Walnut Trail Apartments
601 Alfa Ct
Portage, MI 49002
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Marie Maria
a month ago
I've been living in Walnut Trail Apartments for a few years now and, for the most part, I am comfortable living there. I've only had minor maintenance issues (plugged drain, etc.), and the guys have always been sent out right away to fix whatever was wrong. The leasing office staff are GREAT. I've never had a bad experience with them at all. The maintenance staff do a wonderful job keeping the grounds mowed and looking nice. My only complaint is the smoking. Smokers live above me, and next door, so the warmer months are frustrating. People smoke on their patios, so if I keep my windows open, my curtains and blanket, etc. reek of cigarette smoke. Even with my windows closed, the clean clothes hanging in my closet end up smelling lightly of smoke. The last time I complained about it, I was told it was an issue with air flow. My new neighbors smoke in the hallway which means my living room stinks of smoke some mornings. I've been told they have no intention of going smoke free, so if you have asthma, you may want to rethink Walnut Trail. Otherwise, it's a great place to live.
denise knox
in the last week
I've lived here over 8 years now just recently moved to the Newport village Apts owned by Walnut Trails. The staff and maintenance people are great. I hardly have any complaints on ppl but my neighbor when he's home on the weekend he kinda blasts his stereo up but it's only for a couple of days. I do wish that they could upgrade the Newport village Apts for the seniors and I wish that all the patios had the privacy between each one of them. I love it here.
Julie Boyer
a month ago
I really enjoy my apartment here. I'm on the second floor, and I really haven't had to deal with much noise other than the occasional TV turned up a little loud and the creaky front door. I have only had a few maintenance issues since I've lived here (about 9 months), and each time I called someone was sent out within the hour. I only have 2 issues here. For some reason, the box elder bugs are attracted to my window, and my window only. Not my slider, not ANY of the windows around, JUST mine. I had to tape my window shut, because I was killing around 10 bugs a day, on average. It sucks because the weather is just now starting to get nice, but I can't open my bedroom window. Orkin has been here, so the bugs die, but they die AFTER getting inside, so I'm still not comfortable opening my window. They should really look into searching for nests and cutting down all box elder trees, it's awful. My only other grievance is the cost. Units do not have dishwashers, they're quite small, and there's no washer/dryer in unit, so you have to pay $3 a load on top of your rent. My rent plus Internet costs me around $650 a month, which is WAAAY more than it's worth. Besides the bugs and rent, I will be sad to leave when my lease is up.
2 months ago
Walnut Trails isn't that bad. I've lived here for I think 1 1/2 years and honestly it was the cheapest one bedroom I could find in the area. The only complaints I have is it took me constantly calling and coming in the office before I could finally get a apartment. (They claimed after I came in one late afternoon that they were going to call me, even though they had plenty of time and people to have a 5min conversation with me on the phone.) Also I've never used the garbage disposal and it didn't work after I turned it on once. Eventually I called the office to repair it and afterwords the same thing happened. They said it was clogged and after running it a few times it stopped working again. That and always a few days before the rent is due I occasionally get a letter in the mail saying I am close to going over on my internet usage (although I don't spend abnormal amounts on it) Plus during the summer and warmer months my apartment has had a few stick bugs and box elder bugs. But on the plus side last winter my furnace stopped working shortly after I moved in. As soon as I called maintenance (it was almost 9pm so the office was closed) they came right out and fixed it. Since then they installed a new furnace that works awesomely in my apartment complex. I've been a day or two late with rent and nothing bad happened and they are also going to check my plumbing today after leaving a note saying my water usage has been high. My neighbors are mostly quiet, my apartment gets a lot of lighting and plenty of room and the office workers seem pretty friendly. All in all not a bad place to live and one of the more affordable places.
Shayna Henderson
3 months ago
This place is horrible everything about it sucks i've had to deal with alot of bs and have not even been here for a year. First they moved me into a mold infested apartment, it was so humid. The carpet was soaked and had mold under it, the walls, bath room and even got on my belongings, and it was black mold at that. And they had the nerve to tell me to get a dehumidifier which is $300 or more and they weren't going to take $300 off of my rent which already was $700. I continued to complain and they finally transfered me only because I told them I was pregnant and refused to have my daugther in that environment and they knew I could sue if my daugther got sick. Second apartment that they transfered me too was infested with roaches coming from another tenant in the building. That building was terrible they had about 20 in both apartments above me and under me, so I constantly heard kids running, screaming, fighting, etc. You can smell everything your neighbors cooked so the halls stunk terriably, also those nasty duck birds whatever they are poops everywhere and even on the stairs coming into your building. I constantly called the office for the manager and even constantly called corpprate for them to inspect people apartments but I still had the problem after complain enough I finally got them to break my lease and I will be gone by the end of this month. Oh and also I had someone come into my apartmentor to do a transfer inspection, he was the assistant Manger I believe his name is "JAKE". I had a package in my daugther room that was not open before I left in the morning to go to work and after I returned and seen the slip on the table that he left stating that he came in to do an inspection. I noticed my package was open, which I didn't open because I was going to return it. And of course he denied it. But long story short, they suck all the way around and can't be trusted. Also the laundry room sucks only 4 washers and dryers and you have to pay for use upon your rent. They have alot of spiders and other bugs. There completely out dated. Everything owned by edwarfs and rose sucks I know people who lived in there other properties who say they suck.
Alannah Needham
5 months ago
Horrible customers service. The second I moved in the toilet broke, so we called maintenance and they didn't even fix it. The closets are cheap and so are the cabinets in the kitchen. My rent went from 656 to 676 for absolutely no reason. The internet is 50 dollars and goes out if you watch two movies on HD Netflix. The internet also was the highest speed internet and literally was the slowest internet I have ever used in my life. My friend moved in to Walnut Trails and a week there, her refrigerator broke. Was late paying rent by one day and my internet got shut off. Took almost 150 dollars to get it turned back on. This place is horrible cheap and I will never recommend anyone to move here.
Cheyenne Stafford
7 months ago
They try to beg more money out of us and complaining about the slightest thing so they try to charge you for no reason just so they can have more money. They should be glad we stayed in that dump more so than trying to mooch more money out of us. That apartment complex isn't even worth $500. $500 was too much to pay monthly for what little you get there. Their maintence people I don't trust and I don't trust that apartment complex period. I would never live there again.
Brandon Murray
10 months ago
Management is a joke. Heartless, and will attempt to throw you out as soon as they get a chance or reason. The location is good other then the train, the landscaping is kept up. But the people running the place will poke at you any chance they get with fees or in general try and kick you out for stupid reasons, like that I don't move my car enough. Internet and cable is insanely expensive, and you are not allowed any other provider. Even if you pay for the internet it's always going down. But expect to pay for it like it's up every day. The lake next door smells of sulfur, some months way worse then others, and the train that goes by every few hours is also insanely loud. Far to close, if the sound doesn't wake you, the ground rumbling will. STAY AWAY, just take my word for it, they change personalities very quickly.
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