Ridge At Chestnut
8701 Chestnut Cir
Kansas City, MO 64131
On 85th St at Cherry EB
2 Google user reviews
Kristen Morgan
reviewed a year ago
I've been living here for about 8 months and I've had nothing but problems. They turn the water off without notifying residents, the hot water keeps going out and they only notify you if you go into the office and ask why you can't take a shower. My shower was broken and it took 3 weeks for maintence to come and fix it. I'm a VERY clean person and there are roaches all over my apartment. They say they've sprayed for them, but why are they still in my apartment? The office staff seems really nice when you are signing away 13 months of your money to them, but as soon as a problem occurs or you get into any financial hardship, they are VERY condescending and rude. They think residents are just made out of money and can give them what they want, when they want it. The washing machines are irritating because you have to use a card you put money on with your credit card to do laundry. Half the time, the machine you use to put money on the card on is broken. Their excuse? "It's not our machine. We can't do anything about it." I'm a waitress. I always have cash and I'm sure other residents don't always have money in their bank accounts. The elevators are dirty and something is broken inside of them. My shower has mold in it and the tiles are falling off. Again, I'm a neat freak. I have a leaky faucet they refuse to fix, the window in my second bedroom leaks water when it rains and they haven't fixed that, though I have walking into the office and told them that it leaks. The rent for these apartments, being as old and falling apart as they are, taking account into the location of the complex, is WAY too much. I'll do a little more research next time I get a place to live, because I have had a terrible experience here. I will NOT be renewing my lease with this place. I WISH I could afford to break my lease, because I would in a heartbeat. The only redeeming qualities about this place is the pool and the size of the apartments.
Melanie Holmes
reviewed a year ago
I lived at the Ridge at Chestnut for a year (2011-2012) and really enjoyed it! My apartment (2bed/1.5bath) was really nice with lots of room! Our electric/gas bills were always reasonable and the staff is always helpful. We've had a few issues with a leaky ceiling and a broken shower head, but maintenance was out to fix it within a few days or so. We have recommended these apartments to family and friends who are now tenants. I'm sad to have to leave this apartment, I would stay if it was closer to my work.