Plantation Gardens Apartment Homes
7616 NW 5th St
Plantation, FL 33324
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Leo T
a month ago
If I could give no stars i would. This place is absolutely disgusting!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! All they do is charge money for everything and don't fix anything. They charge $10 for parking, $25 for valet trash and $25 for something else. They charge you for pest control and don't even do it. The staff promises you everything once you move in and don't stick to anything. I had the worst time living here. My apartment went six months without them fixing anything. My AC was broken for three weeks! There was mold in my bathroom and all they did was paint over it! This is the worst complex to live in. Save your time and money!!!
Pavel T
a month ago
Worst place to be ever. During the time we lived there we had to face cokcroaches in a daily basis, and we saw rats running through the halfway out of the apartments, we could hear them running and feeding inside the walls and over the roof. We complain about this with the manager and they put some traps and caught a few, but that didn't ease the noises we felt at night when they are running around. They justified that the cockroaches where just Palmetto Bugs, and the rats were just roof rats typical from FL.
John Smith
a month ago
Please stay away from this property, the Property Manager(Todd) is the worst, all I've gotten is empty promises I am breaking my lease and I don't care. I pay $1,500.00 a month for a place that really looks like nothing has ever been repaired since it was built. I am still waiting for a new refrigerator, it's been 2 months. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AND SPECIALLY THE PROPERTY MANAGER, HE IS A CROOK!!!!!!
Maybeth Hurtado
3 months ago
I've been living here with my roommate since July 2015. My best advice: if you can afford to pay more for a different community of apartments, DO IT. The apartment we're in is being returned to them cleaner than when we got it. Dead bugs in the showers, broken appliances... They didn't have our apartment ready when they told us they would and we had to wait two hours outside with the uhaul and exted the uhaul rent until they finished "cleaning" our apartment. Our A/C has been leaking since we started renting, and have had at least 5 maintenance people come in to "fix it", but what they don't understand is that it just needs to be replaced. We had a roach and ant problem for a whole month even though we pay for pest control every month and they don't actually do any pest control unless asked. We had to resolve the roach problem our selves and it cost us 60 bucks to get them out for good. We have to pay 10 bucks per car for parking spots every month, but there are never any available. We pay for "valet trash" pick up every month, but it doesn't operate during weekends, and on top of that we get a second trash charge every month for I don't know what. No one cleans up after their pets so it always smells like crap outside. People leave their trash everywhere outside in the community. Oh, and that deposit which is supposed to be refundable never really is, cause utilities and clean up charges come out of that, so you'll be lucky if you get the deposit back. DON'T RENT HERE.
Dana Williams
6 months ago
Horrible place to live. I am about to break my lease that how bad it is. Hate it..had a car accident last month totaled my car but I was told I still have to pay for parking even tho I don't own a vehicle anymore. ridiculous, unfair and rip off. They charge for everything.. sign a lease for $1277 a month but I pay no less than $1410 every month it goes up. I wish you would publish this so people will know how horrible your community is and not to live here. Maintenance sucks, I've had to hire a handy man twice to fix my issues regarding the electrical issues in this apt. Plumbing issues is ongoing so I pay almost $100 a month in addition to my rent for water & sewer due to a faulty leaking problem in the master bedroom. But thanks be to God I close on y beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house with pool, keys in my hand I am getting the hell out of this place asap. Worst community I have ever lived in my life. yes people its true about the pest problems too you pay for pest control but the roaches here are out of control. Also some crack heads live above me and I barely am able to sleep at night due to their constant noise disturbance and fights and arguing over drugs between 12 am-6 am when I am trying to sleep.
Tanisha Vaughn
10 months ago
I wouldn't recommend anyone to rent from here! My stay was ok up until September 2015 when I started experiencing a MAJOR RAT infestation in my apartment unit in Bldg 14. I caught 1 rat and 2-3 weeks later there was another rat in my unit tearing up my furniture (brand new) and shredding the carpet apart, leaving rat feces all over the place even near my headboard in my bedroom. Pest control was notified & all they did was lay stick pads down with peanut butter which DIDNT work because the rat managed to get on the trap & escape off by biting through the sticky pad. Maintenance couldn't help because they're not trained to deal with pest control issues. I paid $1233 for the month of October and only was able to sleep in the untit a total of 4 nights due to the rat behavior scratching on the walls, above my head in the attic. A complete rip off right? You pay so much for rent and can't occupy your residence in peace! My neighbor next to me also said the same thing he was experiencing rat occurrences & stated that he had killed 13 so far! 13!! So gross! He also spoke with "regional manager" Jose & stated Jose told him that in fact he was the only tenant in building 14 that has been complaining about the rodent issue. Such a liar! I spoke with Jose the "regional" manager and voiced my concerns about the matter and he seemed very nonchalant about to situation! I even mentioned I was going to go to the Broward Health Department he told me I can go to them but they're in compliance with the health department! The health department told me in fact they're not because the property is suppose to be liveable and people don't live with rats on a day to day basis. I asked Jose if I had to pay for a hotel for a few nights so the issue could be addressed would I be re-compensated he stated "no, unfortunately that's something we don't do" I also mentioned to him how the rat was chewing up the carpet and he stated to me "that's pretty odd & dosent seem like rat behavior" well I asked him what is rat behavior because apparently he dosent know! I also have pictures & videos of everything the rat has been doing within my unit and offered to send it to Jose he never gave me his email so I can show him and prove him wrong on this rat behavior business. 😑 I am completely disgusted with Jose, plantation Gardens Aprtments etc. I wouldn't even consider renewing my lease of they offered me a unit in a different building for cheap! NOPE! Absolutely NOT! So consumers if you're looking for a warm home and would live to occupy your residence in peace without rodents chewing up your furniture, urinating on your carpets, chewing up carpet, leaving feces all over the place, this is NOT a place for you to stay/ pay your money to!!!!
Marcelo Gomez
11 months ago
In my own experience I wont rent here again. The only good thing I can said about this apartment complex is the Maintenance. In my case, I put a Maintenance Request and they do it fast. Before I move here, I like this place because it looks Quiet, Safe and the Buildings look nice. One thing I was never agree but I had not choice was to pay $10 dollar per vehicle not matter what king of vehicle. Other than that I was OK. But couple months later the nightmare started One of my personal vehicles almost got STOLEN, personal staff delivery by AMAZON got STOLEN from my step door during day light, when I come back late from work I can not find a parking spot not even close to my apartment. I pay $40 per trash pickup but on Fridays and Saturdays when there is not trash pickup I have to hold on to my trash because I cant even throw away my own trash. Trash Compactors are LOCK. There are not enough Washer and Dryers per Building and last some Neighbors don't respect people's SLEEP. Unfortunately I did realize that Plantation Garden Apartments are not SAFE or QUIET as I THOUGHT.
Michael Wise
9 months ago
I lived there for 2 years and it was a nice place to live.It was a quiet place,it felt safe and the neighbors were respectful they did make noise but were not loud.Recently the place is not how it used to be.The new neighbors(the last 2 months I was there) were really loud not only the neighbor next to me but the ones in the upper level and lower level.It didn't feel like home my family was having trouble sleeping at night.Management should make sure no more than 4 people should live in the 2 bedroom apt and 6 people for 3 bedroom apt.Also they should hire a security guard or place gates in the entrances as some of the comments here are true.I don't recommend this place.
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