Aspire Perimeter
5385 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd
Atlanta, GA 30342
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LaDonna Veasy
a year ago
We got off to rocky start to begin with such as documentation needed to secure the apartment as we were moving over 800 miles to this community. The people we were dealing with in the office were nice however communication was not clear. As I was coordinating the mover on my moving date I was called by someone in the office stating apt would not be ready on date I had already secured as well as the office would be closed on my move in date. I tried to be flexible and w stayed in a hotel upon arriving...however they were not upon arriving they were hell bent on my spouse acquiring another letter (initial one sent with application for apt) stating the same information the initial letter stated without contingencies (such as job offer pursuant to results of background check etc etc etc and that he has started the job as this is needed for their recordkeeping forget inconveniencing us) this was very confusing and stressful for me since I have lived all over the country as well as out of the country and never did anyone tell me I needed two letters stating this as well as I would not get keys to the place without it and to make matters worse there has been constant heavy walking every day (intermittently but at odd hours) from as late as midnight to as early as 4am over our heads (the light fixtures in the ceiling even move) I have spoke to B in the office at least 3 times to no avail (was told a letter would be mailed out) as well as sent an email as I sit here typing now I have been awake by the constant heaving walking since 5am and it is still going on. I was told not to go up to speak with neighbors that the office will handle it....well its been over a month and I am fed up I go to work sleepy and unable to perform as I need to. I tried sleeping with headphones that didn't work... but why should I have to do this I should be able to enjoy this home with constant headaches and sleepless nights I want out! For what it is worth the apartment floor plan is great and maintenance for the few issues I had... the first was water heater resolved immediately the second one I had was responsive after contacting a few times but was totally resolved. This is not worth the hassle or the amount of money we are pay only been here a little over a month...I want out!
Suzie Conway
a year ago
I've been living here for six months now. The facilities are nice, the leasing agents are friendly and responsive, we have fun residents events like movie nights by the pool and pasta nights. The gate works for the vast majority of the time, which I appreciate. The pool is kept clean, and the apartments are spacious. Maintenance is pretty timely, everyone is friendly, mostly yuppies, young families, and elderly people. The location is perfectly situated between Buckhead, Brookhaven, and Dunwoody, so that's nice and convenient. The only thing is that there is a strain on parking in some buildings. Not sure why that is, but other than that things are good here.
Bina Sorella
a year ago
Terrible customer service. Invest money her at your own risk. Mold infestation and well as significant insect problem. Don't be fooled by initial appearance as my family and I were.
Evan Veasley
2 years ago
awsome,just awesome
Marvin Serrano
3 weeks ago
Lorena Melo
2 months ago
Jeremy Wiley
3 months ago
Chelsea Bicknell
4 months ago
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