Silverwood Apartments
5100 Foxridge Dr
Mission, KS 66202
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Jessica Burr
2 months ago
These apartments are overpriced for what they are. Office staff is rude and extremely un helpful. maintence request has been pending for weeks. If coming in late, parking is sometimes an issue. Recent Package was addressed to me had been gone through (unsure when this happened or by who) Staff I signed my lease with is no longer present. If subleasing was allowed or breaking my lease didn't cost an outrageous amount, I wouldn't be living here. It's not worth it. The only plus is that it's quiet and had close access to the highway. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.
Sarah Ridenhour
3 months ago
I moved into Silverwood about 3 and a half months ago and I am loving it. I looked at several places in and around KC and this is by far the best deal with a great location - only about 5-10 mins to P&L and Westport but in a safe area. I have a remodeled unit and it is amazing! I haven't had any parking issues or issues with the maintenance staff. They are very prompt when I submit a request. Very quiet and perfect for a young professional. My dog loves it too :)
Ryan Newman
7 months ago
Current resident here - When I moved in back in June everything was great. The office staff was helpful and honest. They explained everything and it was a great place to live. Since then, the office staff has changed and everything is on the downhill with it. They decided to start enforcing their parking policy but they pick and choose which residents to actually tow. Some get warnings and others gets towed for the same violation without notice The office staff lies and if you call them on it or question them they will target you for everything else they feel like. They state this is because of parking issues, but they have no problem letting their building people use up several prime parking places for building materials, bobcats, etc for weeks on end. They will even tow you out of your carport if you parking pass s not "on your mirror" but sitting on your dash instead, stating that it is not "properly displayed." I have spoke to several other residents here and we all feel the same, their selective enforcement is not ok. Maintenance MIGHT respond to a maintenance request within a few weeks or you might have to call in again, just depends on if they actually get around to it. I had them not complete a request for my shower for a couple months before they came in to fix it. (I had already fixed it myself because I couldn't be without a working shower.) At the end of my lease, I will be leaving the complex and know of several others who feel the same.
erica nagy
5 months ago
WOW where do I start?! I am a current resident. Wish there was a selection for NO stars! I have lived here since December of 2014. May of 2015 I started to deal with serious water issues located in the dry bar. When I say serious I am referring to buckets and buckets of water every time it rained. It took till OCTOBER 2015 for them to finish it! While they were figuring it out I had to lock my 15 year old dog in the bedroom multiple times, which was very stressful for him! One time they entered the left my door open... not locked... OPEN! Oh I got the typical I'm sorry... Per the "lease agreement" they are supposed to give a WRITTEN notice prior to entering the apartment. There has been so many situations where they have entered without notifying me. On October 12th 2015 I had planned on them coming in that morning and no one showed up so I called the office and they had NO CLUE what was going on so they contacted maintenance and would contact me back via phone call prior to the outside contractor arrives so I can be home. They were coming into my apartment to spray ceiling popcorn and paint Killz paint. Well I arrived home to smell fresh paint. MY DOG WAS NOT LOCKED AWAY AND NO WINDOWS WERE OPEN! That is the whole reason why I wanted to be home so I could open windows and have him outside. TWO days later on October 14th 2015 my dog suddenly tragically passed away despite my degree and ER experience as a veterinary technician I took him to the local ER and he was to far gone so I had to have him euthanized. I then had a water heater with corrosion which flooded my apartment. Fortunately that was replaced with a new working unit. One positive! I put in a work order a few weeks ago via email regarding carpenter bees under the railing on my patio. I specifically said that the repairs can be done outside of my apartment. I came home last week to a notice on my bar indicating that they had been in to fix the pest problem. I wasn't notified they would be entering and didn't have my kitten locked away. OH and the bees are still burrowing under my porch so the problem has NOT been fixed. I have absolutely had it! The count down has started and I can't wait to be rid of this apartment complex and it's incompetent staff!
Jessica Symons
4 months ago
I wrote the review below. I'm lowering my rating because ive had bad experiences since then. I've lived at Silverwood for about four months now. I think they are great. I signed my lease back in the fall, and they gave me a call and said the person who was living in my unit previously had decided not to move. They upgraded me to a much bigger unit for the same price! I was elated and I think it was such a nice thing for them to do. The apartment is very spacious and I love it. When I first moved in, there were a lot of things wrong - shelves broken, vent covers missing, dishwasher didn't work, etc etc etc (they aren't the most upscale of apartments). It took them a long time to fix the issues...since then, however, my requests have been answered very quickly. The guy (who apparently was the only one for awhile) even came late at night when my CO2 detector started beeping. He was very nice and helped me out. They also replaced my dishwasher with an updated model, which was so nice. I LOVE my view, which looks back into a park full of trees with the sunset in the background. It is absolutely gorgeous. I've also used the lighted tennis court, which was really nice. The staff has been pretty friendly, and I've never personally had a parking issue. I also love my fireplace, the carpet is nice, and my neighbors are really friendly. Plus the patio is huge! The location is PERFECT. Close to downtown KC, close to restaurants and shopping. Places to run nearby. I love the value of the price for the location. Overall I definitely do not regret my decision to live here.
Alexis St. Clair
5 months ago
It's been almost a year since I lived here and I'm still mad about it. The staff was great when I moved in, but they all left about six months into my lease. Maybe that should have been a sign? The new management was horrendous. Simply getting a person to answer the phone was nearly impossible, so be prepared to stop by the main office regularly. Although that doesn't seem to help either. I had a light out right outside my door, making the long hallway dark and uncomfortable to walk alone through at night. I called maintenance and submitted online requests weekly for two months before I snatched a bulb from one of the outdoor lights to replace it. I even left a note on their website saying that I did it and that they now need to replace the other light. THREE MONTHS LATER, they got around to fixing the second one. Like others said, the parking situation is ridiculous. I've never seen so many cars towed in my life, especially while their Bobcats take up four spaces for weeks at a time. The hot tub was "closed for maintenance" almost the entire year I lived there. I was told right before I moved out that they never planned on fixing it. My favorite experience was when I was laying in bed half-dressed and heard a key turn in the lock. I managed to move out of view of the door before the manager and a maintenance man walked in unannounced. When I confronted her about it in the office the next day, she immediately got defensive and asserted how she "knocked, LOUDLY, several times" before coming inside. Yeah, no she didn't. When I was ready to move out (which was as soon as possible), I was told that they only hire a cleaning service if you don't do it yourself. So I had the carpets professionally cleaned and then scrubbed everything down to the floorboards with a couple of helpful friends. However, they still tell me I owe them for cleaning services. I asked for an itemized receipt and it took two months for them to send me an otherwise blank piece of paper saying: "Cleaning Services - $150." I was so frustrated that I just paid it so I could be done with them. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place. Your blood pressure will thank you.
Michael Brakenhoff
3 months ago
Old apartment complex with old appliances/utilities. Took 2 years and multiple complaints before they replaced the air conditioner which was as old as the complex. Management is no longer customer oriented. Maintenance crews are timely and do good work.
Quintin James Morse
7 months ago
Raven, Taylor, and Sabrina have been nothing but helpful to my girlfriend and I. We are currently in the application process, and we plan on moving in around late April. Very reasonable prices, spacious units, and friendly office staff! Thank you Silverwood and Pinnacle! Update: We are through the application process and will be moving in in about 2 months. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable.
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