Plantation Gardens Apartment Homes
7616 NW 5th St
Plantation, FL 33324
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Mich LAW
a week ago
Pros: kid friendly, prompt maintenance, location , not gated and friendly people. Updated laundry room , card reader on outside of office now ,new parking lot. Cons: Roaches, kids dragging garbage around àpartment area like dangerous furniture and tvs left outside apartment doors. Gutters coming off buildings most staff members incompetent. Charges for parking, lies about leasing move in. small apartment, quality of people varies leaky faucets and plumbing. Paint over everything including tub. Will try to bill you for normal wear and tear or some other bogus fees. Sells your debt so if someone tries to sue you make sure whom the plantiff is otherwise its fraud. For instance if a collection agency(attorney ) is suing that bought the debt should be there name as Plantiff not Plantation Gardens. Call the bar. If a third party sues everything the say is hearsay.
Melchora Gil
a month ago
Ah! I forget to tell you! This place is renting to people who smoke marihuana in front of children!!!!!Don't rent here ever!!!! It's the worst place in the world to live. All the comunity is infested with bed bugs, roaches, and there are a lot of dogs and cats. All comunity smell dogs popo. The present manager is the worst manager there. The parking lot was always a problem. There aren't parking when we needed, specially saturdays and sundays. The trick is to pay low deposit,but when you move out they will take all your money!!!!!! You will pay for paint, carpet, cleaning ,....all things!!!!!! They are a thieves!!!!!!!!
Chrissy _
a month ago
06/26/2015 only one more month left--- cant wait to see what they have up their sleeves for move out day -_- just know ill be recording the inspection 06/2015 I made this post like 4 months ago but I had to come back and rant: NO WASHER OR DRYER INCLUDED IN UNIT (you have to pay $1.50 to use their tiny washers and dryers) its so annoying because you always have that person who washes and leaves their clothes in the dryer for hours but you can't get to them BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE!! When I say that they charge you for everything i mean even a $0.95 every month for pest control (had to request for them to come) have only seen them once. $10 per vehicle per month for parking- basically everything u can think of we pay for it So my lease ends in exactly 2 months 02/15/2015 If I could put no stars i would. DO NOT MOVE HERE, I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE IN THIS ROACH INFESTED PLACE. They show you a model that looks nothing like most of the actual apartments that they rent. When you first move they charge you a small deposit that is eye catching but i guess they then make up for that with all the fees that are in addition to your rent monthly (i.e you pay 1200 for rent that is really 1400 when fees are added) and this does not include your electricity, you pay for absolutely everything up to garbage that i can take out myself that only gets picked up sun.-thurs, parking that you have to battle for because there are no assigned spots (this place should be a garage-broken down cars taking up parking space), the leasing office does not return calls because they are never available, pest control forget about it (almost a year and never saw them once), people constantly moving out after they get a dose of this place and couldn't wait for their lease to be up (many empty apartments, hope there are many more until they decide to make this rathole a real home for renters), mole on walls are covered over with paint, stairways reek with pet urine (i'm assuming), its a disgrace that apartments like this is located in such a nice area (fit to be in a place like the dangerous parts of lauderhill). What you are going to pay for rent here can get you a house. CURRENT RESIDENT. CC
Frances Gonzalez
a month ago
I had no major problems till it was time to move out. A few problems I did have was all the unexpected charges. First of all, they signed me up for a 14month lease without advising me till it was time to sign the paperwork. Then the residential employee said the most I would pay for water/trash/sewer was $55/mth. ***BS! I was paying between $80-$91 a month for maintenance. They charge you $25 for regular trash and $25 for valet trash. I emailed the property to ask why I was being charged twice for trash and they never responded. My rent of $1042 turned into $1129/month for a 1br. I placed a service request for the pest control at least once every other month and still saw baby roaches everywhere. I put in 90 day notice to move out and they were suppose to perform a pre inspection that one ever followed up on how it went. For the next 2 months each time I called the office, I got the machine and no one returned my calls. When I first moved in I never had that problem. My calls and emails were ALWAYS returned. I had 1 stain in the living room carpet that I had trouble removing and aside from that the carpet was in great condition. I scrubbed my tub once with comet and a small spot peeled so I realized the tub was painted. I called the office on TWICE during my last week of living there to schedule the walk thru and no one ever called me back. I left the apartment sparkling clean and in great condition when I moved out. I paid the balance of the rent and left a forwarding address. My move out date was June 8th, 2015 and I had to stop by the leasing office on my lunch break to drop off the keys since no one was returning my voicemails. The girl in the office looked at me like I was an alien when I told her it was my move out day and no one is keeping in contact with me. She took my keys and asked if I wanted to perform the walk thru then and I told her I was on my lunch break... I thought nothing of it. I paid my final rent balance and the very next day saw a statement for $833. They charged me to replace entire carpet because of that ONE stain, a paint fee of $130 when the walls were FINE aside from normal wear and tear, and a $75fee for not cleaning the apt. EXCUSE ME?!!! So because I didn't do the walk thru they think they can squeeze MORE money out of me and con me by stating the apt was not clean? I SHOULD HAVE left it looking like crap if I knew I was going to be charged ANYWAY! ...I sent an email to the property manager, the director, the leasing agent who signed me up last year AND the Vice President of AIMCO, along with 2 more voicemails demanding that someone call me back to explain these charges...I have yet to get a response. DON'T MOVE HERE THEY will RIP YOU OFF!!! They don't pay to paint and prep the apts for new tenants, they charge the old tenants with extra fees and by keeping YOUR DEPOSIT. NO ONE EVER GETS THEIR DEPOSIT BACK!!
Palola Corzz
2 months ago
DO NOT MOVE HERE please don't make the same mistake I did. I just moved out of there because of all of the roach, fleas, and bed bug Infestation. There's dog feces every where, and the smell of dog urine is strong. Also the trash situation is horrible. They will charge you DOUBLE for trash for no reason. And WOST of all is the managers and their employees. When we told them about the fleas and bed bugs in our apt, they BLAMED US for causing it. Don't move here it's the worst place and it's overpriced.
Xiomara Gonzalez
3 months ago
Apartments are ok. Manager and staff are horrible..No one can ever help you don't even bother calling because the barely answer...maintenance staff is even worst takes them forever to make any repairs. Lets not forget if it rains you must walk thru a pool of water to get yo your apartment
mari molina
8 months ago
RENTAL RAPISTS!! I am not big on leaving reviews but for this place i absolutely have to. I beg everyone not to move in here. everything seems all nice at first but they will take you for every penny, while you are living there and during move out. They will charge you a late fee of $150.00 if you have a balance of $0.01!!! upon move out we did a pre move out inspection and was told everything is fine, nothing but normal wear and tear.That is the point of the pre-move out inspection to prepare us for any charges we will be issued and was told there will be none, maybe for carpet cleaning and that is all. Then they send us a statement 2 weeks later saying we have to pay over $1000 in damages! for a wall that has to be painted! we never even painted the place and kept everything very clean. They promised to pain balcony and never did! there are bugs there and alot of people in the area are very noisy, but that isn't what really bothers me. Its as simple as them raping you for money! I never experienced this in my life and I regret the day we decided to move in. I saw the bad reviews before move in but ignored them thinking it was just people being spiteful. I wish i would of listened!
Dwinie Florexile
a year ago
The new management is awesome and worked hard to correct the mistakes made before them, i noticed that all the bad reviews are at least 2 years old.
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