Ridge At Chestnut
8701 Chestnut Cir
Kansas City, MO 64131
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3 weeks ago
Giving one star because I couldn't post a review with none. Moved in in the summer, the a/c immediately went out, and would continue to work only intermittently for the rest of my stay. Had problems with mold, bathroom door handle FELL OFF, and part of the ceiling caved in. Wouldn't address the problems for months, and when they did, they had a mold inspection which gave a report saying "yes, there is mold, but don't worry about it", and fairly unskilled builders with a *very low* BBB rating do some really sub-par work. The carpet was dirty when we moved in, and instead of doing the right thing, they tore up only the worst section, and left the rest. Condescending people at the front desk, slow to non-existent maintenance, no real amenities- the pool looked like something you'd see at a putt-putt course.
Tj Stevens
2 weeks ago
terrible customer service.. the woman was rude and very short tempered... do not apply to live here.. it's a unsafe Complex with robberies and gun shots going off...
Kayleigh Smith
6 months ago
Absolutely terrible experience!! The inside is decent until you actually start living in it and it starts falling apart. Did yours will come off track and completely break off sometimes. Maintenance comes in to "fix "it by just gluing it back on. The Ceilings leak water from the apartment above you if you are anywhere but the top floor. Our ceiling fell through twice in our bathroom within 6 months! Maintenance crew is a joke. I currently still live here and there it has been a hole in my ceiling with water leaking from it for over three months. I have received an evection notice this past Friday because I did not pay my rent on time due to the severe maintenance issues that we have been having. Mind you, this is the only time I've ever paid my rent late. Before I took such measures and not paying the rent I did in fact try calling several times but the office never answers is send you directly to voicemail and they say they will return your call but never do. I even went above and beyond and send the maintenance manager an email stating my frustration. No response, as expected.. Not to mention, there are several cars that have been broken into in the year that I've been here. Someone had been stabbed in the other apartment, and there was a shooting in one of the hallways. Definitely not a safe place for our family!!!! Please save yourself the stress and money and do not rent from this place it has been a terrible years experience for myself and my family.
Sugr Babe
11 months ago
I have been here for 3 years and have never seen it this bad. There was a shooting in my hallway, there has been multiple acts of vandalism, and plenty folks that I know of that units are not being attended to, including mine. So far, there has been only one letter to come out to us stating that management is aware of the issues going on here, but that it is (somehow) our fault that random people are being let in the buildings. How is any of this the fault of ours though?? Not everyone in the complex is entertaining bad company. Also the fact that there are so many units on the property, why is there only one or two maintanence crew available? AND it has been a HOT couple of weeks with absolutely no air. All I have gotten are excuses like it's been raining or the maintenance man is out on medical leave. I am just so dissatisfied with all these issues and rent continues to go up. I don't feel safe here for me and my children and they also seem uncaring as far as upkeep on my unit. This might be my last year unless they somehow begin to do better.
rachel Watson
10 months ago
This place is just getting worse and worse. I could go into a looooooooong list of stuff but to summarize: -Extreme lack of attention to maintenance requests repeatedly. -Increasing criminal activity including Shootings, car vandalism/attempted theft and probably more I don't even know about.... They don't take responsibility for anything and try to blame tenants or other circumstances including weather, employee turn over (which is also interesting) and whatever else they can lay blame on instead of accepting the fact they cannot properly manage this property. Don't bother contacting corporate either, they are just as useless and negligent.
Anna Wood
a year ago
I lived at the Ridge at Chestnut for 1 year and had nothing but problems. First I lived in the "gardens" and any maintenance repairs we called in for never actually got fixed. The office workers will say anything to make you happy and then never follow through. Next, to make a long story short, I lived above someone who owned cats and the community washer's agitator was clogged with cat hair. My clothes that I had just washed had chunks of cat hair in them. Upon opening the windows and storing items in the cabinets I started to notice an ammonia smell, you know the kind that arises when cats repeatedly piss on the floor? Turns out the resident allowed stray cats to live in the community basement where they would use the bathroom NOT in a litter box. It took 2 months of this before they finally allowed me to move to another building and allow the resident with the cats to continue living there without making her change her ways (or even notify her that I am aware of). I moved to the "towers" which happened to be newly renovated and was very nice looking and the cheapest one bedroom around this part of town. Elevator broke about once a week, someone was mugged outside the building on his way in from work late one night. Finally I made the mistake of telling a friend that was new to KC where I lived and she decided to move in (knowing this experience, and she is now having problems herself) shortly before my lease was up and I left. You are supposed to get $300 for referring a resident. My friend lived there for 30 days on my move out date and as I handed over the keys I was told I would be mailed a check with my final gas bill deducted from this $300 within 6 weeks. It has been 8 weeks now, no check and the office is playing dumb. MORAL: Don't give into their nice smiling faces and cheap rent, it's honestly not worth your time and energy.
Kristen Morgan
3 years ago
I've been living here for about 8 months and I've had nothing but problems. They turn the water off without notifying residents, the hot water keeps going out and they only notify you if you go into the office and ask why you can't take a shower. My shower was broken and it took 3 weeks for maintence to come and fix it. I'm a VERY clean person and there are roaches all over my apartment. They say they've sprayed for them, but why are they still in my apartment? The office staff seems really nice when you are signing away 13 months of your money to them, but as soon as a problem occurs or you get into any financial hardship, they are VERY condescending and rude. They think residents are just made out of money and can give them what they want, when they want it. The washing machines are irritating because you have to use a card you put money on with your credit card to do laundry. Half the time, the machine you use to put money on the card on is broken. Their excuse? "It's not our machine. We can't do anything about it." I'm a waitress. I always have cash and I'm sure other residents don't always have money in their bank accounts. The elevators are dirty and something is broken inside of them. My shower has mold in it and the tiles are falling off. Again, I'm a neat freak. I have a leaky faucet they refuse to fix, the window in my second bedroom leaks water when it rains and they haven't fixed that, though I have walking into the office and told them that it leaks. The rent for these apartments, being as old and falling apart as they are, taking account into the location of the complex, is WAY too much. I'll do a little more research next time I get a place to live, because I have had a terrible experience here. I will NOT be renewing my lease with this place. I WISH I could afford to break my lease, because I would in a heartbeat. The only redeeming qualities about this place is the pool and the size of the apartments.
Melanie Holmes
3 years ago
I lived at the Ridge at Chestnut for a year (2011-2012) and really enjoyed it! My apartment (2bed/1.5bath) was really nice with lots of room! Our electric/gas bills were always reasonable and the staff is always helpful. We've had a few issues with a leaky ceiling and a broken shower head, but maintenance was out to fix it within a few days or so. We have recommended these apartments to family and friends who are now tenants. I'm sad to have to leave this apartment, I would stay if it was closer to my work.
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