The Mill at Chastain
3350 George Busbee Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Heather Olsen
5 months ago
Moved in August 2014 with a year long lease. I have no major complaints regarding this complex. The apartment did require a thorough cleaning at first move-in, but I would've done it regardless of the cleanliness. No issues with pests. Maintenance responded in a satisfactory time frame with any issues we had while living here. Based off my experience here, I would recommend this place for someone to live.
G Chabs
10 months ago
I agree with you guys Mike & Eledria, its totally not worth the money you fork out every month, have had mould issues, pests issues, broken items- which they have failed to address for months and they have the audacity to ask me to renew my lease. Neighbors are a big issue too, if its not the noisy dog its the smoking. If you have a problem with the above don't consider staying at this place
Dale Turner
a year ago
Living all over the USA the last 11 years, we have seen our share of apartments. When we moved back to GA we looked at about 18 different apartments in this section of Atlanta (NW and outside 285) Pros: Nice Sqft/price. These apartments do have more room then others in area. Nice mature Natural surroundings, a small nature trail and mature trees Nice pool and public area Nice Community and friendly neighbors Pet Friendly Actually the best Faux Wood flooring out of any apartments we saw Nice sized Patio Decent Walk in closets Very Close to entertainment, shopping, I-75 and 575 Cons: Expect to deep clean upon move in (bathrooms, cabinets, walls) Terrible placement of trash compactor Units will vary slightly from Model, so see the unit you are getting NO washer and dryer (separate company rental needed) Very little Kitchen storage Overall this is a very good place to call home, it is fun to see the rabbits and chipmunks running around, makes you feel not so much in the city. You get a great pet friendly community with some pretty large floor plans. They are fast to respond to any maintenance issues.
Tiera Kly
a year ago
Tiffany is just lazy, rude, and judgmental. I went to view apartments and she tried to convince us not to look at an open apartment. Kept saying how expensive it is, when I said a two bed would be fine since you dont have any one bedrooms available. She obviously only works there to live free by the way she brags. idk what her problem is but she's a terrible leasing agent and she got what she wanted...she put me off from wanting to live there, by acting like we couldn't afford it, and making weird disrespectful comments about ”your kind/ you people.”
Mike Mitchell
a year ago
If I could do it all over again, I would live someplace else. They have all of these nice policies; however, they fail to inform you that they DO NOT enforce them, neither do they care if others are disrupting your life. I would never recommend The Mill nor would I entertain renewing my lease, which, by the way, they will only let you out of if you pay more money then it's worth. Bad neighbors, are YOUR problem.
Eledria Gatewood
2 years ago
I have lived here for a few months and this apartment is HELL! The place was presented in nasty state, maintenance, cleaning people, painters, all did a horrible job. Fridge, dishwasher, tile covered with white caulking in bathroom has black mold coming through the wall, the others have been replaced; Now its a few months later I have ANT INFESTATION. My microwave was infested with ANTS, the refrigerator open the door infested with ANTS, the cabinets. The utility room has RAT droppings. THIS PLACE IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY save yourself and find a better place! The quality of living they present is just presentation to get you in as it is nothing like the model. Patch work, sloppy maintenance & cleaning crew. ALSO NO PARKING OR PLACE FOR KIDS. They have someone who puts stickers on your car to be towed because so many parties you can't find a parking place and you reside there. ITS NOT WORTH WHAT THEY CHARGE, THIS PLACE SHOULD BE RENTED FOR 700 A MONTH ITS NOTHING LUXURY OR NICE ABOUT NASTINESS! THEY HAVE DONE POORLY ON KEEPING UP THE PHYSICAL APARTMENTS, NOT THE LANDSCAPE OF COURSE THEY MAKE THAT LOOK GOOD, But where you live is poorly taken care of!
Nick Roe
a year ago
great place, safe, but a bit pricey. maintenance is very responsive as well
A Google User
6 years ago
When I first signed my lease at the Mill, it seemed like a dream come true. After walking in the model apartment for the 1,1327 2 bed, 2 bath, it seemed ideal, but after living her for about 5 months now I have found the apartment staff to be extremely rude, unprofessional and inconsiderate. Also, their communication skills are horrible. When we first moved in the apartment was disgusting; there was a dead plant and cigarette butts all over the patio, screens for the windows were taped in place, the bathrooms were appalling and the air filter looked like it hadn't been cleaned in over a year. Not to mention all the cigarette butts I found above the shower area that must have been left when the complex was originally built. On a lighter note, the apartments are in an ideal location right off highway 75 and across from Kennesaw State University, as well as very well priced for their size. They, also, have a great pool with a fairly nice gym and the apartments are designed well. Overall, if you don't mind cleaning a good amount when you move in and dealing with an ignorant staff from time to time, than it is a great place to live.
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