The Apartments of St. Charles' Leasing Office
10400 Odonnell Pl
Waldorf, MD 20603
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Anthony BOONE
a week ago
I was at my niece house and the maintenance man came in. He seemed to have a attitude and dido not want to speak. He fixed her problem in the bathroom. But was very uncomfortable to be around. He was not pleasant at all. Even when asking questions him questions he would not respond with a polite voice. That was my second encounter with him. And every time I have seen him he never seems happy to have a job or service the paying residents of the Huntington community. I believe his name is Bryan and I have seen him drive a silver Toyota camery. I ask my niece why didn't she call and report him. She told me that she was scared to report him because she had a upcoming inspection and he would be the one to conduct it and she did not want a bad report to come from him. Other than the maintenance guy everything seems to be ok. They have armed security at the gate and it is controlled access. And the parking spaces have no lines. Overall I believe it is an OK place to live.
Nicole May
a month ago
I would give this place a NO STARS. But it wasn't available. Since we've been here (July 30) all we've had is a horrible experience. We have a couple that are chain smokers next door. We don't smoke but everything we own reeks of it. The walls were white but they have a tan tint now. This is causing my whole family health problems. I was given air freshener. We've called security at least 6 times on the people above us (3 times in one day)and no has happened. This is the ghetto in my eyes. If anything changes I will write another review...well that's if we don't die first being smoked out and lack of sleep from the noise.
Courtney Peoples
6 months ago
TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! Everything was fine after we had signed our year lease. However, within the first two or three months we started having an overwhelming pest problem that never got taken care of. Although it is their property, matienence is permitted to come in and enter your space without notice whether you were home or not and do a halfway job. They come by to "exterminate" numerous of times but never fully seem to fix the issue correctly they first time. They are happy to take your money in the beginning but fail to return calls or follow up on any paperwork or further processing. They constantly send you through loopholes and pass you on to other people to handle your particular concerns about matinence, transferring, inspections, and such. They only state their "policy violations" when a problem arrives. Certain policy rules and regulations are not stated in the lease nor are given to you in a written form for your personal reference. I do not recommend them to anyone.
Pushapraj Bhamra
3 years ago
They are probably the only apt complex that takes their time fixing issues that arise in the apt, although its a fair price for rent the service afterwards is not good
A Google User
2 years ago
A Google User
4 years ago