained buildings. The floors creak, walls are paper thin, the 'luxury renovations' are a joke and cheap as cheap as be and the leasing office staff is unresponsive, rude and will ignore tenants regardless of what problems you may have. Lastly maintenance is nearly nonexistent and takes weeks to show up for a repair. Avoid this place and live anywhere else. There's a reason they're the lowest rated apartment complex in Maryland.
Whitnee Cinsoete
a month ago
I have to agree with the last reviewer. The renovations need renovations. They took out the old towel rack to put a new wobbly towel rack. My newly renovated shower needs to be resealed. There is still no heat coming from the "new" dryer. I've made the property manager aware to be given the general BS reply. I was told a Baltimore County inspector was supposed to come for the dryer. Mind you, the letter given to residents said two weeks after reno. It has now been 2 months. To top it off they want me to renew my lease for a year and they are raising my rent by $126/month. Funny thing is, the rent they want to charge me is greater than the rent advertised on their website. If the leasing staff was more knowledgeable and maintenance came before more than one request was made, I would say it was worth it. But I CAN NOT. Sucks, because I actually love my apt location and my balcony faces the trees which I also love.
Alyssa Severns
2 months ago
Not as nice as 5 years ago. We moved here in Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Don't pay over $1100 for 1 bedroom. When we moved in cats were everywhere outside. We were told BARC did the round up (a kill shelter). We had a suction cup toothbrush holder until removing it made the mirror come off the wall. The mirror almost shattered on my head. In 2015, the rats moved in. The office staff is condescending and rude. If you call within the hour of the office closing, the office will not answer. In 2010/2011, We were promised when moved in the door in our living room would be fixed. We called maintenance a few times on the door, maintenance refuses to fix it. When they do an upgrade, you are not allowed to change the time or date and you get notice on Friday for Monday. They have messed up my telework schedule at work because it wasn't suppose to interrupt us. They upgraded our air conditioning and we to complain daily with our neighbors. We finally wanted someone from heirshfield to answer us because the office did not help us, we finally got it fixed. If you are 5 days late on your rent be prepare to be embarrassed as they hang a notice with your name, apartment number etc. on your mailbox for the neighbors to see. And the last comment, my husband was awoken by our pet. Someone was trying to break in our back door. We found out through the sex offenders website that a sex offender was in the complex. The complex didn't even know he was in the complex. The man my husband saw fit the sex offender's description. We repeatedly ask them to turn on the flood light behind our apartment. Since Jan, the light has been broken.
S Cooper
2 weeks ago
I wanted to apply here after seeing the mounds of trash, that plunders all over the ground it turned me away. Looks as though the grounds around the leasing center is half way desent. Just drive around you will be grossed out by what you see. I can agree with half the review on rodents and rats on all the trash pile up. I had to give it 1 star just to post. I have never seen anything like it. Run people Run!
Diana B
5 months ago
NEVER move here! The only nice thing about this place is the countertops in the renovated apartments. When we moved in the apartment had gnats. Gnats multiply rapidly! For the first few months all we did was kill gnats. It was so inconvenient, we couldnt watch tv or eat without a gnat of five flying around. Eventually we had a mouse. The walls are paper thin we could hear everything above, below, and next to us. The damages that the apartment had prior to us moving in were never fixed even after putting them on the walk through paper. We paid $1004 a month for a one bedroom apartment. The pipes in the bathroom sink busted and flooded the downstairs apartment. A big section of our carpet had to be pulled up and they didnt come back to fix it until about two weeks later. When maintenance came in to fix anything we were never notified that they would be entering the apartment except for one time. I came home after they had fixed the carpet to find my apartment in horrible contition. An ash tray had been spilled all over the floor (an attempt wasnt even made to clean it up), my trasy can was in the dining room for some odd reason, stuff was thrown everywhere in the living room so that they could fix the carpet, they could have simply picked it up and moved it nicely or even given us notice that they were coming so that we could move it for them. Nicole, in the office was very rude and short with me from the day I signed my lease until the day I moved out. The construction of the apartment was poor. There were gaps between the cabinets and the wall, a gap between the bottom of the door and the frame, i guess we were heating and cooling the outside, the maintenance man said that the door was too small for the frame and left it at that. Its like they were inviting bugs and rodents into the buildings. They were so concerned with making the neighborhood look nice and pretty but instead they should have been concerned with fixing the apartments to be worth what they were charging. Every apartment had sliding doors to the balcony/patio but no blinds and no brackets or place to hang any blinds. Most people had sheets, if you didnt hang sheets everyone riding by could see inside your home. DO NOT MOVE THERE YOU WILL BE HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED.
Toriola Olajide
5 months ago
Don't even try to move in this apartment, their staff are the worst staff I've ever seen, they are not professional, very rude and arrogant.Also, if you like mouse as pet, this place is the best place for you, if not, you better run!!
Priscilla Bryant
11 months ago
As a new mom, I thought moving into a cheaper apartment would be helpful. I was really wrong. There is a rodent problem that I have complained about for over 6 months. I have placed several tickets to get things fixed in my apartment that are still not fixed. During my initial walk through, I listed about 8 things that needed to be fixed. These items are still not fixed. I made several complaints about smoke in the hallways and the lights being out in the building. I am still waiting for someone to fix these problems. The customer service is awful. I went to the rental office because I over paid my rent by $ 500. I tried to explain to the young man what happen and get an understanding the refund process. He would not look at me, nor did her turn the Ravens game down. He just told me to leave and speak to someone Monday morning because he could not help me. Long story short, the property manager would not give me a refund. They told me that I would receive a refund check 45 days after I move out of the apartment. That is a total of 60+ days before I could see a refund. It is best to be late or not pay then it is to over pay with this company. I would not recommend my dog and her friends to move into this apartment.
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