Cross Keys Apartments
1996 SW 81st Ave
North Lauderdale, FL 33068
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A Google User
3 weeks ago
If I could give this place zero stars I would. Never in my life have I been disrespected until I came to live here. I had a cabinet collapse with everything in it, plates, cups, china, everything you could think of. Gone. All those things that I've collected through the years which are irreplaceable are vanished. I heard something funny as I sat in the dining table eating and when I looked in the kitchen the cabinet was collapsing. I ran to it and tried to hold it while removing my appliances near it. I quickly let go and reached for my phone and called the front office. Sarah, who works there informed me that i should have called before. I'm really sorry i'm not psychic Sarah. Next time i'll be sure to call a day in advance. I let her know that it was literally collapsing as I was on the phone with her and everything in it was falling and she said it wasn't they're responsibility to remove anything from the cabinet. She said I should remove them and that she would place a work order. I then proceeded to let her know that i'm holding the cabinet and I can't hold it much longer and take everything out at the same time but apparently it wasn't an emergency for them. Sarah said they'd place a work order. How lovely Sarah. I hung up and proceeded to open one side and cautiously take as much as i could out. But since everything was tilting to the right and falling i couldn't get everything out. I let go and everything just crashed and collapsed. The plates just piled on the floor. Everything just crumbled. I had called my sister at work to get her to call them again. They sent a guy and he was in shock. And he said they probably weighed too much. I told him I didn't know the maximum weight. WOW. The manager/administrator/idk came, don't know her name, and she proceeded to pick some of the plates up along with the guy and I tried explaining to her what happened. I let her know that this would not have happened if Sarah sent someone when I called. She said they probably weighed too much and I told her that this never happened anywhere else I lived and I asked her what the weight restriction was or how much is too much. Of course she was not able to answer that and she said i didn't have to take my anger out on her. I said it's not anger, but this would not have occurred if they sent someone when I called. At that point I guess she was pretty pissed off because somehow this all affects her the most, and she told me they were just doing me a favor because i'm not even a resident (I'm the daughter). At that point, I couldn't believe my ears. How dare she. I told her she didn't have to be disrespectful either and I said you don't have to finish cleaning it, and I'd finish it myself. Then she said "well that's not how we do things here, we don't like to leave people hanging". And walked out. Disrespectful and out of place. If they had sent someone when i managed to reach for my phone and hold the cabinet, this would not have happened. This is not customer service. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Matny Ville
5 months ago
Pretty quiet community, I would recommend this place to 1st time movers. The staff is very friendly and attentive
Max Gulen
5 months ago
Lionnized I
10 months ago
Great Community and Staff!
Vzandria Sapp
a year ago
I like the apartment it look nice
Orlando Reyes
a year ago
Lucia Bello
8 months ago