Spruce Village Apartments
1046 Spruce St
Riverside, CA 92507
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Morris Perry
2 months ago
Horrible they took 2 months to fix our stove. Their are roaches and spiders all around our living room and bedroom literally BLACK WiDOWS will be your roommates. When we moved out they charged us 1,024 for a new carpet and to paint the walls even tho there was no damage in neither just a little dirty from the fact we live there a whole year. Move in at your own risk. Don't say weren't warned.
dan iel
4 months ago
Just beware of break ins and car thefts,should put up a fence to keep out the random people that walk around there,sure they are the ones breaking in. lot of big familyes and roomates live in a two bedroom everyone around me is 4 people plus each apt. Which is okay so my area isnt broken into like the others
Elizabeth Buckholtz
2 months ago
Opossums will be at your door once a week not to mention the frequent wasp nest. The management is horrible and take forever to fix things. My a/c was broke for nearly 6 months until they finally fixed it and that is unacceptable in the scorching heat of Riverside.
briana wallace
a year ago
If I could give them negative stars I would! WORST Apartment employees. Had maintanence enter my apartment without my permission many times, as a female that is not ok I felt very unsafe. Parking is HORRIBLE. not to mention while living there I received 2 notices to be careful of break ins. If you are thinking of living here please THINK AGAIN unless you do not care about your safety, constant Trains echoing of the mountains and complete Idiots running the Office. Dont say I didnt warn you !
Kimia A
2 years ago
I lived here for two years and really enjoyed it. When I was looking around before renting, this place looked the best, was the best price, and had an extremely friendly environment that was close to my school (UCR). It's fairly quiet. Parking is difficult and my car was broken into once. (window smashed while it was parked IN MY ASSIGNED CARPORT) Also, some people don't like to pick up after their dogs. Other then those issues, I REALLY liked living here. Mary and Amber in the front office are sooooo sweet & Chuck and Jesus are super helpful and nice as well. Thanks to all of you for making my stay in Riverside comfortable and affordable. Never any insect issues, or problems with my neighbors.
ali helmboldt
3 years ago
This is a great community. Management is friendly, and maintenance is always fast and helpful. The other renters are quiet and friendly. All in all it's a great community. I had to give 3 stars, however, because this great community is in a not so great part of Riverside. I moved to Riverside thinking anything near the University has to be nice...wrong. There are nice areas about 5-10 mins away in any direction, but this area is not necessarily the kind of neighborhood you want to walk around in alone after dark.
Robert Tinsley
3 years ago
I've lived here for 3yrs and they still haven't fixed my heater or my air conditioner and now people keep stealing stuff off my patio and management dosnt do anything to help also maniance are all retards and have no people skills
Vineet Jain
2 years ago
Great apartments!
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