Waterford Point
670 Thornton Rd
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
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Levi Eyer
a week ago
Management sucks. We've told them several times about different things on the property and they have yet to fix ANY of it! It's ridiculous. I'll never stay here again and will be moving out at the end of my lease!
Jabarus Bridges
4 months ago
Terrible staff ... very money hungry DONT MOVE HERE
Sheyna Hairston
a year ago
I have been living here since October 2014. The original property owners were always friendly and willing to help you with any of your concerns. There were plenty of employees to assist you and they always answered the phone. This new management is the complete opposite. They never pick up the phone and if you catch them on a good day, they'll tell you to hold on for like 30 minutes. They have the same sweet lady working all day everyday by herself who clearly needs so more help while other employees come in the office and act like they are working. I will be leaving as soon as I can. Don't waste your time or your money.
Monique Gaillard
2 years ago
It was the worse few months ever. The Ladies in the front office are very rude. My apartment was burglarized the day before Thanksgiving 2013 with glass shattered and it was unfit to cohabitate. They did not make any arrangements to get the place back livable until nearly January and filed an eviction notice for lack of payment for the months of December and January. (Rent had never been late prior to the break in). I was not able to live in the apartment nor did they arrange for me to stay in another unit. I had to even report the break in to them several times and each time they act like it was news that was not reported already. I really had a mind to sue someone simply because of the horrible attitudes and poor communication skills from the ladies in the front office. As well as their callus disregard for me as a tentant. One lady had just started in December and she expressed the worst arrogant attitude of all. I would definitely not recommend anyone moves to these apartments.
Brandon Higgins
3 years ago
Ignorant and arrogant staff and manager KC and Tomiko are spending nearly a thousand dollars to kick us out rather than accepting the rent without the ridiculous fees 9 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. THEY ARE IDIOTS AND YOU WILL REGRET MOVING HERE IN SOME WAY. They would rather spend the apartment community's money AMD kick a family with 4 children on the street than to waive 200 in unnecessary fees and not only save all the money kicking us out and re fixing and re renting but passing up another 8 months is rental payments. Spiteful arrogant ignorant , no sense of business and I will stop at nothing until someone that profits from this apartment sees what these woman that care more about their hair and nails then the business or its tenants...good luck with these idiots
Robert Lynch
3 years ago
Unfortunately We renewed our contract. We were offered a free carpet cleaning We scheduled it twice And haven't heard from anybody or seen anybody. We also complained about the people up stairs jumping and stomping for the last year and nothing has been done about it. Will be looking for a new place soon if anybody does Read these reviews do not move here these people are un reliable undependable and disrespectful
Kierra Houston
3 years ago
A Google User
5 years ago
Liked nothing Disliked Management from 2008 - 2009.
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