Sabal Chase Apartments
100 Corner Dr
Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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bri bri b
2 months ago
Worst place ever to live it the ghetto all people do i beg beg beg for money and car rides and food. DO NOT COME HERE if you do have money do not go near terry harris. He will call you a clown
Steven Soto
7 months ago
Been living here for close to a year, I Declare the blood of Jesus over the entire complex! and everyone in it. I like living here.
Erika Velazquez
4 years ago
I rented in Sabal Chase in 2010 , only to realize that I rented in the worst area in Ft Pierce. I saw a shoot out between a couple of guys..Disgusting.. Door slamming and kids sitting on the stairs and won't move when you are going upstairs.Talk about GHETTO!!! Girls walking half naked looking for something..(if you know what I mean) it looked liked 42nd street in NY. The neighbors play loud music through the walls, kids starting fires in the dumpsters and playing baseball near your cars. We were afraid to hang a wreath on our door at Christmas because this place is full of thieves! I broke my own lease and moved in the super heated summertime cause I couldn't take it anymore! People DONOT rent there it is the worse place ever!
harry buttomsuh
3 years ago
Awful. Atrocious. Miserable. Let's dissect this pitiful excuse for habitability. I have lived here for about a half-year now and am very ready to move on with my life. 1) The Quality of the Apartment: Innocuous at first lookthrough - All the faucets worked, most of the (rather underwhelming) apartment was in adequate condition. Upon living here, though, I have found that everything is extraordinarily cheaply made. Everything. It will all not function properly You put in a work order and they send a guy to say "yeah, that's how we provide it to you". All of the windows are turned sideways so there is no proper sealing. Water will leak into the apartment on a thunderstorm (man, would have been nice to know before signing a contract saying I'll pay a fine for any mold!) and there's nothing to be done other than get the rags out when it starts to storm. It's pathetic. And you know what? The quality of the actual apartment seems to be the best thing here (though driving around the whole complex seems to reveal that we had the best spot). 2) The Quality of Life: Miserable. Depressing. Fearful. In the half-year of dwelling here I have witnessed, by day, _obnoxiously_ loud car music that will constantly shake your floor, screaming children, pounding walls, screaming housewives being beaten, and fistfights in the parking lots. By night, it is much more scary. I have woken up at 3:00 due to flashing lights of police vehicles. Another 3:00 wakeup call due to the neighbors screaming at each other and banging all over the walls. Another 3:00 because of _six gunshots right outside of my window_. This is a very scary place to live (and I've lived in Washington Heights in NY). I do not feel safe here. This is not only a predominantly low-income place, this is a predominantly low-education, low-socially-cultured place. The people here are either down on their luck or straight up animals. And the imbalance towards the latter paints the entire place as a zoo. The gates are beaten down, often broken (by malfunction or by malice? The dents are so numerous you can't tell if they are new). People knock on doors around asking for money or to join their makeshift church. This is a swamp for the insane. A horrid universe where the absurdity of religion is the only source of positivity for the stupid and morally inept. This is the modern-day incarnation of Kurosawa's 'The Lower Depths', and details just how low humans can sink. The beatings. The Screaming. The child neglect. The depression overwhelms even the most stoic. Another thing worth mentioning. At the time of writing (2013), the internet situation is past pathetic. The only _real_ internet they offer is AT&T DSL. And even so, it's half the speed of usual offerings. And that's if you're lucky enough to be able to even get that internet. AT&T, in their usual brilliance, has not properly set up the networks here, so only half of the residents are able to sign up for service. I've continually called for months to ask for an opening to no result. So no internet here. The only option available to us is dial-up or sattelite internet (for the uninitiated, sattelite internet is a scam and you're better off with dial-up). Had I more money and better plans I would be out of here as soon as possible. As it stands, I must suffer a few more months before being able to break my lease here. If you want a dangerous, depressing, internet-free, quality-free, culture-free, lifeless zoo that sucks all willpower to actually dig yourself out of economic despair, this is a great sandtrap to ensnare you. It has been very difficult to stay positive in general in the cesspool that is Fort Pierce, but Sabal Chase is where the misery festers and foments.
Carmelle Oris
a year ago
I live ther and I got chocolate carpet
Mlc">A Google User
4 years ago
Nice apartments inside just to many nosey grown ppls in ur business good be near stores but other then that not al that
Mlc">A Google User
6 years ago
Ive been up here in the treasure coast for one year, and Iam wondering would moving to Sable Chase be a Positive move.They're Specials are unbelieveable, but will the special I moved in on be worth it once i get there, REALLY worried about relocating from Port Saint Lucie to Fort Pierce... I wrote this post in May, Now its Sept, 11th 2010 (God Bless the Dead) Had some really close neighbors of mine who lived in Sabal Chase before they became my neighbors to give me the low down on these Apoartments... 2 Words STAY AWAY! Quote on Quote: They were invited by a teen who remains nameless to "Snort a line" their 1st day as a residence, Woman fight they're Husband's Mistress while holding young children, You call the cops--- They dont do they're jobs They "Verbally" Break up altercations... The people in the rent office dont step foot in the complex, Unless of Course its to show the model apartment with Graffiti of Gang signs on the walls, and young kids posted in the stairway--- Apparently it got so bad until my neighbors threatened to break there lease, They were convinced to just move to another building--- Everything was fine for about 2 weeks... Then they just so happened to hear a load confrontation going on out side, Only to step foot on they're patio and have front row seats to Sabal Chase's Gang Wars... Then they went to they're rent office the following Morning once again with Intentions on breaking they're Lease, This go round they were offered to stay at a discounted rate of Half off they're rent for the whole year , In which was already $700 and some change, But denied the offer, But, It was to much of a risk...So Glad I was denied apparently my credit isnt Good enough to stay in the apartments from Hell...
Mlc">A Google User
4 years ago
Very ghetto area
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