Eagles Walk Apartment Homes
7500 Eagle Walk Rd
Rosedale, MD 21237
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Ashley Nelson
3 weeks ago
Run the other way! The staff are not friendly or helpful and they definitely have a rodent problem. I have been living here for 6 months now and have hated every minute of it. I have squirrels (I suspect) living in my ceiling and have complained about this multiple times and management refuses to do anything about it. Unfortunately, I have a 18 month lease and am now debating on just breaking the lease.
Priscilla Bryant
4 months ago
As a new mom, I thought moving into a cheaper apartment would be helpful. I was really wrong. There is a rodent problem that I have complained about for over 6 months. I have placed several tickets to get things fixed in my apartment that are still not fixed. During my initial walk through, I listed about 8 things that needed to be fixed. These items are still not fixed. I made several complaints about smoke in the hallways and the lights being out in the building. I am still waiting for someone to fix these problems. The customer service is awful. I went to the rental office because I over paid my rent by $ 500. I tried to explain to the young man what happen and get an understanding the refund process. He would not look at me, nor did her turn the Ravens game down. He just told me to leave and speak to someone Monday morning because he could not help me. Long story short, the property manager would not give me a refund. They told me that I would receive a refund check 45 days after I move out of the apartment. That is a total of 60+ days before I could see a refund. It is best to be late or not pay then it is to over pay with this company. I would not recommend my dog and her friends to move into this apartment.
Mode Oli
3 months ago
Those of you who are considering to moving this apartment complex because of the price and location don't be fooled unless you like the smell of everything including marijuana and if you loved hearing noises coming from the upstairs neighbor during the hours of 2am through 8am such as having sex, walking, and talking then do it. I only have lived at Eagles Walk apartments for a month and am already looking for another apartment complex to move since there's no point of complaining about it to management because they would not do anything about it. Also, I have not been able to get a good night sleep at all since I moved here. By the way don't be stupid like me ignoring the reviews about Eagles Walk apartment because they are real.
Michael Newman
4 months ago
If you like the smell of marijuana infiltrating your apartment every hour of the day, then this is the place for you. I came home at 1pm and neighbors were smoking. Came back at 5pm, blazing up again only to be woken up by the smell of weed at 4am. Bonus points if you enjoy feeling like an ash tray and waking up to cigarette smoke pouring into your apartment. Also great if you're allergic to smoke or have kids.
Randy Deinlein
7 months ago
Cheapest Apts around. Being that, you have some disgusting neighbors that attract bugs. Maintenance is good. They get things done as soon as they can. Its not a small complex. The security is way below par. I have had numerous packages stolen and just today my floor mat outside my front door. Petty people obviously live here. For the price you pay, its a decent complex. I honestly they would charge more to keep out the worthless trash.
dominique tires
a year ago
This is my first apartment & I Hate this place cannot wait to move its a rip off. You have to pay for everything a resident should not have to pay for. When I was inquiring about this place it all seemed nice, was told we would have access to pool and gym. Come signing day they tell us we have to pay for a pool pass! Who does that residents should receive free passes we're not guests. You have to pay $20 to have an access key to the gym after the leasing office is closed, also bull. I have a one bedroom on the top floor and it's awful. I called and complained to the leasing office that there are SQUIRRELS inside the roof. You would think I have neighbors over head of me they are so loud they wake me up, they're running around banging and scratching against the wall, I can hear them in the vents sounds like they will come through the ceiling any day. This place is no Bueno. 👎
Brandon Gantt
10 months ago
Unfortunately I was brought to this complex by their cheap rates. It's been the biggest mistake of my life. The apartments themselves are cheap and old. The walls are wafer thin. Even when neighbors have quiet conversations they can be heard. When they get loud it's a nightmare! I've had difficulty sleeping ever since I moved in. Also, all sorts of smells roam from unit to unit. Everyone someone cooks, I smell it. Everytime the neighbors smoke Marijuana, I smell it. The place is a shit-hole.
Ashley Johnson
a year ago
Maintenance is horrible and the customer service within the leasing office are very rude. They do not try to help you. Maintenance takes their time with "fixing" things and there seems to be a rodent infestation for over 6 months. I recommend not moving here unless you would like to have some happy roommates move in for free because the leasing office clearly is not looking to fix this problem and I am tired of talking to them about it.
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